A Full Moon of Identifying Core Values & Choosing Love

Posted on December 10, 2019 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

The Full Moon of late Wednesday, December 11th, in the sign of Gemini graces our skies with opportunities for fresh contemplations and a sneak peak perspective into the powerful astrology of 2020. This Full Moon comes to exact at 9:12pm PST / 12:12 Thursday day EST, taking place at 19+ degrees of Gemini, a mutable Air sign. The influence of this Full Moon may thus bring our awareness to the double edged sword of the human intellect. Gemini represents the realms of mental acumen, quick wits, and the capacity to flit from one idea to another as easily as a leaf floats on the wind. While Gemini reminds us of the brilliance of the human mind, it also echoes the pitfalls of fickle scatteredness that can come with such mutability. We might also note that we currently have a dose of Capricorn that is quite heavy (and I mean heavy) emphasizing societal structures, responsibility, integrity, and lasting legacy. Perhaps this Gemini Full Moon can grant us a certain degree of light-footedness, together with the ability to adopt new thought patterns and beliefs. The challenge here is to utilize the mind for its incredible ability to imagine, innovate, and problem solve, without getting lost in distraction, confusion or thought forms that do not support the true task at hand – whatever that might amount to for each one of us in our sense of our individual purpose.

What stands out prominently in this lunation is Venus’ placement in Capricorn, sandwiched right between Saturn and Pluto, which are a mere 2 degrees away from one another (they will reach their exact conjunction on Jan 12, 2020.) This Capricorn conjunction is further illuminated by the placement of the Moon in an inconjunct aspect, with the Sun in semi-sextile. Saturn and Pluto’s coming together has been forming for months now, and we are living out a collective crisis of climate and consciousness, prompting tremendous transformation and the quest for sustainability on an planet with limited resources. This is also echoed by Uranus, in his continued journey though Taurus, bringing collective awakening around earthly resources and the material world. One of the opportunities of this astrological configuration is to take an honest look at our lives, and ask ourselves what legacy we wish to pass on to future generations. And how do our foundational values, choices, and actions support that legacy vision? Anywhere the symbolic foundation of our lives is faulty, unsustainable – or based on something that is no longer true for us in our current evolution – will likely crumble away as Pluto clears the debris, so that something new can be born. With Venus so prominently in the picture, all our relationships are also up for review and profound change.

This climactic juncture therefore marks a potent invitation to take a sobering time out from the distractions, hustle and bustle of the holidays and really sit with yourself in inquiry. What is it that you truly value? Is that the same as it was a year or a month ago? How are your core values evolving? What in your life reflects your values, and what doesn’t? Venus in Capricorn shows us what we find to be truly worthy of our precious time, energy, and love. Right now she can help us find the way and sort through to the heart of what matters, which may be a very significant piece of homework as we approach next month’s exact conjunction of Saturn and Pluto.

During this Full Moon we also find Mars in a near exact trine to Neptune, both in their respective home signs of Scorpio and Pisces. Whenever Neptune is involved, we can always ask ourselves where it is that we trust in the Divine / The Universe / God, and where we have our fears and doubts. With Mars in flowing aspect, we may find ourselves confronted with our own reactivity and anxiety, which, while unpleasant to witness, can provide an uncannily accurate road map showing where our healing homework lies. Where we are afraid, we are being asked to reach out for support, and offer loving presence and acceptance to the places inside of ourselves that are contracted in fear and resistance. With this Mars-Neptune aspect, we may also be shown precisely how the Magic of Life wishes to express itself through us – into integrated action and conscious choice. How do we align our personal power and free will with the intelligence of divine grace and Love?

During this potent Full Moon, the last of 2019, may our ears be open to hear the call of Divine Wisdom, may our eyes see the way forth, and may our hearts, minds, and spirits have the strength and clarity to choose Love as we navigate the stormy waters of these difficult times.