Taurus Horoscope for July 2014

Posted on June 30, 2014 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This month opens up into yet another cornucopia of meaning for you, Taurus, as you contemplate where you now find yourself and where you might be heading. The Mercury Retrograde period just ending constituted a great opportunity in that way. Partners serve you as mentors and provide an unusual spiritual component for you now. A fluctuation of expectation between on the one hand a feeling of almost too much freedom from any restraints whatsoever, while on the other becoming even super-practical as you more fully consider ways and means, especially in regard to partnership issues. You find yourself in a very expressive period of time as you seek not validation but communal and partnership support for the amazing accumulation of material that you are struggling to integrate.

As the month begins, you are feeling the energy of the potent New Moon from the ending days of June that took you into more intensely personal communication with others around you and also brought you into a contemplative mood regarding the key relationships of your life. This New Moon kicked off the lunation cycle for the month of July, which has a focus for you of the reconsideration of partnership from a spiritual perspective, and also of making more concrete your visions for a soul-centered approach to current relationship issues and future plans. This is all in the context of a fairly intense Mercury Retrograde period that has you re-thinking where you are heading with your life and your values in general.

This month sees the completion of the previous month's Mercury Retrograde period, which is now changing in its tenor and passing into its retrograde shadow phase, continuing into the first half of July. You are being nudged by the universe to reevaluate the spiritual component of everything that you say and do, and regarding your worldview as well. This affects your thinking on your accumulated store of potential changes and the visions and revisions you might currently process of where and how you can make the best progress with important life goals.

This is also so because for the entire month the limiting and practical astrological symbolism of Saturn is emphasized in your relationship sector, while the symbolism of flighty and effervescent Uranus is equally well aspected in your sector of dream imagination and unconscious process. Your intuition is powerful, and tells you true when you can bend your ear to hear it, although you might have a difficult time tuning in because of the strongly practical accent that partnership considerations provide. This could take the form of criticism, perhaps reminding you of parental judgments or key persons in your life out of your early years, and if so it is important to try to more clearly see into your own dark fantasies. These critical voices could be either real or imagined. It is tempting to place the difficulty outside of yourself, on handy persons such as those in close relationship to you; the criticism that you face might be located loser to home, in fact having residence inside yourself.

You are subject to fits of idealism as well this month, with Neptune emphasized in your sector of societal connection and future plans. You can paint yourself a rosy picture of where you want to be, only to find that doubts prevail in even greater weight than your optimism. There is definitely a push-pull effect that you must deal with. You might feel a little crazed by the contrast, but you win by steering a middle course striving not to go too far toward either excessive caution or over-optimism.

Throughout all these reorientations, it might continually come home to you that your basic way of being in the world is dependent upon your outlook. You have been transforming in the way that you see the world around you, and this continues all this year, intensifying again toward December. The information provided by your angel guidance, which you could just as well conceptualize as the voice of your Higher Self, is gently nudging you along the path most conducive to your continued growth as a human being; your task is to attempt to discern the right way to go on as you get closer to a true alignment with who, at base, you really are.