Virgo Horoscope for September 2014

Posted on August 31, 2014 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

Your times are still in changeful motion, Virgo. This could be the beginning of an important and novel stage, and in any case you have before you a highly charged monthly cycle. It is actually quite a bit of stop-and-go right now. The energy has been building since the weekend before September even began, with the occasion of the powerful New Moon in your sign. You are seeking to find your own unique way through, while suffering more than perhaps is necessary, based on the illusion of the perfect partnership in contrast to the inevitable realities of life on the planet and the pressure of ordinary day-to-day events. You are being pulled in at least two directions by feelings of limitation, with also the urge to break free of all restrictions, riding upon the strong tide of your evolutionary momentum.

As the month begins, you are still feeling the surge of energy represented by the recent New Moon in your sign, thus signifying a big month for you in terms of your sense of self, and indeed, your very identity. With Neptune and Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in your seventh sector of partnership, you could also experience some confusion and pain, arising from past experience, in your partnership connection, as well as an almost starry-eyed idealism. Your ruler, Mercury, also resides in your identity sector at the time of the New Moon, indicating that you could be discovering new perspectives on yourself, particularly in relation to your partner or the possibility of having a partner. Perhaps your ideals or fantasies of the optimal version of partnership are in disparity to what you are experiencing, or have experienced in the past. This could be very triggering, and old wounds could come up as matching to an earlier time in your life when reality fell short of your vision for what it could be. This month could represent an opportunity for you to find a balance between surrendering perfectionistic or unrealistic expectations, while yet retaining your yearning for quality life experience.

You could also feel a considerable degree of angst and frustration at the energies working themselves out in your life over the course of this rather intense period. With Mars conjunct Saturn, your drive and ambition is alive and kicking, yet the limiting and practical concerns symbolized by Saturn brings things to a screeching halt, so that a "stop and go" feeling is the predicted result. You could feel frustrated, as though finding yourself in a psychic traffic jam, and yet there will likely be plentiful small moments of relief and release, as Uranus' effect can also be felt in this same dynamic, as expressed by a trine aspect to Mars and Saturn at the timing of the New Moon. Your intuition and ingenuity are both running hot, and you could be surprised on multiple occasions — either in yourself or by means of outer circumstances. There is a trickster energy symbolized by Uranus that can either throw you a pleasant little booster, or, more adversely, a wrench into the cogs that jams up the whole machine, requiring a mental reset. In any case, you are not likely to be bored, as you will never know throughout this month what's around the next corner.

In terms of social arenas, you could have an interesting and informative experience this month under the influence of the Venus configuration at the New Moon time. The goddess of earthly delight is lying in the shadows of your twelfth solar sector of unconscious process and mystery, and making a nearly perfect trine aspect to Uranus, located in your sector of intimacy and regeneration. You could be finding yourself in a more subtle style of relating to others, oriented in a sort of curiosity, and bounced around by intuitive tugs. Should you follow that magic thread of heartfelt curiosity, you may find yourself peering into your own consciousness through the reflection of another, and discovering things about yourself you never could have discovered alone. It may be only through intimate connection that you can truly find yourself, and begin to transform. You could be surprised by the course that events take over this monthly cycle, and where they can lead.