An Intense Full Moon

Posted on August 29, 2012 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

Friday morning's Full Moon is quite intense, mainly because it triggers the Uranus-Pluto square in Aries-Capricorn, just as these two heavyweight outer planets get ready to collide yet again in another exact hit come mid-September. The last era they were in such close connection was their recent conjunction of the mid-1960's and we are seeing the same types of rebellion against a dysfunctional establishment that we saw back then, even to the music and the mini-skirts. This will be the second of seven exact square alignments stretching out to 2015, by then in the 16th degree of their respective Cardinal signs. As every reader of this blog knows by now, the radical transformation symbolized by this "World Transit" lasts until 2020 and will come to characterize this entire decade, which I like to call the Turbulent Teens.

The Moon in Pisces also almost exactly conjuncts Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in the eighth degree of the sign, and Chiron is also strongly aspected by Mars, as well as Pluto and Uranus. Chiron symbolizes our essentially wounded nature and represents another harbinger of these times, when the painful realizations just keep on coming, from foreign policy disasters to climate change that even the republicans are beginning to acknowledge. The heart-rending picture circulated recently of the global ice caps melting even much faster than expected was freaky on a scale that is hard to wrap one's mind around. The Sabian symbol of this Chiron degree is "A girl blowing a bugle" for which Marc Edmond Jones gives the keyword Summons; we might all begin to get serious about lobbying our leaders to take the wake-up call on the part of a softer and less macho approach to the situation of the planet – and of each other – in our collective dilemma. It's time.

The emphasis on Chiron also speaks to the idea that there are plenty of painful places that continue to come up in our own personal lives as we respond to the challenges and changes of this daunting era. Like our civilization, we are faced with necessary transformation which involves letting go of a dysfunctional past. It helps to remember that things will get more dire instead of better all the way to at least the middle of the decade, so that we might as well begin to hunker down and deal with it. Every act we take in our own lives has a ripple effect and becomes a piece of the hologram affecting everyone around us, in greater and greater circles.

We have on our hands a massive realignment of the entire culture that must begin with individual action on the part of each one of us. Difficult to grasp; but then on the other hand extremely exciting to realize that this is actually a set of problems that we can, each of us, do something about.