A Solar Eclipse New Moon of Mystical Evolution

Posted on April 29, 2022 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

Eclipse Season is here again, and the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus is taking place on April 30th, at 1:28 PM Pacific Time. Eclipses are intense, transformational and fateful in nature, blowing gusty winds of change through the world. The eclipse degree is 10 Taurus. That this particular Solar Eclipse takes place in the fixed earth sign of Taurus, indicates evolution that is concurrently being enacted around areas of embodiment, values, sensorial experience, and material reality. The sign of the Bull is not known for its embrace of change, as it governs the realm that is slow to morph – the tangible realm of physical form. However the tides of change are also in the works these days for Taurus with revolutionary Uranus located there, mid-sign, and conjunct the Sun and Moon in this eclipse configuration. This is not really new, as Uranus has been passing through this sign since 2018. You’ll want to check your birth chart for where Taurus falls – as well as the other fixed signs of Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius – they will be most influenced by this Eclipse season. Let’s look at the most important astrological details of this Solar Eclipse.
Uranus is a little more than four degrees away from the Sun and Moon, continuing to shake things up in this Earth sign, and offering innovation and liberation. Uranus tends to provoke sudden events or realizations that, while disorienting, help shape novel pathways forward. Because this Uranus signature occurs in the context of an eclipse chart, we might expect a doubling down on the “anything can happen” factor, so that it is a time well spent witnessing, letting go of expectation, practicing acceptance and watching what we are being invited forth into. The other revolutionary outer-planet archetype, Pluto, is also prominent, being at his zodiacal standstill during this eclipse. Pluto just stationed retrograde one day prior at 28º Capricorn, which amps up the transformational power of the tiny but mighty Lord of Death and Rebirth. Mercury having just slipped into the first degree of Gemini, makes a close, though out-of-sign, trine with Pluto, thus providing some keen awareness and insight into inner landscapes and healing processes. Mercury is also slowing prior to its retrograde which begins May 10th, and will likely bring along its usual missteps, quandaries, and invitation to slow down and reflect.
We can also look to the ruling planet of Taurus, Venus, still basking in the waters of her exaltation in the sign of Pisces, and in a nearly exact conjunction with big, beautiful, and expansive Jupiter (almost to the very minute of a degree). Jupiter is also in his traditional rulership here in Pisces, making this a most auspicious astrological signature. This large and buoyant boost of abundance could offer us the gift of new and profound spiritual connectedness, as well as an expansive view into what we most truly value. One inquiry you may wish to ponder is how can you identify and embody your truest values, and relate to others from that place of being anchored in them? Venus and Jupiter are really lighting it up in this powerful New Moon, and with Neptune also close by, this trio wants us to feel irrevocably and undeniably the tremendous cosmic love and support available to us as energetic beings. If you find yourself having feelings of grace and goodness wash over you, you may wish to take some time to really anchor the experience into your senses, body, heart, and mind. You could do some gratitude journaling on it, create a series of movements that express the feeling, or perhaps even make a little video recording of yourself basking in the goodness, so you can re-tune into that state of being in the future.
Of course we couldn’t discuss the positive influence of Jupiter and Neptune without an accompanying word regarding the downside of this combination, the potential pitfalls. Jupiter expands whatever it touches, and Neptune has a dissolving effect, and also can bring about confusion and feelings of anxiety. If this matches your apparent reality, you are right on time – it is an eclipse after all – and I imagine we may all experience these various effects on a spectrum. Jupiter’s magnifying glass can show us striking details of what’s not working, while Neptune’s veils prompt us to fortify and rest into our sense of trust in the benevolence of life and the universe, even in times of uncertainty. Because of Venus’ involvement, there will likely be an additional emphasis on relating, so keep an eye out for the lessons in human connection that are sure to come as well.
Another prominent feature of this eclipse is that it comes with remarkably few hard aspects such as squares and oppositions, and is mostly comprised of flowing aspects, the sextiles and the trines. This could allow us a somewhat smoother transition into this Eclipse Season, giving us all a chance to acclimate to what will likely become very stormy waters. I want to encourage everyone to pay close attention, and be present with what is arising, as the following Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio coming two weeks further, on Sunday, May 15th, has some decidedly harder edges and intense dimensions. As always, remember to be gentle with yourself and with others, and allow yourself space for extra rest and reflection during this extremely potent Eclipse Season. May we all find ways to embrace both acceptance of what is AND the fierce will in spite of everything to continue to evolve and grow.