Taurus Horoscope for April 2023

Posted on March 31, 2023 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is an amazing month for you, Taurus, with unusual attitudes and feelings. You are being encouraged to take a long look deep within yourself for a more fulfilling alignment with your most sincere principles and values. The first part of April is colored by the recent Equinox New Moon in your sector of dream imagination and inner process, and as its symbolism continues to reverberate, you continue to feel deeply into the ways in which unconscious levels of your psyche affect your day-to-day activities and decisions. At the April 5th Full Moon, key partnerships might come to your aid in providing additional realizations that are subtle and yet difficult to ignore. You benefit by staying as open as you can to the intuitional information arising from your deep center. The April 19th Solar Eclipse signals a shift. The remainder of the month, with the Sun in your sign, brings novel ideas – and also questions – regarding your very identity. From the 21st, Mercury is also retrograding through your sign, adding an introspective mode to everything that is going on within you as you continue to explore what lies beneath the surface layers of your psyche.

The following was written by our guest columnist Geoff Gronlund of geoffgronlund.com

Last month’s Aries New Moon took place in your twelfth sector of unconscious process and inner work. This New Moon configuration remains an influence through the first three weeks of the current month. Over the course of this lunations cycle, you are likely to attempt to uncover lost remnants of important unconscious behavior patterns to better understand how they work. This previous New Moon also featured the highlighted transformational symbolism of Pluto just entering in your sector of career and professional life, for the first of three passes over the next several months, indicating quite a lot of activity over the remainder of the year involved with your outer world statement and vocational intentions. Starting with the last week of the previous month you are evolving mightily in this important area of life. Ideas of being in charge, and in what way, of what you are engaged in may come up for you. There might be something in this important area that you are beginning to learn to leave behind as you evolve; also new worlds of achievement may emerge for you to conquer, as this extended cycle continues to unfold.

In the current month as well, because Venus, your ruler, was highlighted in the New Moon in your first or identity sector, this indicates a time of feeling good about yourself and your projects. This includes the health and functionality of the close relationships you are in, which might be contributing to your more complete understanding of where you are coming from in terms of your most sincere values.

As Mercury ingresses into your sign on April 3rd, simultaneously squaring Pluto, you might begin to recognize how valuable communicating your needs to others becomes. This is both on a personal and a professional level. You could find yourself speaking up and sharing how valuable you feel you are to whatever project or career you’re a part of, and this would be a good moment for that.

On the late evening of April 5th, the Libra Full Moon in lands in your sector of personal refinement, day-to-day events, health regimens, and service to others, so you could be feeling like your relationships would be more fulfilling or this Full Moon could also stimulate a purging of anything in your relationships that is not helping them improve. You may be wanting to take a closer look at how to make your relationships healthier and happier. Making time to sweat things out together, volunteering at a local soup kitchen or shelter, or working on organizing and beautifying your home and office are all ways to season the stew of your intimacy at this time. Chiron is also conjunct the Sun in this Full Moon configuration, which can indicate a subtle uncovering of long-suppressed inner traumas that may be playing a part in the health of your close relationships. Be mindful that sometimes the remedy can be reaching out for some help with things, to find someone who is compassionate and empathizes with you to address your own or another’s issues.

Mercury, separating from its square to Pluto, sextiles Saturn in Pisces in this Full Moon, and is conjunct the lunar North Node early in your sign. You might be thinking about how much you appreciate everything that generates sustainability in your life and start make that appreciation known to in your life that contribute to your well-being.

Venus moves into Gemini late on April 10th, which could help generate more income and sustainability in your life. Venus is also simultaneously making a trine to Pluto in Aquarius, so that personal transformation affecting your finances or your very identity could be in the air. Again, being bold and humbly standing up for how much of an asset you are at work can do wonders at the right time, which this could be. This aspect may also open up greater communication in your close relationships and shine a necessary light upon how those relationships can transform themselves into much more ideal circumstances through hard work and determination.

As Mercury begins its early shadow period in your sign on April 7th, ahead of its upcoming retrograde cycle, be mindful that anything happening between now and mid- to late May is likely going to need to be revisited during the last part of May and into June after Mercury is actually retrograde (April 21-May 14) and then recovering (May 15-May 31). You are likely thinking and mediating over your very identity during this period – more intensely after Mercury’s actual retrograde on the 21st, and these matters could also relate to your drive to instigate new things, stand up for yourself and your value, or how you might approach someone or something for a favor, such as a boss at work for a promotion. Sometimes there is an advantage to humbling ourselves and in order to better reflect upon how we navigate through certain situations.

The Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aries on the late evening of April 19th is in your twelfth sector of unconscious process and inner work, igniting the possibility for deep inner purification, as well as public visibility and recognition. Just be mindful there is nothing unforeseen that could be exposed about you personally, especially as you may be digging deep into your psyche for greater clarity. Due to this New Moon being at 29° Aries, any final intentions you wish to set and to send out into the universe might be done in terms of ritual. You could benefit by writing things down on paper that you wish to discard and burning them as a ceremony of purification by fire.

The Sun and Moon both enter your sign by about four hours after the eclipse, therefore entering your first sector and joining several other planets also in your sign. This can conjure enormous excitement for passionate new beginnings. You might be feeling your creative juices flowing stronger than they have in a very long time, ushering in a desire to manifest a myriad of ideas to better sustain yourself and generate more money and resources. Be mindful not to pursue anything without giving it plenty of thought and close attention to detail, because first sector matters tend to imply jumping before looking, or speaking before thinking, avoiding instructions: ready, fire, aim.

As Mercury stations retrograde on April 21st, you could encounter modifications to any decisions recently made or any projects that started prematurely. Knowing this possibility can help to instill some prudence in whatever exciting and creative ideas you’ve concocted during the New Moon on the 19th-20th. You might do well to utilize the influence of Sun and Moon’s ingress into your sign as a time for brainstorming new plans and visions for the future, then spend this Mercury Retrograde cycle refining and reconfiguring those visions into more thoughtful and pragmatic plans to proceed forward with, five weeks later in late May.

As Mercury’s station to retrograde motion takes place on April 21st, this features a sextile from Mercury to Mars in Cancer. You might be considering studying a new body of knowledge or feeling motivated to complete a field of study that has been put on the back burner for a while. These pursuits could be very valuable to improving your sense of self-sustainment, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to put your boots back on and make your way to the summit of that mountain.