An Aries New Moon of Cosmic Thresholds

Posted on March 20, 2023 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

The Aries New Moon comes into exact position on Tuesday, March 21 at 10:23 am PT, later in the day for points east, so less than 24 hours after the Aries Equinox. This potent spring-time lunation bursts energetically on the celestial scene with a wild and vibrant blossoming that can help us to usher in the new astrological year! This New Moon, which marks the new turning of the Sun through the cycle of the zodiac, signals not only liveliness but a strong dose of transformational impulse as well, as we shake off the wintry doldrums of a fractious past and awaken into the vital energy of the new beginning, a spring season of much change in this 2023 year. This New Moon is happening amidst a March month when we are blessed with three significant ingresses – Saturn into Pisces took place on March 7th while Pluto into Aquarius – still to come as this New Moon dawns – happens on March 23rd. Slightly less seismic, but completing an important cycle, we find Mars finally entering Cancer on March 25th, after its extended months-long journey through Gemini. It’s fair to say that the astrological tides are turning dramatically, so that you may be feeling quite a lot falling away as you simultaneously sense a surge of new impulses emerging into your awareness. The details of this New Moon configuration are fascinating for what they may hold for us all.
In the timing of this New Moon, we have Mercury, Jupiter, Chiron, and Eris all in fiery Aries, prompting big realizations, confronting truths, and massive healing opportunities. This archetypal combination invites us to step into the wholeness of who we truly are meant to and want to be! In particular, Chiron and Jupiter being conjunct within two degrees may lead us to see with unflinching clarity where our wounds from early experiences are perpetuating undesired patterns, yet also the opportunity to be present, transform and heal these patterns. As far as the impulse to transform, there is also the close sextile between the New Moon and Pluto, poised to exit Capricorn, lending us the strength to leave the past behind. Saturn, newly entered into Pisces, stands on the Sun/Pluto, Moon/Pluto midpoint, adding to the Plutonic punch. We might be feeling like decision time, as some parts of what we have going have passed their usefulness and are ready for moving beyond. This can be a painful time in some ways, although less so if we can remain fully tuned in for the big picture viewpoint of necessary evolution in our lives.
Pluto is at the anaretic, or the very last, degree of Capricorn, perched on the threshold of Aquarius where his presence is predicted to bring revolutionary shifts, advancements to technology, the collective of humanity as a whole, and mass transformation of the power paradigm. In this New Moon, Mars is also at the final degrees of Gemini, putting these two in an uncomfortable inconjunct aspect to one another. This may create subtle but palpable feelings of confronting or challenging aspects – be it that of our own nature or through the mirror of partners or external circumstances. Like the very last dregs of the bottom of the barrel being scraped out, this Pluto presence as he leaves Capricorn is dredging the outworn muck as we simultaneously prepare to greet the new. If you are confronted with a challenging, high-stakes decision or thought patterns that are aggravating, you might want to consider waiting a week or ten days before making any big moves. Even though the energy is running high, this involves greeting what is so, in spite of it all, with as much equanimity as you can muster. Once these two planets will have shifted into new signs after this coming weekend, it could lead to you having a better idea of all the new variables and factors by just holding off for a few weeks.
The Sun and Moon residing at 0 Aries is in itself a significant component of this New Moon. The zero degree point of Cardinal signs are of special importance in Western astrology, as they mark the hinges of the seasons upon which our sacred celestial sphere turns. When a New Moon activates the zero degree of a cardinal sign, it greatly amplifies that seasonal shift and energy. Aries represents the first burst of Spring, that time when, after the quiet slumbers of winter, the seeds of new life begin to emerge in that initial phase of momentous growth. This phase is exciting and full of potential, but also a vulnerable time as small sprouts need essential nutrients and utmost care to survive and thrive. Which brings us to one of the more notable aspects of this New Moon, the asteroid Ceres at 0 Libra in a same-degree opposition with the Moon and Sun. Ceres is about sustenance, nourishment, and contrast between a fruitful harvest  and the fallow fields of winter. This prompts us to wonder: What in our relationships feeds and nourishes who we are at our core and as a person? And, likewise, what in our relational habits and conditioning is toxic and undermines our essential life-force? Ceres is one of my favorite asteroids when she comes into focus, for she makes amply available that which can nourish us, and simultaneously distinguishes what drains our life force energy. This is a good time to seek environments and people that really fill your cup, and drink deeply from the  symbolic well helps you feel alive and nourished.
Lastly, but not least in this New Moon, we have Venus conjunct the North Node and Juno in Venus’ sign of Taurus. We may find ourselves hungry for sensual pleasure, rich delicious food, and to rest and replenish our nervous systems. This may also show us something new about what we truly value, and is an opportunity to adopt simple ways of prioritizing our own embodied pleasure. With Juno here, representing a devotional and committed energy, this configuration gives us the opportunity to anchor into what we truly want for ourselves, especially in a sense of how we want to feel in a very tangible, bodily, and material sense. The invitation is that you seek out and steep in pleasure in ways that feel aligned with your sense of general and spiritual well-being.

As we embark into this new turning of our Earthly realm, may we greet the tides of change as a necessary part of life. May we feel supported and nourished in our bodies and hearts and spirits to continue to navigate the uncertain territory of the state of humanity and the world. We at TimePassages are wishing you many blessings as we collectively sail into a new season along with all the vast array of Earth’s beautiful creatures and beings!