A New Moon of Healing and Courage

Posted on March 31, 2022 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

The Aries New Moon, taking place on March 31st at 11:24 PM PDT, is ushering in this lunar cycle with passion and courage, as well as a strong emphasis on healing journeys. These are themes that will be present throughout the month. The New Moon arrives in its exact position of 11º Aries just minutes before April 1st on the west coast, and on that very day itself for locations eastward. With Aries expressing its vibrant vital energy we could find our inner fires being stoked with a strong desire to keep things moving forward as well as courage that urges us to speak our truth. There’s also some whopping doses of Piscean energy that can soften and diffuse some of the heat and hard edges.  This New Moon has very few hard (difficult) aspects, which may lighten the mood considerably and open up to more flow and ease in comparison to previous months.
Most prominently placed in this New Moon is Chiron, the Wounded Healer, which we find less than a degree away from the Sun and Moon. Where there is strong Chiron we can expect to be faced with our inner wounding from the past as an opportunity to attend to and to heal those places now. With Mercury also very close by in Aries, this may come with a natural urge to process our experience verbally. This could mean talking with trusted allies, journaling, writing a letter, etc. What is also important to note is that Mars, the ruler of Aries, is closing in on his conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius. This configuration prompts us to look at our relationship with anger, how we are at placing boundaries, and what kind of style we have in communicating our limits. Venus is nearby, indicating an emphasis on the relational dimension of these themes, and with Uranus also in semi-sextile to the Moon placement, unexpected events and realizations could arise. All of this can spill over in unintentionally heated words, reacting harshly if we feel backed into a corner, and some spicy attitudes in general.
The opportunity here is to bring more awareness, conscious choice, and proactivity to our relationship with anger and boundaries. I’d like to offer a quote from Glennon Doyle, American author and activist, who puts it well:  “Anger delivers important information about where one of our boundaries has been crossed. When we answer the door and accept that delivery, we begin to know ourselves better. When we restore the boundary that was violated, we honor ourselves. When we know ourselves and honor ourselves, we live with integrity, peace, and power.” 
On a lighter front, this New Moon also features a special conjunction that is forming now, and will come into its full influence from April 7th-16th, being exact on the 12th. This is none other than the much anticipated Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces, which is quite auspicious because they are both in their own rulership in the mutable water sign. One way to look at this is as a giant magnifying glass expanding and idealizing whatever it touches. The spiritual dimensions of grace, trust in the universe, adopting a philosophy of life that things are working out in your favor, and keeping an eye out for golden opportunities are all key elements of this transit. 
As with anything, there are pitfalls to this that could potentially show up as tendencies to over-indulge, jump to conclusions, use escapism in any form to avoid discomfort, or be unconsciously deceitful with ourselves or others. If these sorts of things do arise, it can be helpful to notice that the magnifying effect makes them very apparent, allowing us to see what it is about those tendencies that simply aren’t working for us anymore. Getting clear on what’s out of alignment can be the best first step in finding other ways to get our needs met that are more supportive of our overall well being. Mostly, however, we can lean into this time as a beautiful opportunity to tune in with our hearts and connect to our spiritual nature, where we may find ample energy, resource, and delight to help soothe the pain and lift our spirits.

While we are certainly not out of the woods in terms of facing incredible challenges in our world, perhaps this lunar cycle can be a clearing in the clouds, so that our spirits may soak up some much needed sunshine, and create space for the healing that is needed in ourselves and in our world. May we each have the courage, support, and clarity to be present with the wide spectrum of our human experience, from the painful to the blissful and everywhere in between.