A Last Quarter Moon of Awakening to Truth

Posted on May 25, 2019 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

The May 26th Last Quarter Moon is a subtle call to inspiration and higher consciousness as an intense lunation cycle of May draws to its conclusion. This final lunar phase is the time when the brilliant light of the Moon is three quarters of the way in its journey of ultimately fading back into darkness. We symbolically see this as a time of letting go, surrendering and exhale. We find the Moon at 5º in watery nebulous Pisces making a square aspect to the Sun in quick-minded Gemini, AND, interestingly, completing a T-square with the asteroid Ceres in the expansive fires of Sagittarius. This paints a picture of dynamic tension that’s asking us to focus on what really nourishes us mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and to let go of the things we reach for out of habit or addiction that don’t truly feed us. It’s not a quick or easy process to re-wire ourselves to reach for the glass of water instead of another cup of coffee, or to choose to meditate for 10 minutes in the sunshine instead of scrolling on Instagram, but the invitation now is to ask in each present moment what truly will enrich and nourish us in mind, body, heart, and Soul, and to begin following that inner calling more often.

The Moon is also making a trine to Mars, who is wading in the waters of Cancer where he does not operate optimally. This could indicate a general challenge for each of us to identify, and by means of right action begin to steer in another direction. This could also show up as anything from irritation to full-out rage, especially with regard to issues such as nurturing, partnering, and the feminine. There is plenty to be outraged about, and perhaps this inflammatory environment in the current U.S. culture and government is serving a purpose to propel each of us into action, encouraging us to make a stand for our values and beliefs. I also want to mention that the Moon is making a conjunction with Black Moon Lilith, and this can make very clear the places within ourselves that we have cast into the shadows, that require a gentle, diligent, and mature hand in being invited back to the table. Imagine this as a re-parenting of the places inside of yourself that were hurt as a child. These may show up as maladjustive behaviors, coping mechanisms, or anywhere we operate out of pain instead of love. Just remember these parts need our loving presence the most, as well as firm, kind boundaries to help them recover and return to their innate and divine wisdom. Most simply put: observe yourself as objectively as you can, and offer the places that are in pain love and kindness.

We also find the Sun and Moon in aspect to Chiron and to Uranus, eliciting a dimension of inspiration, disruption, and healing. Unexpected events spurred by Uranus’ influence can be a lot to digest, and when paired with the Wounded Healer archetype of Chiron, whatever is cropping up in our collective and in our personal lives is prompting us to awaken to a more true expression of our nature, and heal the parts of us that have forgotten the Truth of who we are. This could look like a sudden loss, and the grieving process that ensues. This could also look like a huge opportunity that asks you to step up and confront your deepest fears. With Uranus, you never know, but the overarching message is the same: time to wake up (or continue waking up) to the brilliance of your beautiful and Sacred Self — that part of you that remembers you are not separate, but an intrinsic part of the greater whole and community of life.