A First Quarter Moon of Unexpected Events and Occasional Breakthrough

Posted on November 26, 2017 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

Sunday’s First Quarter Moon in Pisces, matching by square the Sun in early Sagittarius, has some interesting features. The influence of Uranus is even stronger than it was already, being a large factor in this entire thirty-day cycle stemming from last week’s Scorpio New Moon, when the Sun and Moon aspected the Trickster planet. This is because in this quarter moon configuration, all three of the other personal planets – Mercury, Venus and Mars – aspect Uranus. Mercury also conjuncts Saturn, supporting the major trine between Saturn and Uranus, and emphasizing their push-pull between staying an existing course versus taking off in wild flights of fancy. In many sorts of endeavors, covering almost every area of our lives, we could encounter unexpected events, that sudden left turn that leaves in the dust all of our former planning. Particularly noticeable this Sunday will be communication issues of all kinds, both fanciful and seriously committed, and as well diversions from our ingrained habitual patterns of logical thinking. It could feel as though the Mercury Retrograde period that is coming up in December came early. What can we glean philosophically from these strange days? Perhaps most profoundly the concept that thinking entirely outside of any box can in some important ways unburden us for the crucial journey to our own spiritual destiny, whatever that may turn out to be.

It is also useful, in considering the darkness and the direness of these times, as well as the happy prospect of deep-seated transformation that may yet redeem us, to remember that Saturn, prominent now in this First Quarter Moon, remains in parallel aspect to Pluto. This is a long-running indication of major structural transformation to each one of us as individuals, and to the society that surrounds us. With Mercury stationing in close conjunction to Saturn over the next week, we will be thinking quite a lot about what significant structures of our lives are to be fostered and enhanced, and which are in their death spiral as related to our future direction. That process itself can be sudden or else protracted, depending on how hard we cling to that which is, for our most vital selves, no longer viable. A sober assessment might convince you of the way that things are actually headed, and then it is up to the courage that you can find within yourself to make needed changes.

Mars is also exactly opposite to the new planet, Eris, at this significant juncture, which can point us to the courageous choice. Eris, quite prominent in these fall skies, can be associated with a Feminine (or Spiritual) Warrior energy in support of soul purpose. The trick, then, is to be able to identify your most profound intention. The looming Mercury Retrograde makes for an excellent opportunity to look deep inside yourself in attempt to answer this crucial question, of what does your bottom line actually consist? Once you know, life becomes easier. You just act on this fundamental understanding, and go ahead.

The Sabian Symbols associated with this First Quarter Moon provide an interesting counter-point to these ideas. They are, for the Sun in the 5th degree of Sagittarius, “An old owl up in a tree.” This is a obvious symbol for wisdom, and the kind that comes from our inner connection to Natural Law. Marc Edmund Jones references, “the demonstrated and widely accepted values of life [which must] have their full and functioning part in the immediate reality with which an individual may be seeking to come to terms. Here is the power of [each individual] to give an eternal stability … to whatever seems to call to their own deeper and private potentialities.” For the Moon, in the same degree of Pisces, we find the somewhat mysterious, “Heavy traffic on a narrow isthmus.” This brings to mind the necessity for right action as our opportunities narrow. Jones has, “potentialities of common self-interest [encouraging] a whole selfhood … an unusual gift for organizing all transient enterprise in patterns of a rewarding and overall effectiveness.” Indeed it is high time that we each individually come to laud and promote our greatest strength, whatever that may be, and unflinchingly take requisite action in that way for the benefit of our entire society.