Scorpio Horoscope for April 2012

Posted on April 20, 2012 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is a tumultuous time for you, Scorpio. Many things in your life are changing now, while you remain the same person as before, only perhaps more conscious of who you really are. Your day-to-day life is might start to be seen as the miracle that it is, and as the opportunity for interaction with divine spirit that it could become. You are enjoying the benefit of a contrasting point of view to your own, as your communication with others and your communion with the surrounding circle of your acquaintances and colleagues deepens and becomes more fulfilled. As you feel your way forward into a mysterious interaction with the surrounding cosmos, that process helps to point your way into a very different future than you might have once planned, but the changes are for the better.

As the month begins, you are riding out the wave of the powerful New Moon from the last ten days of the previous month, when has presented you with some new ideas that you are also still in the process of sorting out. There could be sudden epiphanies to deal with, that seem to represent your next phase until succeeded by another and quite different urge. This has implications as well for your creative output and even your day-to-day routine, since these areas are subject to unusual conditions that are hard to pin down exactly but which may mean leaving behind any established rut that has felt constricting. To say that you are unsure of life direction right now would be an understatement, but yet you are definitely in the flow of powerful impulse leading you toward something that while it is difficult to define, represents what you can nevertheless recognize as a significant departure from where you have been. This is an intriguing and yet also intimidating period of time for you; your past persona, with all its drawbacks, is at least a known quantity, while the unknown self beckoning you onwards is enticing and also scary. With your ruler Mars remaining retrograde for the first half of the present month there is the tendency to re-imagine everything. No sooner do you put a game plan in place but you must second-guess it. Mars turns to direct motion on the 13th but it takes a few more weeks before he entirely straightens out, so that this back and forth decision process could continue through month?s end and even beyond. Mercury is also retrograde, contributing even further to misplaced connections and an internally focused attitude. Mercury stations on the 4th, and yet remains within the boundaries of its retrograde shadow for the first three weeks of April. With the Full Moon of Friday, April 6th, you reach for balance between inner and outer functioning and between the your own internal guidance and that of important partners in your life, who come more directly into the picture bearing clues for your own development. Your dream imagination is stimulated now, and provides helpful hints to nudge your process in finding life direction one way or another. Messages that you receive in this way are of course extremely valuable, since your unconscious layers know more than they are overtly telling about where you have been and whither going. Normal waking life can also provide significant symbolism if you look at it symbolically like a work of art. The Last Quarter Moon a week later, taking place on Friday, April 13th, represents a powerful juncture as well, and one when your ideals continue to thrive. You are sorting out the relevant from the illusion now and attempting to review and re-animate recent events of your life with an eye to finally understanding them more fully. It is possible that old issues of dysfunctional behavior might come up for you as well, especially ones involving relationship patterns. These could be carried over from the long-dead past, perhaps from childhood trauma of one kind or another, having been walled away somewhere deep inside your psyche. You win when you can recognize this and yet still accept yourself in these dark places within you. The New Moon of Saturday, April 21st, takes place in your relationship sector, and gives you tons of energy for relating. There may still be the issue of confusion and illusion to deal with in how you come across to others. You might be able to engineer a more direct connection with significant partners, especially when you can summon up your whole entire self, warts and all, as the most complete and entire offering that you can possibly bring to the table.