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Aug 23 - Sep 15

April Horoscopes

by Henry Seltzer

Sagittarius Sagittarius Horoscope (November 22 - December 21)
Mutable Fire. Your ruling planet is Jupiter.

You are finding yourself at last, Sagittarius, and with a sense of mission. You are caught in the throes of a confusing time regarding home and family as well as relationship concerns and your worldly stance. This is also a time with immense rewards for you if you can manage to persevere. You are also rethinking all the relationships in your life, and your relationship strategy, attempting to discern how these fit into a larger meaning. As you mull over the way that the connections that you forge, both personal and business, contribute to your life path, changes at the very core of your being are making their slow progress into conscious awareness, and turn out to play a huge role in how you see your life unfolding.

As the month begins, you are feeling confused, a perhaps quite natural reaction to the depth of the personal as well as the societal situation that you find yourself in these days, made especially poignant by the presence of Neptune in your sector of home and family. This can imply a certain lack of clarity on the home front, with family issues that remain difficult to resolve. For example there could easily be both issues to be resolved and perhaps a spiritual side to the resolution, so that your inner work takes you away from the purely physical world of materialism and struggle. It is important to note however, that this world remains with you even as you transcend it, and that as much as you might be able by blinking your eye to ignore the real world of physical necessity and of the body, in the end these realities must be paid attention, just as also the non-physical side of your being must also be attended. With the powerfully transformational energy of Pluto residing in your resources sector and amped up by its square with Uranus and by the lunations of June, you are in any case mulling over a variety of ideas regarding your financial and other resources, which are currently in massive flux, leading you perhaps to regard this important component of your life differently than you have in the past. With the visionary inspiration of Uranus there is added fuel to the fire of your creativity, and since this factor is also sparked by helpful partners, you are full of bright ideas regarding how to take your own brand of personal evolution to the next level.

With the Full Moon of Tuesday, July 3rd, you are busily exploring these and other issues with a more balanced approach that is however no letup on the intensity of your involvement. You are delving into the undersea word of your underlying psychological roots, and finding the true gold that lies there for better integrating the four directions of your energies. These types of epiphanies might be coming to you through reactions or recognitions aided by familial concerns and inputs. It is important to note that even seeming disagreements can be helpful is sensing breakthrough at soul level, when viewed in the proper light. The Last Quarter Moon of Tuesday, July 10th, gives you more scope for rumination and provides great food for thought, since this point in the cycle is all about the process of reevaluating everything that has come before it. The retrograde of Mercury taking place on Saturday, July 14th, and signaling an even more introspective period, has the effect of aiding you in this process. Through the course of your meditations you might even be able to discern where you are harboring the residue of early trauma. If so, you also might make a start at being able to accept these dark places. These are areas within your psyche that you are only barely conscious of, representing the wounded child within you. This is thus a good time to become more aware of such complexes and to begin to integrate them and allow them a safe place where they can feel comforted and loved. This process of acceptance is a vital part and an initial step in healing these issues. The New Moon of Wednesday, July 18th, takes you literally into a new phase of your struggle for wholeness. Partners are helpful in allowing you to forge your own way forward. There is fresh energy for your process now, and for understanding yourself at deeper levels. The First Quarter Moon of Thursday, July 26th, represents an increase of tension, and of the basic conflict between inner and outer worlds, a tension that is creative of over-arching solutions.

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