Astrology of March 2012
by Henry Seltzer (
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Taurus Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
Fixed Earth. Your ruling planet is Venus.

This your time to shine, Taurus, although perhaps not in any way that you might have expected. The powerfully transformative influences upon you now are in your own best interest, and will take you far, if only you can relax and allow yourself to open to them. These include the mystical intimations from your inner voice of intuition, which paradoxically has more relevance than the roar of the surrounding crowd that tends to drown it out. You are moving forward in a big way right now, embracing the concept of a future that you can really live with and for, but you must first acknowledge the very real presence of this unseen world. Within that perspective, you are an integral part of a larger natural process from which you are, in fact, indistinguishable.

As the month begins, you are reveling in the freedom-loving energy of the recent New Moon in your sector of future plans, where it collided with numinous Neptune. You are getting your act together and striking out for an unknown territory where your footsteps follow a different and more saintly path, a soul mission, if you will. This is a huge month for you, and a hugely internal and mystical one as well, particularly with the retrogrades of both Mercury and Mars in key sectors of your Solar Chart. The recommendation for this period is not to push the river, but to watch and wait until at least the middle of next month. You are in somewhat of a paradoxical situation however, because with this potent New Moon energy hitting your chart you do feel the urge to push forward. You are visioning new possibilities for yourself, and the vision has true power, but this could also be a time of turning everything that you thought you knew directly on its head; a time when within your process of evolutionary growth and change, a true picture of inner calling comes into its own. Of course this is not the end of the story; these mystical inner visions must be made real by an intricate process of amalgamation to what you can concretely see, hear and touch, and you are in a good position to make that happen over the next few weeks and months. The Full Moon that comes along on Thursday, March 8th, represents a time of optimism and new vision and, with your ruler Venus newly arrived in your identity sector, a time as well of confidence and powerful self-expression. You are sizzling in your estimation of yourself and this feeling of “can do” is infectious so that others around you take the hint. You must beware of over-confidence but at the same time, and after checking in with inner guidance, take advantage of the power that you have to lay the tracks down for the path that you feel that you must ultimately follow. The Last Quarter Moon of Wednesday, March 14th, brings in a different theme, one of reassessing and reevaluating what has gone before. This is especially true with Mercury retrograde in your sector of dream imagination and inner work. You still possess a confident stance at this time, and a sense of mission, and that mission has review and renew written all over it. Your inner world is a great source of intuitional data that rather than the noisy street comes to you through the silent ether of perfect knowing. Nevertheless you can trust the information, and perhaps even more so than what the culture and your conditioning provide. With the Aries New Moon of Thursday, March 22nd, you are again presented with the gift of energy, and again this energy is directed primarily inward. You might find much to do there in your inner world as you spend some quality time with yourself. Old patterns of behavior that no longer serve you could come up for greater acceptance and healing, and this could positively impact your motivation for the way that you insert yourself into the world around you and make a difference.