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Aug 23 - Sep 15

June Horoscopes

by Henry Seltzer

Sagittarius Sagittarius Horoscope (November 22 - December 21)
Mutable Fire. Your ruling planet is Jupiter.

You've got your ticket to ride, Sagittarius, and now you must board the train. There is really nothing else that you can do. Bravery is a fundamental part of your makeup in any case so there is little to stop you now, or even to slow you down. A deep process of transformation at the core drives you onward. The evidence is all around you in the way that you manifest in the world and your sudden and amazingly brilliant creativity in the face of challenge. Partners in your life are helpful now in spurring you on, and are taking a new importance in your agenda for change. A fundamental shift in your values is preparing the way forward, parting the waters like Moses and the Red Sea.

As the month begins, you are still likely feeling the strength of the very powerful Full Moon in your sign from nearly the end of last month, which therefore represented a balancing act between yourself and another. This is in any case a time of ongoing epiphanies, and a good part of the enlightenment comes your way through the agency of significant others in your life. You are on a roll, but it is also important that you learn which direction suits you best and how to roll your own. As you ease into these ideas in a more solid way, the Last Quarter Moon of Friday, June 4th, stimulates your heart center, and brings up issues as well as perhaps solutions. You have been down into your depths before and that is what is called for now, as you sort through the past three weeks and attempt to find the gold among the chaff. This is a very special time, and caps a powerful cycle that brings you closer to what you think might be the best of what you can offer, a manner in which you can both "bless and be blessed. " Especially on the evening of the 5th you find that an electric atmosphere prevails and carries you through many veils of perception. The New Moon a week later, taking place on Saturday, June 12th, gives you fresh energy for your process, and, since you are now ready for them, brings up even more issues. You are raring to go at this time, and consciously including significant others in your life as a strong part of the picture, or at least as one of the more important puzzle pieces. You are reinventing your life right now from the inside out, and also from the outside in since Mars in your career sector is pushing you forward toward achievement. It is true that you are changing mightily throughout this period, both in the way you show up in the world and in the way that you perceive yourself in both present and future tenses. A steadiness is there to compliment your more flighty moments and will come to be more evident as you navigate the next few weeks and begin to seriously plan for a different future than the one toward which you thought you were heading. The First Quarter Moon of Friday, June 18th, is another powerful time for you. Your personal escapades are productive of major shifts in consciousness for both your inner and your outer personalities and are beginning, to paraphrase the bard, to amount to something rich and strange. The polarities and paradoxes of your situation are more pronounced than ever, and your mission is to somehow leap between the horns or your dilemma without landing on your face. When the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon comes along on Saturday, June 26th, you are seeing issues of self and other in an entirely new light, and one that opens as many doors as it closes. Your values are both shared and uniquely yours as you sort through the hall of mirrors that you find yourself in these days. When you stare at your partner you find yourself looking back at you.

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