Taurus Horoscope for June 2014

Posted on June 1, 2014 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is a confusing time for you Taurus, with practically everything in your life in some sort of major flux. This month you are continuing to find a mystical correspondence between current events and how you see your future unfolding. Relationship issues are coming alive in a different dynamic that combines managing them in a more fruitful way with a sense of service to the universe at large. As you settle into a new groove with partners, and with your spiritual life, communication and edification are key. You are in the midst of an intense learning curve regarding life and love that at times leaves you breathless. The realization is beginning to dawn upon you that your most important relationships are there for you to grow on as well as for the creation of a mutually enhanced situation as you move forward.

As the month begins, you are feeling into the mental and dreamy winds of the Gemini New Moon from the last week of May, setting the stage for this current monthly cycle. Corresponding to the Sun and Moon's square to numinous Neptune, lofty visions appear before you, which could be somewhat overwhelming for your normally grounded and practical Taurean disposition. Neptune's influence is also felt even more strongly because of an inconjunct aspect to Mars, and, while it lends itself to beautiful visions, can also manifest as confusion and self-deception. This is a potentially a quite confounding and illusory time for you, the more so the further you go with refusing to accept the illogical and irrational as a normal part of soul functioning. Neptune appears in your 11th sector of community and society, so that these dreams and visions relate to your idealism concerning society and larger social contexts. This aspect indicates that you may be finding new ways to bring your ideals for yourself and humanity into practical application.

Mercury also plays a large role in the astrology of your month, being slow to start and then turning retrograde in your communications sector. Mercury stations retrograde on Saturday, June 7th in this sector, indicating more internally derived spoken and written communication with others, and begins to sweep backward through the zodiac, winding up in the sign it rules, namely Gemini. The Mercury Retrograde period is famous for its inward-turning energy, and thus represents a good time to re-evaluate and re-organize, although not such a good time to begin new projects. You could find it a good practice to journal your thoughts. In the latter part of June, after the 17th, Mercury moves backward through your second solar sector of the material realm. This corresponds to your understanding of your resources and values, which are therefore subject to revision and review during the second half of the month. Now would also be a good time to take another look at your budget, organize or purge belongings, or otherwise tweak and tune the nuts and bolts of your material life. This endeavor will likely be beneficial to those of your creative efforts that are less related to the practical.

You are also entering this entire month into a relatively comfortable period of time, with your ruler, Venus, located in your sign. In spite of the various indications to the contrary, this aspect allows you to charge your emotional batteries and gives you the strength to carry on. There is also the factor of Chiron, the Wounded Healer, to consider, being especially prominent in your solar chart at the very beginning of the month and again leading up to the June 12th Full Moon. This symbolism provides for rich rewards when you have the courage to squarely face those areas within you that have in the past been wounded, and which now benefit from putting your loving attention directly upon them, without shame or feelings of unworthiness.

Because the fiery energy of Mars is emerging from his time of retrograde, only stationing direct late last month, and slowly returning to his normal outgoing energy, there are important implications for relationship successes. Mars appears in your sixth sector of daily life and service to others, and in close trine to the New Moon. This symbolism indicates that you may very well find within yourself a renewed gusto to contribute in a meaningful way to significant partners, so that this is an exciting time in that way also, as you align with others to adhere to a purpose greater than yourself. There also can be certain pitfalls to watch for in this particular configuration, so that you benefit by adhering to the cliché — and yet appropriate adage — of keeping your feet on the ground while you reach for the stars.