A Sagittarius New Moon of Abundance and Worthy Challenge

Posted on November 22, 2022 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

The New Moon in Sagittarius ushers in a new lunar cycle with the buoyancy and expansiveness that is emblematic of this mutable fire sign. This New Moon comes into exact position on November 23rd at 2:57pm, Pacific Time at 1º + of Sagittarius. This also marks the end of the Scorpio-Taurus eclipse season, although the intense energies and events of the last 30 days will continue to ripple into the coming six months. This Sagittarius New Moon offers some alleviation from the transformative churning that the eclipses and also the current Mars Retrograde have brought, as well as perhaps the opportunity to lean into levity, abundance and ease. This cycle also presents some challenges from Mars and Saturn that really ask us to rise to the occasion, with rich rewards available to us should we accept the implied tasks!

Because this New Moon is in Sagittarius, we can look to its ruling planet, the beneficent and expansive Jupiter, who is actually taking on a very special role for this New Moon. Jupiter is standing dead still in the sky, stationing direct mere moments after the exact time of the New Moon, amplifying its already illustrious presence. Then too, Jupiter is enjoying his last days in his other home sign, Pisces, allowing this sign’s magic to percolate through us in meditation and in night-time dreams that presage our vision for ourselves coming true. We also note that Jupiter, in the final two degrees of Pisces, is in a flowing and supportive trine from the Moon and Sun in early Sagittarius, linking up our spiritual ideals and imagination with our morals and our overarching philosophy and beliefs about life. Sagittarius helps us see ourselves and the world in a vaster context. We can also get in better touch with our lower energy centers, gut responses, and intuitive knowing. By leaning more readily into our intrinsic sense of truth, and the wisdom of our instinctual nature, we can make progress with our spiritual evolution.

While all of the above is mostly great news, even such a wealth of Jupiterian configurations can come with pitfalls – such as over-indulgence, or being overly permissive with habits or relationships that don’t serve us. We might find ourselves in this New Moon timing jumping to conclusions without thinking things through. It would therefore be wise at this time to keep a little eye out for things of that nature; and this is so even though, overall, my encouragement for this time is that you lean into joy and follow what brings you true pleasure.

The more challenging aspects of this New Moon configuration concern our fiery friend (or sometimes foe) Mars, still on his retrograde journey though Gemini, and in this New Moon making a very close trine to Saturn in Aquarius. We also still have Uranus in a fading square to Saturn and in loose sextile to Mars. Notably, Mars is also “out of bounds” which, simply put, refers to a planet’s declination being outside the usual range, which tends to show up as extremes in its archetypal expression. We could find our mental patterns running mightily amok if we let them, spinning narratives that fuel anger and outrage. And indeed, there’s no denying that there is plenty in the world to be outraged about. The question is – with Mars in this somewhat compromised state – how do we channel our belly fire and will in a way that is ultimately helpful to our greater vision and sense of well-being? Mars is raw firepower; he can be used to forge our resolve into steel, and just as easily burn down the whole village. Within us, we have that choice. With Mars additionally in aspect to limiting Saturn, it may be easy to feel stuck, impatient, or frustrated, yet because it is a flowing trine aspect, we have the definite opportunity to lean into the possible fruitful synergy of these archetypes. The structure that Saturn allows us to create can act as a containment and channeling for the wild Mars energy. This will look different for each individual, but some examples are spiritual/meditative practices, daily health routines, physical exercise, and being diligent in interpersonal boundaries.

When we bring Uranus into this picture, in his square with Saturn – well, we never really know what to expect, do we? There may however be some uniquely potent epiphanies available to us now. As you meditate upon this idea, you might want to be concerning how you can embody your most brilliant, creative, and authentic self. Like painting a clear picture, this astrology is beckoning you to make broad, expressive, bold strokes (utilizing Mars, Uranus, Sagittarius) while simultaneously managing to remember that the edges of the canvas (Saturn) are also your allies. For without the limiting edges, how would you know where to apply most effectively your precious paint?

Let’s wrap up this discussion up with the Sabian Symbol for this New Moon degree, the second degree of Sagittarius (or 1º +), which is “The ocean covered with whitecaps.” This symbol, in the words of seminal 20th century astrologer Marc Edmund Jones, speaks of the “unending availability of everything ever needed for life and experience,” and thus reflects what has been mentioned above about the abundance of Jupiter, paired with the necessity of containment for our life force. This idea at its best enables us to gracefully move through life, molding the direction of our consciousness into form. When positive, this degree signals “indomitable resourcefulness.” With that, may we each embrace the universal principle of Abundance. And in doing so, may we each discover the unique shape of our being that allows our essential Life Force to move through us. May we heal the ever-present tangles and blocks that prevent us from our true Self-Expression.