The Visionary and Transformational Last Quarter Moon

Posted on November 13, 2014 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

Friday morning's Last Quarter Moon in Leo is quite powerful, a fitting configuration for the transition into the December cycle that is rapidly approaching, and that will feature another instance of Uranus and Pluto in perfect square alignment, the sixth of seven exact hits this mid-decade. While Uranus and Pluto have been doing their recent dance since June of 2012, the issues that this important aspect symbolizes, on both a personal and a cultural level, and resonating with their conjunction in the volatile1960?s, are getting more intense with the experience of the past few years. The stakes as well are getting higher, as a glance at the headlines shows. In addition to the intensity of their square closing to within two degrees, so that we really feel them, they are each aspected by Mars, Jupiter, the Sun and Moon in this quarter Moon configuration, heightening the impact of their dynamic interaction. Because these powerhouse planets in combination stand for radical change in our own best long-term interest, and because they are located in the Cardinal signs of Aries and Capricorn, their impact on this decade — which I am referring to as "the Turbulent Teens" — is monumental. As the next installment of their square alignment draws near, and the month of December looms, we are all called to find within ourselves an appropriate response to the evolutionary quest to which we are summoned.

Another factor that makes this quarter Moon especially significant is that as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Leo, the Sun nears a conjunction with Saturn in Scorpio. These two "social planets" are therefore in their own temporary square alignment, with the Sun and Moon conspiring, greatly adding to the significance of this mid-November timeframe. Mars also remains within orb of his conjunction with Pluto, while Uranus closely squares the Mars/Pluto midpoint. The Moon and Jupiter highlight Pluto in Capricorn, with the Sun and Saturn triggering Uranus. These aspects are subtle, and yet still an important factor, emphasizing an urgent requirement for personal and societal transformation.

With the expansiveness of Jupiter in the mix of energies swirling about us now, and also the antithetical pull to caution represented by Saturn, we have an interesting stew indeed of cosmic forces inclining us in the direction that we ultimately need to go. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, exactly semi-sextile to Uranus, to the minute of a degree, and in sextile with Pluto, is another factor here, representing the lessons of our wounded places and the pain of leaving behind what might seem to be the most familiar parts of ourselves. There is also a powerful component of soul work at play in this configuration. This is because the Sun and Moon also closely aspect the new planet Eris, which seems to symbolize an implacable warrior energy for exploring and acting in accordance with soul intention, your own deep inner purpose as you are coming to understand it. This means that you have an additional tremendous force backing you up, as long as you can indeed move forward in the direction corresponding to your deepest desire for who you truly are, at soul-level, and for the person that you will eventually become.

The Sabian symbols for this quarter Moon configuration are quite interesting and refreshing. For the Sun, at the 23rd degree of Scorpio, we have: "A bunny metamorphosed into a fairy," for which Marc Edmund Jones gives the keyword TRANSITION. This is an obvious symbol of leaving behind our less-evolved animal nature in favor of transcendence. For the Moon, in square, at the 23rd degree of Leo, we find: "A bareback rider," which brings the same symbolism into view. Jones relates this to "uncompromising courage in the everyday business of living, and a carefree assurance in meeting the problems [we encounter]." Indeed we will need all the strength of our courageous hearts, tuned to the maximum, to undertake the vast and comprehensive changes that our souls contemplate, with also the assurance of our faith in the cosmos to somehow guide us through to a successful conclusion.