A Scorpio New Moon of Challenge and Revelation

Posted on November 3, 2021 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

Another lunar cycle of a fraught nature begins on November 4th with a New Moon in the deep and mysterious waters of Scorpio. It will arrive at 2:15 PM Pacific Time, and is located at 12 degrees of Scorpio, thus featuring a partile (or same-degree) opposition with Uranus at 12º Taurus. Because this opposition is so close to exact, the themes of Uranus will be incredibly heightened in the timing of this event, and in the thirty-day cycle that follows. We all will experience – or at least witness – the brilliant and often disruptive influence of The Trickster archetype, along with its startling revelations. We also have in this New Moon configuration other somewhat difficult aspects that can spell challenge and prompt growth, as well as configurations that enliven our consciousness, and our awareness of the tremendous need for healing in our world.
Because this New Moon and Uranus opposition occurs along the Taurus-Scorpio axis, which the Lunar Eclipse later this month on November 19th will also activate, we see themes represented by these zodiac signs amplified.  Uranus revolutionizes whatever it touches, and as it travels through Taurus it is bringing the world newfound awareness and innovations to the tangible physical realm that is emblematic of this fixed earth sign. Main topics include food, physical resources, economics, as well as our own bodies. Scorpio, on the other hand, is much more about the implicit rather than the explicit; that which can be intuited and sensed but is beyond what we can experience in this physical realm.
In addition to the extreme Uranus activation, this New Moon also features a square aspect forming between Mars in Scorpio and Saturn in Aquarius. This square is even closer when considered as a square from Saturn to the Mars/ Sun midpoint.  Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio, while Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius,  making both of these emblems extra-powerful in their expression, and as competing forces. From Mars we may feel a strong urge to passionately act directly out of our primal drives and gut instincts. On the other hand, Saturn advises us to be practical, deliberate, and considerate of our personal responsibilities. We find ourselves taking civic duties and safety concerns more seriously.
Looking to the future, this Mars-Saturn configuration will be most concentrated in the time leading up to its exact hit on the 10th and then fade out over the next few days or so.  Add the spicy Uranus influence to this picture (also the modern ruler of Aquarius) and we have, for weeks, one foot on the proverbial gas pedal with the other is planted firmly on the brake.  The stop and go can be frustrating, and even feel treacherous. One helpful way to work with this challenging energy, in my estimation, is when can simply bear this dynamic in mind in our day to day, watching for where things start to feel like they may boil over. This is both around this New Moon time, and also during this monthly cycle that follows. If you feel the pressure building in yourself or others, try to give those heated situations some space and time to cool off. Physical movement and exercise can be helpful, as well, allowing big energies and emotions to move through.
With this New Moon configuration we may see themes of disruptive external events catalyzing and mirroring deep inner psychological processes. We may feel more aware of the brilliance and wisdom, as well as the limitation, of our own bodies, or have some new realizations and experiences of how our physicality is an ever-evolving tangible expression of the subtle realms of thought, emotion, energy, spirit, and all the  rest that we humans are made of. As the rings of a tree tell the story of its life, the nuances of your body, could they be read, may tell a similar story of who you are.
Lastly, I’d like to touch on the active role that new KBO planets beyond Pluto are playing in this New Moon configuration.  All three of these, Eris, Haumea, and Makemake, are quite active now. Eris in Aries maintains her tight square with Pluto in Capricorn, signaling massive societal shifts ever since the last year of  2020. Haumea, named for the Hawaiian Goddess of fertility and motherhood, is another planetary archetype that has been researched intensively by our founder Henry Seltzer. She, in particular, is showing up as emblematic of profound connection to Nature, and she occupies a tight conjunction with Mercury at 28 Libra, inviting us to have thoughtful conversations around our connection with Mother Earth. Makemake, also representing Nature connection, and, according to Henry’s research, with more of an assertive or activist energy, is forming its opposition with Chiron, the Wounded Healer, and is squared by Saturn. This combines the social necessity of taking action to alleviate cultural binds and barriers, particularly for environmental action, with the painful place that we find ourselves in when we do not. The ongoing Glasgow Conference on climate change  may yet yield some positive result as we all (well, most of us) pray.
The concentration of energy for these deep topics speaks to me of the increasing urgency – and opportunity –  for healing that’s needed between the state of most modern humanity and the Earth. These aspects are for the most part very active over the next few months, so that this is an important time to tune into our unique relationship with the land. These  challenges will, it is my sincere hope, allow us to re-organize power structures in a way that fosters a sustainable solution to climate change and other pressing issues, allowing us to be present with some sort of hope for a viable legacy that is able to be passed down  to future generations.
May we, in these incredibly intense times, continue to find the resilience and wherewithal to endeavor in our evolution, healing, and the embodiment of our highest Truth. May we follow the voice of divine wisdom that calls us forth, and be shown the way to inhabit our unique brilliance as an offering of service to the interconnected web of life on our beautiful planet Earth.