Libra Horoscope for September 2021

Posted on August 30, 2021 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This month represents for you an important breakthrough, Libra, leading to profound changes in your life. Your reward is proportional to the attention that you can give this evolutionary process. Especially after the New Moon of September 6th, inner work and dream work take center stage, in spite of their subtlety. Your intuition is very powerful now, and also you will see some unexpected results in terms of interpersonal connection. It is important now to pay close attention to everything that is happening to you in order to come to a better alignment with all that you hold inside. As the month continues to unfold, your values and your finances become significant and could show you the way to a more considered set of personal priorities. The other major happening is the retrograde of Mercury in your sign, following the important Fall Equinox that heralds Libra season. You may wind up questioning many of your favorite assumptions, and this is a process that goes right on through the entire month of October.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge-Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

What you love and what you want is changing. This shift hasn’t been subtle but it has been progressive and is due to too many factors to list them here in this short horoscope. You begin the month of September still riding the energies of August which may have clarified certain allegiances and dreams that are dear to your heart. A process of reorientation is well underway and you may be feeling both social and introverted simultaneously as you revise your priorities in search of clarity. There are things you do not want anymore like carrying the burden of other people’s expectations on your shoulder. The word intimacy may be changing for you due in part to things that are outside of your control but mostly because your desire for pleasure and joy is undergoing a total revolution. You may have had to let go of cherished ideas surrounding other people’s contribution to your life while realizing that no one else but you is in charge of your happiness. You may feel the need for new experiences and be ready to take a leap of faith. However, there may be numerous logistical issues that have to be reckoned with before you can take that leap and this could be the ominous part.

From the 1st to the 3rd, Mars in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces could highlight ongoing confusion when it comes to knowing what to prioritize. You may have your hands full trying to get a lot of things done at the beginning of the month and it may come down to knowing exactly what you want before you make your moves. Mercury in Libra trines Saturn in Aquarius from the 3rd to the 5th and this brings a supportive influence for creative projects. It might be a good time to streamline your ideas and get organized.

The New Moon in Virgo arrives on September 6th, signaling the beginning of a new cycle related to your internal dialogues and how these reverberate into your work, your life, and your connections. Your internal critic and your standards of perfection may be what makes you such an accomplished and successful person. However, there may be times when the need to try something new even when you do not have all the details figured out triggers deeper anxieties within you. You might be hard on yourself at times, and that can leave you feeling like you can never quite get to that sweet spot, always looking ahead to the day when you can feel a sense of deeper satisfaction. If so, this new cycle might be a good time to address these issues and to come to a better sense of integration within yourself.

Venus in your sign trining Jupiter in Aquarius at the time of the New Moon speaks of available joy which you crave. You could currently be doing exactly what you need to be doing, and there may be an easy flow between your ideas and your creativity that simply needs to be acknowledged.

Venus enters Scorpio on the 10th which will shift your attention towards your income and your desire to be self-sufficient. Your financial situation may be in a state of flux due to an intimate or business partner and the following month will be your opportunity to assess where you stand in this regard.

Mars enters your sign of Libra on the 14th, energizing you and bringing momentum and speed for your objectives. However, an opposition between the Sun and Neptune on the same day could create a haze over your resolve. The remaining details that are needed for a project to be ready may feel overwhelming and your sense of priorities may be affected for a few days. You may need to double down on your efforts to finalize something especially as Venus in Scorpio squares Saturn in Aquarius from the 15th to the 17th.

The Full Moon in Pisces takes place on the 20th and may highlight a culmination process related to your work and the organizational matters around a creative project. You may be able to get a clear picture of where you’re heading. Mercury in Libra trines Jupiter in Aquarius at the time of the Full Moon, and this could help you adopt a broader and more optimistic approach allowing you to see opportunities that you might have missed otherwise.  

The Autumnal equinox on September 22nd starts off Libra season and signals the beginning of a busier time for you. Venus in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus at the Equinox which may bring an unpredictable twist or two to relationship commitments and partner agreements. You may have to untangle a situation around shared resources. There also may be new financial opportunities as well around this time.

Mercury stations retrograde in your sign, on September 26th where it will be moving retrograde until the later part of October, followed by two weeks of the retrograde shadow. This takes you all the way into early November, with the entire retrograde period taking place in the second half of Libra, corresponding to your identity sector, highlighting your need to reassess your desires, your values, and the resources available to you. This is definitely a work in process. You may have to refine your thinking before being able to move ahead with something. It might as well be a time to take bigger decisions. Whatever is emerging over the next month of October can allow you to align more authentically with your own needs and desires and to eventually establish a better sense of integration within yourself.