A Last Quarter Moon of Shedding Layers and Brilliant Potentials

Posted on November 10, 2017 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

The Last Quarter Moon of November 10, 2017 in the sign of Leo speaks to us of letting go of illusions. This lunar phase is always symbolic of the time period in the growing season after the harvest when the leaves start to whither and return to the earth. This is the time after the Moon’s reflective light has culminated in the sky at the Full Moon, halfway to its return to the darkest part of the lunar cycle. In this case the symbolism points to disillusionment with what was once tacitly accepted, also therefore of the necessity of negotiating what arises in the face of hidden truths being revealed. As masks, and layers of inauthentic self, become peeled away, we are asked to let go of what no longer serves to make space for a more conscious, intentional experiences of ourselves and of reality. This is also a chime with the Libra Equinox, which we just experienced a few weeks ago, and so doubly we may turn our attention to gentle darkness, coming into a greater degree of rest, reflective contemplation, and inner work.

One of the more pronounced planetary configurations accompanying this Last Quarter Moon chart is that of Venus closing in on its conjunction with Jupiter in the dark mysterious realms of Scorpio. Venus’ planetary dignity is in a weakened state in Scorpio, so that her expression of love, beauty and surface harmony is compromised. Then, as well, Jupiter’s presence in Scorpio has been unearthing all sorts of shadowy material from dark corners, amplifying and magnifying that which generally goes unseen or unspoken. (You can read a full article on that, here.) We may see this visitation of Venus with Jupiter in the Scorpion’s den as one that can be troubling, although ultimately revelatory of the nature of the relationship between masculine and feminine principles. One of the more indicative collective happenings around Jupiter in Scorpio is the #MeToo movement and the calling out of inappropriate and abusive sexual behavior by men in positions of power in Hollywood and in politics. Venus coming along brings this cultural event more palpably into our connective experience as the awareness it is invoking descends into the minutia of our own personal relationships and social fabric. We may see increasing feminine voices proclaiming the anger and fear inherent in living in a world where, just by being in a woman’s body, one does not feel safe. Perhaps this joining of Venus and Jupiter can also indicate heightened masculine awareness, occupying a place of listening, supporting, curiosity and active learning about the feminine experience. In any case, the issue looms large in collective consciousness, as Jupiter magnifies all that it touches.

Another important aspect to consider in this lunation is the forming and very close trine between Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries, which will come into its exact aspect just hours after the Last Quarter Moon takes place. The connection of these two powerhouse planets has been building for months. Transformational Pluto, as well, is aligned with the Sun and Moon in this configuration, supporting great strides in personal evolution. Combined with the symbolism of Saturn-Uranus, we may experience a further dismantling of current structures and paradigms, with new illuminations emerging forth. There could be a palpable feeling of this in our personal, emotional realms. This close partile trine between Saturn and Uranus could also very plausibly bring yet more unexpected surprises and shocking events, because with Uranus in the picture, almost anything can happen. It’s as if a huge wave is cresting and there is so much momentum that it is really no use fighting the current; we might as well ride the wave. Our awareness has been adapting itself by now to begin to expect the unexpected, and understand, perhaps at almost subliminal levels, that huge shifts in consciousness and emergent awareness are under way. It is natural in these circumstances to find one’s self oscillating between openness to potentials and fear of change. It is entirely understandable to sink into moments of doubt and extreme resistance regarding the uncertainty of it all. We are in fact being asked to honor and presence the vast spectrum of emotion and experience that comes in times of great change. The gifts that we receive from Uranus and Saturn in cahoots with each other also include delight and excitement in the great turning and swift motion. What a beautiful opportunity to align our awareness with our birthright to freedom, ingenuity, and incredible new possibilities!

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun in this Last Quarter Moon chart, at the nineteenth degree of Scorpio, is “A Houseboat Party,” which speaks to agreeable, eager participation and contribution to the collective whole. For the Moon, in the same degree of Leo, we find, “A Parrot Listening and Then Talking,” reminding us of the nature of intelligence to shape its own reality, and the pitfall of mimicking and projecting a false self into the world. We may take from this latter symbol a helpful reminder to continue consciously shaping ourselves in ways that honor both our authentic and essential nature, and in doing so equally endeavoring to offer ourselves in service to the highest good of all beings.

With Many Blessings,
Leslie Benson