A November Month of Excitement and Environmental Consciousness

Posted on October 26, 2021 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is another wild and wooly month that we have in store, with Trickster Uranus once again emphasized, and with new planets beyond Pluto also getting a play. Last month’s October cycle featured the New Moon in close aspect to Uranus, an inconjunct (quincunx) aspect that was very precise, and this month’s November 4th Scorpio New Moon features a partile opposition. Because Uranus resides in earthy Taurus there is an antithetical arrangement of symbolism, with sky-god Uranus emblematic of flights of fancy, surprise events, and startling revelations, versus the stay-at-home simplicity of the Taurean approach. While Taurus is looking down and smelling the beautiful flowers, Uranus is shooting off skyrockets, fully absorbed in watching them blaze their way across the heavens and uncertain of his actual surroundings. Uranus is famous for engendering novel sensations and realizations. The current Uranian emphasis, last month and this, destabilizes placid Taurus while also succumbing to the practicality of this Earth sign, toning down his off-beat tendencies and reaching out for some sort of amalgam of studied departure from pre-existing norms. The truth is that this modern culture needs new ideas in spades right now, and perhaps in our individual lives, we do as well.

The Scorpio New Moon that initiates the current month of November also features interesting aspects to new planets beyond Pluto. Eris, representing a Feminine Warrior in support of soul intention, continues to remain prominent in these late fall skies, in her close square with Pluto in Capricorn, still partile in the New Moon configuration. This implies that whatever transformation we are in the midst of, collectively and individually, must to a large extent rely upon going deep within ourselves for the answer to the important question of whither goest thou? The message of prominent Eris is that only our most profound bottom-line principles will serve to bring us forward in our lives right now. We must dig deep for these to the exclusion of all else, including early conditioning and more superficial modes of consensus thought. It is worth noting also that Jupiter is in close sextile to Eris in the New Moon configuration, further emphasizing this energy of the woman warrior.

The other two officially named KBO planets, Makemake and Haumea, currently located in Libra, are also well aspected in this potent New Moon. Makemake at 8 degrees of Libra is closely trined by a recently stationing Saturn at 7 degrees of Aquarius, while Haumea at 28 is found in partile conjunction with Mercury. These two Nature planets, as I am calling them, symbolize profound connection with Nature, and with Nature activism, and they were also similarly highlighted in the recent Full Moon in late Aries, from the last ten days of October, when in fact the Full Moon Sun closely conjuncted Haumea. We have already seen quite a bit of action and discussion on the environmental front, in the urgent attempt to begin to counter devastating climate change on the part of the Biden administration’s agenda, and we are likely to see still more action and reaction on this subject as the current month continues to unfold.

The Taurus Full Moon in the late degrees of the sign is also a Lunar Eclipse, and therefore another quite potent lunation, its effects lasting for six months, leading up to the Taurus Solar Eclipse of next April 30th. Jupiter is triggered by this Full Moon and aligns with Pluto, bringing up the potential for further transformation, while Mars opposite Uranus continues the emphasis on rebellion and the desire to overturn the existing status quo. If this Uranus and Pluto joint emphasis reminds you of the volatile 1960s, when, as now, there was a strong Saturn component, you are not far off. These are intense and transformative times, indeed, that we are currently living through.