A Gemini Lunar Eclipse of Courageous Curiosity

Posted on November 28, 2020 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

The eclipse season of late 2020 begins with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 8° + Gemini, taking place on Monday, November 30th. Eclipses activate times of accelerated transformation, creating openings for big changes on both collective and individual levels. This Lunar Eclipse highlights the GeminiSagittarius axis, which is mutable in its modality, presenting an opportunity for adapting toward more flexibility in our awareness, around our thoughts, beliefs, and philosophy of life, and in how we communicate that to others. This astrological configuration is punctuated with a heightened dose of potency as we are also experiencing the influence of Jupiter paying a visit to Pluto and Saturn during this eclipse timing, in fact sandwiched between them in the late degrees of Capricorn. This trio of planetary influences, active all year, is sending 2020 out with a bang, as the evolutionary churning and far-reaching transformations of this historic period of time continue to unfold.

Neptune also holds a strong place in this lunar eclipse chart, because this numinous outer planet stationed direct just two days prior, so that it is standing nearly dead still in the sky, hence more powerful. Its time of so appearing elicits themes of spiritual enrichment, yet with an inclination for confusion or uncertainty to arise as well. The other major outer planet, Uranus, also has a strong impact now, seeing as how it occupies 7° + of Taurus, making up in this eclipse configuration an inconjunct aspect with the Sun and a semi-sextile with the Moon. This highlighted energy of the Cosmic Joker is turning up the potential for shocking events that yet foster collective awakening and profound realizations. Some of this new awareness could perhaps only come about through the period of disorientation that is the signature of Uranus and Neptune transits in general.

Looking into these outer planet energies still further, we see Pluto in a nearly exact square to the new planet, Eris, planetary archetype of the Feminine Warrior in support of soul intention. This aspect elicits an intense evolutionary energy that evokes both the depth of our psychological development and healing process, and as well a fierce facet of feminine consciousness that asks us each to take a strong stand for what we truly believe and value.

As you can see, there is deep meaning inherent in this Eclipse, which will be noticeable in its unfolding over the next six months or more. The mid-December Solar Eclipse and Sagittarius New Moon, coming up in two weeks, is also quite potent, and evocative of the massive changes taking place, continuing into 2021, on both societal and individual levels.

Bringing it back to the broad strokes, we can begin to consider how the Gemini-Sagittarius themes concern our own awareness – in terms of how we relate to our ideas and beliefs. Pairing that with what the outer planets are inviting forth, we see a unique access point to come into new pathways of thought, communication, and expression that are in greater alignment with our Essential Nature.

Some potential inquiries to consider at this time are:

How am I cultivating a capacity to be a loving witness of my own thoughts and thought patterns?
How open am I to expanding my perspective and approaching my and others’ experience with curiosity and loving presence?
How do I find Trust in God/The Universe/Source in such a way that allows for flexibility as I meet the ever-changing tides of earthly life?
How can I communicate and collaborate in my most expressed and authentic way?

If there is anything this year has asked of us, it’s a high degree of flexibility, innovation, resilience, and collaboration in the face of challenging circumstances. It is understandable in times such as these that there can be a tendency to double down and calcify around the beliefs we traditionally identify with, yet it is in such a transformational period that we are additionally offered the opportunity to open to Trust, and to allow ourselves to be transformed in ways we never could have invented or imagined. This is not a fluffy or turn-key process –- it can in fact be a messy, meandering road – and yet the rewards are rich when we can be vulnerable and courageous in opening to our own inner wisdom. What wonder may we find when allowing ourselves to be touched by the magic and intelligence of life itself, as we grow beyond earlier limitations into our most authentic Selves.

The Sabian Symbols for this Lunar Eclipse offer us further insight, with the Sun’s symbol of 9 Sagittarius (8 +) being “A mother with her children on the stairs.” In describing this symbol, which Marc Edmund Jones had the responsibility for creating nearly one hundred years ago, he emphasizes the focus on an individual’s development of social conscience as a fundamental contribution to collective well-being. For the Moon, the symbol of 9 Gemini is “A quiver filled with arrows,” emphasizing the alertness and cultivated presence on an individual level that is required to meet each moment with skill and clarity. This points to an encouragement of Self development as the path to greater freedom in meeting the practical demands of life with ease and grace. May we each endeavor to rebirth ourselves through the challenges of these difficult times into both individual and collective expressions of Love and Well Being.