Libra Horoscope for June 2022

Posted on May 31, 2022 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is an interesting month for you, Libra, featuring key placements of Venus, your ruler, and also Mercury in retrograde. The Venus position indicates a focus on intimacy with yourself and others, including a species of profound intuition that serves you well as you advance your significant personal evolution. You are learning to trust what arises from your very depths and tells you true, perhaps more so than all the myriads of external consensus thought forms. Until Mercury finally escapes its retrograde shadow period by June 18th, you are looking more deeply into your beliefs and worldview based on past education, both formal and adventitious. The June 7th Quarter Moon enhances this search for greater awareness of what lies within, while the even more powerful Sagittarius Full Moon of June 14th caps off a cycle of investigation with a sense of culmination. At this time you are tuning in to concepts of partnership, as well as service to others, as you simultaneously more fully commit to your own creativity and sense of yourself in the depths of your psyche. It is in part through others that you find yourself.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

The Gemini New Moon that took place on May 30th sets the tone for the thirty-day lunation cycle to follow. This occurred in your vision sector, signaling the beginning of a perspective-enhancing season. This should feel quite refreshing, and you could be excited about new opportunities to learn or expand your reach. Curiosity could open new doors, especially when you connect with people who have a different way of seeing the world. Your collaborations and partnerships could play a significant role in allowing you to grow outside of your comfort zone. This month may be an excellent time to work towards those partnerships that support you in tangible ways. Mercury Retrograde in Taurus squarin Saturn in this New Moon configuration might presage a focused dedication on making your creative output really count for something, perhaps related to your intimate partnerships with others, in the coming weeks.

Mercury has been retrograde for the last half of May and turns direct on June 3rd, still in the sign of Taurus. Intimacy and shared resources is thus a hot topic for you these days, and there could be an emphasis on the agreements you've made. Your responsibilities towards others have been a pretty big focus for many weeks now, and may continue to demand your participation. If you've been withholding vital information, you might be asked to come clean about your intentions so that it could feel harder to hide your game plan at this time. Even though you mean well and do not want to hurt anyone's feelings, it might be necessary to come out with painful truths by being strictly honest with someone. Mercury turning direct in Taurus could reveal hidden things, and it might be easier to simplify things by being upfront.

As Saturn stations retrograde in Aquarius, on June 4th, you could feel a certain amount of pressure between your desires and your responsibilities. You may have to revise how you have structured a project before moving forward to ensure that it's still aligned with your initial idea. In terms of relationship, you may also need to adjust how you've shown up as new elements could be coming into play.

The second weekend of June could bring up an ongoing familial or domestic situation you've been trying to resolve. Mercury in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn for the third time since late April, which may highlight an ongoing effort to stabilize something. It may not be your problem entirely, but someone may need you to show up for them. Furthermore, Venus conjunct Uranus on the 11th could bring some unpredictable elements to contend with, and it may be hard to find a simple solution. You may feel a sense of duty towards your pre-existing partnerships, or on the other hand, you may feel ready to cut your losses and move on. However, the way things play out may not depend entirely on you alone, and you may have to compromise on what you want to make something work.

Mercury re-enters Gemini on the 13th, which should feel like a breeze of fresh air.

The Sagittarius Full Moon culminates a day later on the 14th, highlighting your ideas and how you convey them to the world. You may feel a powerful need to share your opinions and exchange with others at this time. If you feel alone with your thoughts and projects, sharing what's on your mind or what you've been working on with a partner or a close friend could help you sort out your thoughts. Mars joins Chiron in Aries in the context of this Full Moon, which calls for showing up authentically in your relationships. You may need to have a difficult conversation with someone, but the results could feel liberating. You may now have the opportunity to clarify a relationship dynamic that has become overly complicated. However, it may require that both parties willingly show up with all their scars and vulnerabilities and this could be easier said than done. Relationship renewal is at your fingertips as long as you are honest about your needs and what you are willing to contribute to the partnership at this time.

Venus in Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius on the 18th and 19th, when it also trines Neptune in Pisces, highlighting a certain amount of pressure to commit to something not wholly tangible. You or someone else may be looking for guarantees, but it may be hard to make promises at this time.

As June progresses, your mind could turn towards greener pastures and the possibilities that lie just beyond familiar boundaries. The world is your oyster, as they say, and even though there is a strong focus on the partnership area of your chart at this time, you may grow increasingly tired of the expectations and demands made by someone.

The Sun enters Cancer on the 21st of June, which signals the Summer Solstice and the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. The Sun in Cancer will gradually emphasize your chart's career and vocational sector, and you may be looking to participate in the world is more active ways. Your ruling planet Venus enters Gemini on the 22nd, which may offer more traction for travel and learning opportunities in the following month.

The Cancer New Moon of June 28th makes for a special time, something of a brave new beginning in your career sector. This is a good time to push for changes on the jib that you may have seen coming. Venus is in close sextile with expansive Jupiter, while The Sun and Moon square him, so the timing is ripe for a sudden and positive move. A collaboration could be blowing up in a big way. At its best, this aspect denotes a time of expansion and optimism. However, this may also have the effect of exaggerating the potential of something. Deliberate progress while keeping a sense of perspective could ensure your success at this time.