Full Moon in Capricorn

Posted on July 6, 2012 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

The Full Moon that takes place on Tuesday, July 3rd, is an interesting one. In the midst of the summer of change, indicated by the first exact hit of the Uranus-Pluto square, this configuration reaches toward a balance of energies, and yet also keeps up the intensity of the evolutionary pressures that are upon us now since the Moon conjuncts the powerfully transformative energies of Pluto, the destroyer. We all are coming to recognize where radical transformation is needed in our lives. Pluto is like the wrecking ball that knocks down previous structures that need replacement, to prepare the way for the rebirth to follow. Mars has also now entered Libra where it comes into an opposition by sign with Uranus, still in almost exact square to Pluto, further emphasizing their revolutionary potential. By the time of the next New Moon, later in the month, Mars will exactly oppose Uranus, making for an even more surprising and active mid-July time period, when also Mercury will be in retrograde.

Neptune in Pisces is activated at the time of this important cross-roads, so that his shape-shifting nature also pervades these difficult and yet exhilarating times that we are currently living through. There is the glimmering fantasy and then there is the truth; but right now, the truth is subtle and difficult to separate out from our ideals on the one hand, and a perhaps overly-cynical viewpoint on the other, so that we sometimes see just what we want to see, through the rose-colored glasses of illusion.

This summer represents one major kick-off for the revolution and evolution still to come – a trying time and yet also one when we can see the writing on the wall and begin to make our move. We have the opportunity now to truly occupy our own inner warrior. All in all we are doing well; and we do best when we recognize that we are serious about necessary transformation and that we are indeed in this for the long haul.