Gemini Horoscope for December 2018

Posted on November 30, 2018 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is a significant month for you, Gemini, as you rearrange your concepts regarding your public statement, and your affiliations with others. All during last month’s retrograde of your ruler, Mercury through your relationship sector, you have been rethinking how you conduct yourself interpersonally. This culminates in the Sagittarius New Moon of December 6th – when Mercury also stations to direct motion, indicating a shift in the cosmic weather. You may become more explicitly conscious about what relationship means to you, perhaps especially where old patterns and the residue of early trauma might have held you back from its fullest expression. In the timing of this New Moon you may suddenly come to new epiphanies concerning business connections and career choices you have made and the way that you see your path ahead. The Winter Solstice and the Full Moon in your sign represent a potent juncture. Throughout the month you are more and more greatly determined to move forward in a manner consistent with your deepest values.

The following was written by this month's guest columnist Adam Elenbaas of The Nightlight Astrology School

The month begins on the heels of the Venus/Uranus opposition, which perfected on November 30th. The opposition happened across the fifth house of creativity and joy and your eleventh house of friends and groups, in the signs of Libra and Aries. You may still be reeling from the effects of this transit, especially in terms of unexpected changes or disruptions in romantic partnerships, creative partnerships, or larger groups or social circles. These changes in some way continue to influence the month ahead, though they will subside as the month goes on.

The big news for you is a concentration of planetary aspects taking place all month long across your seventh and tenth houses. The tenth house is the house of work, career, and public reputation, whereas the seventh house is the house of relationships. The connection between these two spheres of life is going to be very strong all month long.

On December 2nd, the Sun in Sagittarius in your seventh house will square Mars in Pisces in your tenth house, bringing themes of action, initiation, power, courage, and responsibility, into the spotlight. Be careful of unnecessary power struggles in the work place. Loved ones might be growing or making rapid advancement right now. Or you might be ready to initiate or “go public” with new professional or creative ideas.

Then late evening on December 6th, continuing into the next day, the New Moon in Sagittarius also falls in your seventh house of relationships, making a square to the Mars/Neptune conjunction taking place in Pisces in your tenth house. The centaur Chiron, is also involved in this lunation, as your ruler Mercury stations to direct motion on this same day in aspect with Chiron, located in your tenth house of career and profession. You could feel the pain of past actions, or lack of action, that were motivated by fear or knee-jerk reactions based on prior trauma, likely stemming from early childhood. Breaking out of these old and dysfunctional patterns might in fact be one important theme for you for the remainder of this current month. You are likely ready to initiate new relationships or to take the next big step with something at work, or you might be struggling to define your role or relationship with others at the outset of something new. This applies to the entire thirty-day cycle of the New Moon. Some level of personal sacrifice for others, or for the sake of a larger dream or goal might be necessary right now so be sure not to drain or overextend yourself in this process.

On December 20th, the Sun in Sagittarius in your seventh house will make a trine to Uranus in Aries in your eleventh house of friends and groups. You will likely feel energized by the company of others right now, and perhaps moved to coordinate your creative efforts with others, or to take a risk and defy various social or professional conventions or traditions.

On December 21st, your ruling planet, Mercury, in the sign Sagittarius will conjoin Jupiter in Sagittarius, again in your seventh house of relationships, this time indicating the power of beliefs and ideas in your personal relationships. Though you are naturally flexible and open-minded, don’t be surprised if those you are close with are persuading you to take a risk or to commit to something that you’re feeling somewhat unsure about.

Finally, on December 24th, Mercury in Sagittarius in your seventh house of relationships will square Neptune in Pisces in your tenth house of career. This transit brings last month’s Mercury Retrograde full circle to where it all began! This is a time of trying to discern the best path forward in your career given some degree of confusion surrounding your relationships and social life. Don’t hide from making an important decision right now, even if you can’t clearly see where it will lead. On the other hand, use your best judgment, and take your time, when listening to the advice of others or when someone is trying to persuade you of something. Also, you should watch for messages pointing the way in dreams or through synchronistic experiences right now.

Other important dates to think about this month include the Winter Solstice on December 21st, which is taking place in your eighth house of death and rebirth, and the Full Moon in Cancer on December 22nd, which is taking place in your second house of money and resources. The Winter solstice brings themes of depth and transformation, perhaps also emphasizing special benefits or blessings that come through others or through challenging but transformative events. On the other hand, the Full Moon in Cancer taking place on December 22nd suggests growth, fertility, and abundance in your financial life, and it also highlights the importance of your inner/emotional life and the importance of home or family. Note that in the month to come you will receive your first eclipses in these houses, as well, so stay tuned for more next month!