Virgo Horoscope for August 2014

Posted on August 1, 2014 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is another amazing month for you, Virgo. The spiritual dimension of your partnership dynamic is coming to the fore in new ways, over the course of a rather intense monthly cycle that is very much involved with inner matters. Your dreams could provide a richer conduit to Spirit, working itself out through your life, than do daily events. Relationship continues to have its mysterious and potentially painful aspects to resolve, and is full of important lessons. You are still in the process of adjusting to new standards of self-expression, as well as digesting recent shifts in consciousness that have taken place within you. As you bring a more active presence to partnership issues, and to the way that you communicate with others around you, your life moves forward in its own unique way and on its own timing.

As the month begins, you are still feeling the impulse of the recent powerful Leo New Moon from the last weekend of the month, which took place in your sector of unconscious process. A flame of optimism has been lit deep within the layers of your psyche, even more so with expansive Jupiter located in this same solar sector, in conjunction with this New Moon. Like a sweet warm tickle in your belly, this expanded energy comes as more of a feeling and a quality of existence rather than as an attempt at actual thought forms. As this warmth ripples through subconscious realms, it touches places within you that you may not have had the opportunity to focus your awareness on recently, if ever. By living this inner familiarity you allow yourself to emerge more whole from that experience.

With Mars coming to a more powerful stance as he enters Scorpio, and in square aspect to the Sun, Moon and Jupiter in this New Moon configuration, you may have a tendency this month to over-compensate for insecurities, of which you may not fully be aware. We all have "blind spots" — aspects of ourselves that we simply cannot see — and this is where camaraderie and connection with those you trust becomes paramount. Through being in authentic contact with your tribe or community, you are more able to see yourself more clearly. You could notice more nervous energy or anxiety in your thoughts than usual. Practices that calm your mind could be helpful to you now, like meditation or breath-work, and it is always advisable to remember to pause and be still before making any big decisions.

There could also be an interesting give and take occurring for you this month between your visionary self and your practical side. The powerful archetypes of Uranus and Saturn are making a very close inconjunct at the time of the New Moon; both are moving very slowly from the time of their recent stations last July, amplifying their effect. The indications for you include eccentric or even wild epiphanies; visions for a new paradigm of regeneration and shared resource, for you personally, or within the larger scale of local or global community. With your grand ideas, there comes a hefty weight on the opposite side of the scales; finding practical implementation is crucial, and yet identifying and walking these avenues is challenging. You could encounter negative thoughts that impede your progress, or that prevent you from getting started. There is a hidden benefit in the holding back however. In the name of quality and of caution, it may ultimately be well that the wild stallion of your untrammeled vision is bridled by a dose of practical sensibility.

To reiterate, your sense of community and human connection provides extraordinary benefit by supporting you in overcoming obstacles, and you find yourself enjoying many forms of social contact to get some perspective on the intensity of your inner world. As you learn more about the wounded parts of yourself that require healing and transformation, in order that you may move forward in a more harmonized manner, it is beneficial to share your inner experience with your trusted circle. Through the acceptance you find in the empathy of another, you may also find greater acceptance for yourself.