A Full Moon of Unexpected Events and Digging Deep for Intentional Answers

Posted on April 4, 2023 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

Wednesday’s Libra Full Moon is a volatile one, and takes place on April 5th, at 9:34 PM PT, so early morning the following day for the east coast and Europe. This Full Moon, like the one from the early going of the previous March month, features an alignment to Trickster Uranus indicating both surprises and also the potential for unexpected enlightenment to emerge from that. We can speculate how that fits in with what we are all up to in this early April timing in a moment, but first let’s detail the other significant aspects that we can find and enumerate. The Sun at 16 + Aries is a mere ¼ degree away from Chiron, the Wounded Healer, also located in mid-Aries, and this indicates the potential for our own internal wounding to come up in the mix of events, and with our responses to these events, a possibility that also represents an opportunity. Mars in early Cancer lies in close trine to limiting Saturn, in Pisces, which implies that forward momentum is significantly slowed, a factor that can increase our motivation to look around for some answers to where, indeed, we might be heading on our personal trajectory. Additionally, Mercury closely sextiles Saturn, while Venus, at 24 + Taurus, sextiles flighty and mystical Neptune. By considering new planets recently discovered, there is actually a grand trine in Water right now as well, formed by Mars, Saturn, and Haumea, the new Nature planet, which is sitting at 0 Scorpio in retrograde, and about to enter the last degree of Libra. Also, and quite interestingly, Pluto at 0 Aquarius makes a partile or same-degree square to Haumea.

The presence of Chiron so close to the Sun in this Full Moon might also remind us that we are in a quite Plutonian lunation cycle from the timing of the recent Equinox New Moon in the first degree of Aries, thus sextile to Pluto entering Aquarius. And Pluto signifies transformation, or death and rebirth. We will want to ask ourselves how this Full Moon event contributes to our understanding of what are we being asked to give up. The short answer to this question is anything that holds us back; and this is where Chiron comes in, representing our internal wounding that can give us pause, usually inherited as the result of childhood trauma when we internalized feelings of not good enough. So many times we know what we need to do, and the changes that we need to make to get us there, and yet, still, our courage fails us as we are tempted to give in to our doubts and fears. These are usually cast in terms of lack, of somehow not feeling worthy of the glory that we also somewhere inside feel fully entitled to. There is that terrific quote from Marianne Williamson that sums this up beautifully. In response to the question “who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?” her response is “Who are you not to be? Your playing small does not serve the world.” Great answer.

Because Mars is aspecting Saturn, and Mercury also, and because Mars is in Cancer, we have a tendency now, in this Full Moon timing, to look more closely into our feelings rather than our unending quest for doing. And with the Sun and Chiron together, along with the Pluto emphasis, we might be able to see more closely into those habitual and slightly dysfunctional patterns – that we have long been subliminally aware of – and begin to make changes. Such rearrangement is never easy of course, but as with every journey, it begins with a single step.

Because this Full Moon lies in mid-Libra it might also be in terms of our relationships that we find both challenges that have the capacity to shock us, and the possibility of the solution as we feel their support. We could also recognize that we have highlighted Uranus as well in this Full Moon; in terms of his astrological archetype, the Trickster. And this represents another tool that we have, in trusting our intuition. Astrological Uranus does represent the curve ball event that comes when you are least expecting it, and has the tendency to throw you. And Uranus also represents our deep intuition that allows us to see an answer without necessarily working out how we came up with it.

We can also glean something from the prominence of Haumea in this Full Moon, being perfectly squared by Pluto, trined by Saturn and Mars, opposite Mercury and bi-quintile Neptune. Haumea turns out to be another way of going to depth within us, and it is a depth of values, of Nature, and of our human nature to know the right thing to do when we see it. And this is fundamentally to tell the truth and to treat others with kindness. Both Haumea and Makemake represent this profound connection to Nature, and since these last few months when they have been prominent in recent lunations, there seems to be in the headlines a focus on truth-telling as a way of being in this world, even as a way of being a politician. And along with that the obvious contrasts. In our individual lives as well we can reach out for this simple proposition by exercising our own internal moral compass to the extent that we can. Funny thing is, when we do, we can feel the response from within us that this part of our road ahead feels right.

So, as we seek our true evolutionary pathway forward in these troubling times, in the midst of the difficulties that we collectively face, we continue to have the authenticity of our internal values to guide us. By making the choices that we believe in, we can influence the world around us as well. It is good to remember this useful quote from Margaret Meade: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”