The Difficulty and Ease of Flow of the Sagittarius New Moon

Posted on November 22, 2014 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

The Sagittarius New Moon, taking place early tomorrow morning, at 4:30 PST, is quite an interesting configuration. For one thing, Jupiter in Leo is prominent, getting ready to stand dead still in the sky early next month. For another, this lunation launches the cycle that includes the next exact hit of the Uranus-Pluto square that comes up on December 15th. The New Moon makes aspects to both sides of the storied collision that defines this decade, being sesquiquadrate to Uranus and therefore semi-square to Pluto. These are never less than a degree away from exactly square, from now right through to the end of December and into the beginning months of 2015, leading up to their final exact hit in mid-March. Because triggering these two powerhouse planets, whose angular distance has dropped to a mere one degree from exact, this is a very important monthly cycle.

The New Moon, in the very first degree of Sagittarius, at zero degrees and seven minutes, or just barely into the dimensions of the tropical sign, is also connected to Jupiter by rulership, because Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius, and by what is called mutual reception, since as well the Sun rules Leo, where Jupiter resides. Further, due to Jupiter's upcoming station to retrograde motion, Jupiter will uncharacteristically occupy the same degree of Leo, the 23rd, for the entire lunation, stretching to the next thirty days. This is coincidentally the same degree that the new planet, Eris, occupies in another Fire sign, namely Aries, also for this entire cycle. The trine aspect between Jupiter and Eris brings both of these fascinating planetary archetypes into greater prominence. We might expect a terrific sense of underlying optimism now for whatever we sincerely believe that we can attempt, and a graceful funneling of our activity toward that goal. In chime with the symbolism of Eris, there will be a strong element of soul purpose that follows our steps along this important pathway leading from one year to another, and from one stage of our personal evolution to the next.

All three classic outer planet archetypes are involved in the symbolism of this important lunation, because Neptune in early Pisces, the sign that he rules, is strongly aspected by this New Moon. This adds a higher vibration of spiritual component to the mix of energies swirling about us now. With Neptune we automatically have the chance to take everything in the largest possible context. Jupiter also gives the same potential, and as well the yen for overdoing in all kinds of directions, although there are close aspects to Saturn, too, that might have the opposite effect, a predilection for caution. There is plenty of room for the idealistic conception, that can become over-idealized in an instant, casting us into the rose-colored glasses of illusion or even, at the extreme, of self-deception. As you head into December you do well to steer a middle course through all these possibilities, and to focus on what you truly want for yourself, at the deepest level of your being.

With all three outer planets so much a part of the current astrological symbolism, we are truly blessed with celestial impulse for our lives to transform as is actually necessary in order that we fulfill ourselves in the most meaningful way as we evolve and grow. The society itself is going through an intense process of radically important transformation during the 2014-2015 timeframe — the peak of this difficult decade. Perhaps we all might be able to recognize that time is indeed growing short to make necessary changes in our own lives; although we might also be able to rely on the natural flow of cosmic timing that synchronizes with what the universe has had in store for us, all along.