Libra Horoscope for October 2012

Posted on October 2, 2012 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

Your future is calling, Libra, although it might not turn out to be the one that you had in mind as recently as a few short months ago. This remains a powerful time of inspiration and change as core issues continue to arise. You have plenty of energy in any case for forging ahead, in this, your birthday time of the year. Your hopes and plans have been partly based on idealized dreaming and partly on hard-nosed reality. Adjustments are required before you can spiritually prosper. This is truer than ever now in this fall season, as you face unexpected challenges together with surprising and even startling revelations. This has the blessing for you of allowing you to become even more aware of what you are experiencing, in terms of both outer event and inner truth.

As the month begins, you are riding the wave from the Full Moon in your opposite sign of a few days prior, on the last weekend in September. You are full of verve and vitality in this your birthday time of the year, and very conscious also of how your actions affect others around you, particularly important partners in your life.

You are also entering into a time of spiritual retreat, based on convictions that have been growing within you, and on researches that have taken you down into your depths and back up again, with hopefully a pearl or two of wisdom to mull over and to share with others around you. Relationship has been enlightening for you lately, but unsteady. Also, as Saturn nears his entrance into your sector of values and resources, which happens on the 5th, you might feel the pinch of limitation in what you can count on, or with finances. This makes for a confusing period of time when you are not sure where your sense of security might indeed come from, and when partnership with others seems shaky as well, or perhaps suffering from a break-down of formerly idealistic feelings.

This means that first and foremost you must rely on yourself, which although difficult is actually a quite constructive process for you at this time. You are transforming in your concept of family or tribe, and also with regard to your home environment and of what that means to you at the deepest possible level, It has been a big year for this work, as you have been thrust into it perhaps initially unwillingly throughout the spring and summer months. Now, in this fall period, you are finding yourself to be another stage of your journey altogether, and with perhaps greater acceptance of what is.

Since your birthday time has come and with it a concept of renewal, this entire year might well be dedicated to finding a balance between idealism and conservative reality-check, especially regarding finances and your sense of life mission. This also applies as well to relationship, which for you has been something of a moving target, being up and down and all around for you lately. There is inspiration that comes to you in the guise of partnership influence as well as destabilization that might have the effect of once again throwing you back on yourself for the ultimate answers.

Although you are in somewhat of a serious mood these days, it is also quite true that there is a fundamental joy and optimism within your heart also, and it underlies this sense of commitment to your process. In this regard it might help to remember that the universe is essentially on your side, and that whatever trials the cosmic patterns of this intense fall season may bring are in your best long term interest.

Detailed Monthly Forecast

With the Last Quarter Moon of Monday, October 8th, you come to a time of reassessment of everything that has gone before it within this lunar cycle. With your Higher Mind sector closely linked to values and resources, you have a spiritual commitment to look more deeply into whatever is going on and to try to make sense of it through your inner rather than your outer gaze. With Neptune so prominent and with your ruler Venus in your mystical twelfth sector of dream imagination, the time is ripe for this kind of inner work, which has the power to reconfigure your reality.

The New Moon in your sign of Monday, October 15th, brings fresh energy to your purpose, stoking the fires of both inner and outer commitment. Partners are very important to you in the last half of the month and helpful in allowing you to take a definite stand, either by providing another point of view making for a useful amalgam with your own, or else by standing in opposition to yours thereby strengthening your understanding of your own position. It is also possible that painful realizations could arise for you at this time, either regarding partnership issues or other aspects of your inner wounding. If so the recommendation is to face these intimations of early trauma squarely and with kindness toward yourself and others.

With the First Quarter Moon of Sunday evening, October 21st, and into the following day, you are likely to hit a few snags in the arc of your development. This is a testing time when the rubber meets the road in terms of changes within yourself that you are attempting to establish. With the Sun in conjunction with Saturn right now you will likely find restrictions and limitations getting in the way of your progress, so that might seem like Mercury Retrograde all over again, but this kind of obstacle brings out your true intentions by allowing you to measure your goals against the difficulties rather than the ease of obtaining them.

The Full Moon in your intimacy sector at the end of the month, taking place on Monday, October 29th, is again quite a powerful one, bringing up issues of self and other and of home, family and tribe. You are down in the trenches yet again, but hopefully you are getting used to the battle by now, as you fight the good fight to rise up another notch along the spiral path of your destiny. It is only a struggle to the extent that you allow it to be. You are getting the best out of this trial by fire by applying discernment and by striving to forgive yourself, thereby making yourself more whole in the process.