Leo Horoscope for January 2023

Posted on December 31, 2022 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is a month of reflection and introspection, Leo. With the retrograde of two personal planets, Mars and Mercury, already underway, and with an emphasis on your sector of everyday work environments, health regimens, and service to others, you are being asked by the universe to give careful consideration to the way that you do the habitual day-to-day portion of your life. There are fluctuations and changes likely occurring for you in terms of career and profession, so that this thoughtful time, lasting the entire month, will also involve this area. Your worldview and beliefs are another zone of your life that you may be questioning. This kind of reflection and review is perfect for this timing, and is in fact part of the search for your most authentic self. The Full Moon of the 6th takes place in your sector of unconscious process and dream imagination, and is therefore greatly conducive to inner work, as your perspective on your own early childhood trauma continues to grow. Then the New Moon of January 21st brings partnership more completely into the picture of what you are up to, highlighting the benefit of the mirror provided to you in your life by important others.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

The future is here and you may be ahead of the curve when it comes to the ideas or projects you already have in motion as 2023 rolls in. While some folks are still catching up with last year’s trends, you could be busy setting new ones in motion. Due to a highlighted presence of Jupiter in Aries from the recent Capricorn Solstice and Christmastime New Moon, January for members of your sign arrives with an emphasis on work, career, education, travel, and new opportunities knocking at your door. This is contrasted though with Mercury also moving retrograde in Capricorn, and then recovering, for the entire month of January. could mean that you are busy testing the solidity of your ideas and restructuring the logistical aspects of your everyday life so that you can tackle the monumental visions you have for the year ahead. Resting and taking care of your body could be high on your priority list and it could be more productive to do nothing than to push yourself too hard as the month begins. Your relationships might also be a source of great strength in January so don’t shy away from asking for help if you feel overwhelmed. An important collaboration should have a part to play in your success or you may reap the rewards of your investments in a particular partnership this month.

Venus enters Aquarius on the evening of the 2nd where she will gradually emphasize your relationships and alliances in the following weeks. You may feel more giving and compassionate than usual deriving great pleasure from your interactions with others.

The Full Moon in Cancer on the 6th takes place in the part of your chart that relates to your unconscious so that you may become aware of emotions that are hidden below the surface layers of your psyche. You could feel more emotional at this juncture than usual as you reflect on the more sensitive aspects of your life. You might be tempted to try to push your feelings down and stay in more conscious control if you are not comfortable with the emotional side of your nature, although you benefit from exploring these feelings. Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn conjuncts the Sun in this Full Moon, perhaps further highlighting a conflict between control and surrender. This is one peak of the Mercury Retrograde period and it may be hard to entirely let go and release tension at this time. You may try to find rational explanations for things that feel out of your control and physical movement could help you release hidden tension and go with the flow around the Full Moon.

Venus in Aquarius comes into a supportive trine with Mars in Gemini on the 9th and 10th just before Mars stations direct in Gemini on the 12th, which might indicate important support from friendships, your social contacts, or partners. Mars turning direct in Gemini may start to bring traction for a vision you have been working on that has been slow to unfold but with Mercury still moving retrograde in Capricorn until the 18th, and recovering for two and a half weeks afterward, you could continue to contend with ongoing delays or logistical issues until after the end of the month.

The Sun enters your opposite sign of Aquarius on the 20th. You might feel the energy shift as this brings a fresh look to the key relationships in your life.

The Aquarius New Moon in arrives the next day, on January 21st, signaling the beginning of a new cycle in your partnership sector. The New Moon is supported by Jupiter in Aries which can highlight the new perspectives and learning opportunities that are coming through your associations with others. Venus conjoining Saturn in Aquarius could emphasize something that you love that has endured the test of time and perhaps a desire to commit more deeply to something or someone. Uranus stationing direct in this New Moon timing could emphasize important changes currently taking place especially career-wise.

On January 26th, Venus moves into Pisces which continues to highlight intimacy with yourself or with others. There is therefore additional focus on partnerships or collaborations in the coming weeks

From January 28th to the 30th, the Sun in Aquarius forms a grand trine with Mars in Gemini and the new planet Makemake in Libra, while Mercury in Capricorn trines Uranus in Taurus. You may feel encouraged at this time to think about where your future is leading you in combination with important others and with your own inner principles. Attitudes about where you are heading could become more fluid as January comes to a close.