Gemini Horoscope for April 2022

Posted on March 31, 2022 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is another fascinating month for you, Gemini, when making a distinct societal contribution will be a major focus. You have been riding your individual creativity lately as part of the ongoing transformation you are engaged in, and now is getting to be the time for putting this into a broader framework. Your own way of seeing the world is the most important, independent of how things are laid out in the consensus reality that is all around you. It is important that you do not compromise your intuitive understanding of your deeper principles at this time; instead you may find that you are making a difference in the society along the lines of your more profound beliefs, and making a success out of your professional strength and your strong ideals in so doing. You might also find that you are exploring inner wounding as a significant part of your journey toward more total integration. You will want to stay attuned to inner wisdom that is attempting to speak to you and through you about what is of genuine importance.

The following was written by Leslie Benson and Henry Seltzer. The usual column by Elodie St-Onge Abut will return.

April begins with a New Moon in Aries in the early hours of the 1st, bringing out your passionate streak. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is very prominently configured in this New Moon, just a degree away from the Sun and Moon, signaling that the themes of this archetype color the entire cycle. The beliefs you hold and any wounding you’ve experienced around pursuing your aspirations and dreams may now come to the fore, and also the opportunity to heal the places within you that are bound up in old patterns. Uranus is also prominent in this lunar cycle, so that surprising events and breakthroughs are more than likely. This is a good time to look to your trusted allies and support network and receive help and guidance on your journey.

On April 4th and 5th, Mars makes a conjunction to Saturn in Aquarius, producing tension that lights a fire within you around your spiritual growth. You may now need more structure in your spiritual practice and more discernment in what kind of material and teachings you are choosing to be involved in. There is something of a confronting flavor to this, yet it also may provide some much-needed fuel and fortification for where you want to commit more deeply to your higher learning and spiritual practice.

Growth and expansion in your career or worldly calling are very much in the spotlight this month. First with Venus’ entrance into Pisces on the 5th, which brings more awareness to how you’re showing up in a more external or public way.

The big banner event this month occurs two days later, as Jupiter and Neptune make their conjunction in Pisces –- the sign over which they both rule –- and make a big splash in your career endeavors! This aspect lasts from April 7th until the 16th, becoming exact on the 12th. You may feel more keenly the importance of having some sense of spiritual alignment in how you’re offering your gifts to the world. What may show up is a greater sense of faith in yourself, or perhaps some beautiful opportunities that present themselves out of the blue. There’s a chance that Jupiter’s magnifying presence with Neptune could also highlight the aspects of your career path that aren’t working for you, or perhaps areas where you feel confused or lost. Ultimately this aspect invites you to rest into the trust that the wisdom of life is carrying you forth. Your homework is to tune into your intuition and let go of trying to control the outcome.

On April 10th, your ruling planet, Mercury, moves into Taurus, bringing more of your awareness to how your subconscious patterns manifest and express in your physical body and environment.

On Saturday, April 16th, we have a Full Moon in Libra, where Mercury has nearly reached a conjunction with Uranus, which may bring some surprising events that can ultimately help shed a light for you on your relationship with unseen realms. This Full Moon also emphasizes transformation in your creative expression and worldly aspirations. This would be a good time to pay attention to and journal on both the dreams you have in sleep, as well as your waking dreams and goals for your future.

The end of the month goes out with a bang as a transformative Solar Eclipse in Taurus takes place on the 30th, and re-iterates much of the themes mentioned above. The Sun and Moon light up your unconscious process, so that more attention could be paid, there. There’s also a Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces that is quite lovely and may offer you a beautiful stepping stone in an important way in your career. Lastly, Mercury has landed itself in your sign on the same day as the eclipse, but is also slowing to make its retrograde station coming up on May 10th. This time could bring a window of clarity around your self-concept –- which may ebb into a deeper inward reflection of your core motivations that will arrive with the upcoming retrograde period. You will then have greater access to insight around layers of your psyche that are usually more hidden. You might wish to use this next month to journal and record what you are noticing about your inner process.