A May Month of Multidimensional Transformation

Posted on April 30, 2022 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

The month of May features astrological fireworks in the form of two eclipses, a Mercury Retrograde in Mercury’s own sign of Gemini, and Jupiter changing signs, entering into Aries the same day that Mercury turns to retrograde motion, on May 10th. Eclipses arrive in batches twice a year and are high-powered lunations when the Sun and Moon come together in zodiacal longitude and, as well, the vertical dimension known as declination, so that they have the potential to occlude or shadow each other. Their effects are said to last six months. The Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse that governs the May month launches its thirty-day cycle on April 30th, in the early afternoon on the west coast or up to early evening depending on how far east, and features Uranus in the same sign and only a few degrees away, and as well a beautiful Venus-Jupiter-Neptune conjunction that speaks of joy and spiritual connection in the midst of the seeming disasters of this difficult decade. The May 15th Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon that follows two weeks later might serve as something of a culmination for the transformational evolutionary developments of this precious timing.

In the April 30th event there are several notable astrological features that will color the next thirty days of this current lunation cycle, at least, and perhaps all the way to early November and the fall eclipses. They are, first and foremost, the presence of Uranus in fairly close conjunction with the Sun and Moon, four degrees away. This brings further surprising events and also revelatory information that arises in unusual ways, from the depths of our intuitional faculty. The Sun and Moon also sextile Mars at 11 Pisces almost exactly, bringing in that powerful energy for action-orientation. Then, as far a new planets, with Pluto in partile square to Haumea at 28 Libra, there is as well an exact parallel between Uranus and Haumea, the latter representing Nature connection, protecting the environment, and ancient principles of moral compass, of right action and right relationship, that are very present in their articulation or else in their absence during this difficult decade of chaotic culture war and outright attack on sovereign nations.

Also in this potent New Moon eclipse configuration, the close conjunction of Venus and Jupiter at 27 Pisces, exact to almost a minute of a degree, also deserves attention, especially because Neptune is also nearby. The softer side of this May month is here very evident, as the ocean of compassion and other-worldly spiritual dimension represented by Neptune, and by the Pisces Water sign, are also therefore given a major play in the archetypal landscape of the current eclipse season.

Alongside these varied planetary symbols is also the looming Mercury Retrograde, with Mercury already slowing in the New Moon timing, preparing to station to retrograde motion on May 10th. This signals a shift in the mental weather when we start making mistakes in timing and in missing connections, especially since the retrograde begins in Mercury’s own sign of Gemini. This lends a reflexively introspective quality to the last two thirds of May, with the quality of this energy shifting again on May 22nd when Mercury retrogrades back into Taurus, and yet again with Mercury’s station to direct motion on June 3rd. Mercury finally straightens out completely in another two weeks, escaping its retrograde shadow period by getting back to 5 Gemini, where it started.

The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse of May 15th takes place at 25 Taurus and Scorpio and follows the Taurus New Moon two weeks later, representing something of a culmination and also featuring a T-square to Saturn at nearly 25 Aquarius. The Sun and Moon also aspect Pluto in Capricorn, by trine and sextile, Eris in Aries, Haumea in Libra, and Neptune. Also Jupiter has recently entered Aries, so that sense of optimism from the New Moon still remains as a subtext to an intensely transformational final half of the month.

So what do we do with all this wildly difficult, introspectively alive, transformational, and softly compassionate energy of this amazingly astrologically complicated May month? The answer to this question is that we do what we always do, shed our unuseful baggage and try our best to evolve into our true being, our most authentic and higher Self manifestation. We do this not just for ourselves, although, indeed, it is the major task before us, always, as we go through the mundane events of our highly scheduled timings. We do this for the rest of the planet as well. We might feel despair at the world situation, with plenty of fuel for that way of looking at things, and yet we can rest also in the assurance that when we do our best, the universe responds in kind, and that is really all that we can do. The universe is on our side; everything eventually turns out as it should, if only we can take a positive attitude to heart. As Longfellow put it over a century ago, when the world even then had its difficulties:

Let us then be up and doing
With a heart for any fate,
Still achieving still pursuing
Learn to labor, and to wait.