The Intense Inspiration of the Full Moon Eclipse

Posted on October 7, 2014 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

Wednesday's early morning Full Moon eclipse in mid-Aries, opposite the Libra Sun, is influential, as eclipses are in general, since they represent extra-potent lunations, powerful cosmic reminders of the symbolic intensity of the Sun and Moon as masculine and feminine numinous powers in opposition across the sky. As the Sun, the earth and the Moon line up exactly, so that the shadow of the earth falls across the face of the Moon, turning her to a dusky shade of red, we can look to the heavens and imagine that we see, just beyond the Moon, the invisible placement of Uranus. The eclipse intensity is made much stronger by the fact that the Sun and Moon, aligned in their tight formation, also closely oppose and conjunct the trickster energy of Uranus, at 14 ½ degrees of Aries less than a degree away from the Moon.

Uranus is also participating in a grand trine in Fire signs, being in extremely close trine all this week with both Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius, including the eclipse timing. There is also the Uranus-Pluto square, drawing ever closer, now less than 4 degrees from exact, and triggered at this time as well by Venus in square to Pluto. This symbolism speaks of radical transformation. Then too, with Uranus so prominent in the Wednesday skies, we will get a powerful dose of his trickster energy, providing also the opportunity for deep intuitional epiphany and surprising happenings that rearrange your reality thinking to include a wider range of possibility. This is also, it is to be noted, quite an accident-prone time, which is one reading of the Mars-Uranus signature, as amplified by Jupiter in trine with both, and with on top of that the extra-special eclipse energy. There is thus an extreme emphasis on individual quirkiness and unexpected happenings, a uniqueness that is fully yours; your own and no one else's.

In contradistinction to this emphasis on Fire and individual, it is also useful to remember that this Full Moon represents a culminating phase of the lunation cycle that began slightly over two weeks ago, with September's Libra New Moon. Libra represents balance and partnership, in contrast to the highly individual energy of Uranus in Aries trine Mars! We are therefore, as we go through the heart of a rather intense week, mediating between these two poles of individual versus partnership, and of unique personal contribution versus group participation.

We have also the contrast of inner and outer to consider. Mercury, having so recently stationed to retrograde motion, occupies the second degree of Scorpio, a Water sign of deep internal process, as is also represented by the retrograde energy itself. As you go through a peak experience of enthusiasm and passion, you might also want to go slowly, allowing the lessons of this important juncture to truly sink in. It is in this way that you can take the best possible advantage of what the universe has to offer.

The Sabian symbols for this eclipse Sun and Moon support this viewpoint. For the Sun, at the 15-plus, or sixteenth, degree of Libra, we find: "After a storm, a boat landing in need of reconstruction," which reminds us of the work that we yet must do to rebuild, as we struggle through the losses of this Pluto time. For the Moon, in the sixteenth degree of Aries, we have: "Nature spirits dancing in the light of the setting Sun." Marc Edmond Jones talks about "[the personal versus] the totally impersonal forces of nature," and of "a continual reversion to pure source." This is a potent time and we do well to remain as conscious as possible regarding the gifts it brings, and for whatever we can muster up to bring to it in return.