Scorpio Horoscope for May 2014

Posted on May 1, 2014 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This month is a significant one for you, Scorpio, coming in the aftermath to the crucial month of April including a solar eclipse in your opposite sign. The transformational energies of this powerful spring continue into the current time frame, and bring relationship with important persons in your life even more firmly into the picture. Your current focus is major as well, with a sense of limitation and concentration of your energies actually increasing your ability to stay the course and persist in finding out what you truly want. Your co-ruler Mars, currently retrograde, is stationing direct this month, implying that although you are very aware of the influence of others on your life right now, you are also wisely paying the closest possible attention to your own inner dialogue, independent of other viewpoints.

As the month begins, you are taking in the energies of the recent Solar Eclipse New Moon from the 28th of April in your opposite sign, symbolizing partners. The planetary configurations from this New Moon eclipse characterize this monthly cycle for you, and are indicative of letting go of old patterns, thus allowing new ways of being to emerge. The energies of the cardinal cross that reached its apex in mid- to late April are still largely in effect, yet there is a sense of aftermath following all that has been revealed through the potency of these transformative events and realizations. Higher learning and inner exploration are important themes for you now, and this month will likely be a time for you to begin to integrate the cosmic downloads you have been receiving.

The New Moon eclipse falls in your relationship sector, indicating that a spring breeze is bringing fresh energy into this area of your life. With the novel perspectives that you have gained, you find yourself applying new ideas and practices to the way in which you relate to others. Mercury was aligned just a few degrees away from the New Moon, and closely trine your co-ruler, Pluto, so that there is a sense of renewed interest and vitality in your approach to partnership. This is tied to the intense transformation you have been undergoing in regard to your own thought processes, and to inner dream realms also, as you communicate your complex mental landscape to others around you. With retrograde Mars opposite Uranus in your twelfth sector of subconscious process, you have a tendency now to withdraw from worldly obligations, looking inward and allowing yourself to explore your own internal take on life and love.

Saturn is emphasized in this monthly cycle, and located in your identity sector, so that you could be feeling obstacles, and yet also greater concentration and focus for what you are trying to accomplish. Because Pluto is still closely in square to Uranus in your sixth sector of health and day-to-day activity, including your workplace, your transformative process continues to unfold, and within it you have the opportunity to come deeper into your own unique and innovative approach to everyday existence. There could be some slippery slopes to climb, such as resistance to routine, or struggles to apply your emerging philosophy of life to a revised mission statement reflective of your true intention.

Expansive Jupiter, highlighted in this configuration, represents another silver lining in what at times might feel like a dark cloud of personal circumstance. Because elevated in your ninth sector of higher learning, his presence is amplified. Life could be beckoning you to stretch in ways far beyond what feels comfortable or easy, and yet the rewards are plentiful. While Saturn lends focus to growth and learning for you, Jupiter asks that you trust yourself, and trust in your process. You benefit by actively seeking new resources and perspectives that expand your mind and open your heart.