Virgo Horoscope for July 2014

Posted on June 30, 2014 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is an entirely interesting month for you, Virgo, a fitting coda to your recent preoccupation of inner over outer with the retrograde of your ruler, Mercury, that is now ending. You are currently experimenting with different ways of being in your universe of workplace achievement and also within your own depths, and favoring those opportunities that encourage you to be in the world but not of it. If it seems as though your outer production and speech centers are stuck on pause there might be a good reason; fruitful rather than difficult, a timely intervention on the part of the cosmos. You are letting the dust settle and allowing yourself to integrate the received wisdom of the past few weeks and months so as to make the most of your recent growth spurt.

As the month begins, you are excited about your future plans and intent on making these in full alignment with a deeply felt soul connection to your inner world. The recent New Moon from the last few days of June, that took place in your sector of societal connection and future plans, spurred you on to finding greater satisfaction in the work you do, both in outer productivity and along the lines of inner planes of activity. Your heart is more fully engaged in your decision process. The recent retrograde of your ruler, Mercury, is also a factor. There has been, over these previous weeks, a thoughtful review of where you are headed with your career and forward-looking prospects based on professional choices. This recalcitrant period of the Mercury Retrograde has lasted for most of June, beginning on June 7th, with Mercury only stationing to direct motion on July 1st. Mercury also takes time to straighten out for about two weeks afterward, so that this reflective stance continues into mid-July

An idealized view of partnership commitment is part of your emotional environment now as well. The New Moon closely aspected the magical and numinous astrological archetype of Neptune, located in the relationship sector of your solar chart. This means several things; for one that you have the tendency now to view relationship in a rosy light, and to see more deeply into the cosmic side of particular significant persons fulfilling that role, and of the spiritual value of partnership in your life in general. It could also be that you over-extend this feeling of blessing and create illusions of one variety or another, which could in the end burst like soap bubbles or else simply turn out to be true after all. With Neptune it is difficult to tell. The Lord of the Oceans has been shining there for many weeks now, but this month is special, in part because of the inward-turning proclivity of this and the past monthly cycle for you. You are in some sense ready to look to the inside for what might not even be answers, although perhaps finally the right questions.

On the other side of this current astrological picture for you lie the demands and the critical voice of stodgy old Saturn, located in your communications sector. This energy is a cautious and conservative one; regarding any venture at all, the antithesis of going all in. Saturn is in the habit of putting everything on hold for a more thorough look at what is being offered, or what is about to be said. This energy definitely puts a pause in whatever it is that you are attempting. You have a strong inclination now to explore your inner workings with great zest and yet also conservative tendencies to hold yourself back from exploring. This is not all negative because with what you can gain from this kind of in-depth searching out of every angle, the lessons are major. Saturn also makes a strong aspect to Chiron, the Wounded Healer, located in your relationship sector along with Neptune, so that old habitual patterns could conceivably come up during this month's developmental cycle, for the purpose of looking more deeply into them and moving beyond them.

Through all of these ups and downs you find that you are still on the path of eventual thoroughgoing transformation of how you identify yourself at the deepest levels, and of your creative output that corresponds to this vision that you have of yourself on the inside. This corresponds to the Uranus-Pluto square, still active, although in remission for the summer time period and ready to come roaring back in the fall of the year. There are reminders in the first half of July about this cosmic presence, that is in higher reality operating for your own best interest. Just as the gardener cuts back a rose bush, so too are your out-dated and largely dysfunctional habitual reactions gradually being pruned, to allow for new growth.