A Tension Time For Healing

Posted on May 28, 2012 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

The First Quarter Moon of Monday, May 28th, brings up the minor crisis indicated by the Sun and Moon in square to each other and reflects back on the energies of the very potent recent Solar Eclipse that emphasized Pluto, just as the Uranus-Pluto square is becoming quite close. This phase is generally associated with working out the original urge of the New Moon, as that impulse interacts with the necessities implicit in the actual real-world situation. In this instance the Moon is trine Pluto and quincunx Uranus, while applying to Mars and opposed to Chiron in Pisces. Mercury is conjuncted by the Sun in this configuration, and squares Chiron exactly, meaning that certain aspects of long-buried trauma are coming into consciousness, leading to healing them. This phase paves the way for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that comes along a week later and also redolent of difficulty, metamorphosis and lasting change.

Wherever we have Capricorn or Pisces in our charts, those areas are subject to situations arising that are clues to where we have been wounded in the past and have stored up the residue in hidden pain; areas that were traumatically influenced by early childhood shock and distress. These are the same areas where we now have the golden opportunity to better recognize ourselves at deep levels and be enabled to move beyond alienation and suffering into healing. Then the knee-jerk reactions that stem from this sort of ancient wounding and that interfere at times with our best intentions for ourselves can begin to be recognized and acknowledged.

The increased tensions of this period reflect on the developmental arc of our lives leading to the transformation which is proceeding apace for all of us during this powerful year, and coming to a crescendo at the time of these late May and early June eclipses. The Sun is almost exactly conjunct the Moon's South Node, another indication that information from the past is very relevant for the present, as we learn to modulate and contain the information flooding in. As it does, we need faith in ourselves and in the beneficence of the universe to hold us through our process – as a child is held – allowing us to remain open to both unfolding painful realizations and the joy of progress that allows us to move down and through, and eventually out the other side.