Taurus Horoscope for May 2023

Posted on April 30, 2023 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is another monthly cycle of intensity, Taurus, with powerful astrological indications affecting you from the previous month. The recent solar eclipse and station of Mercury from April 19th to the 21st was a call to intuitive introspection and reflective course correction that continues through May. Factors of identity, of career choice, and of partnership are all mightily invoked. With Pluto featured, plus the lunar eclipse of May 5th in your opposite sign of Scorpio, you are likely to be going through extreme changes, potentially involving your relationships, so be forewarned. When Mercury stations to direct motion on the 14th, this signals the retrograde period’s closing stage lasting another two weeks. The New Moon in your sign of the 19th marks yet another fresh start in the way you see yourself evolving. Pluto transits are metamorphosis inducing no matter what, although the key in dealing with associated major changes is all about your attitude in responding. Once you can sufficiently rise above the situation that you find yourself in to place your ultimate trust in the Universe to have your back, and to foster your own necessary evolutionary development, you have succeeded in breaking your fall with a graceful surrender to your process.

The following was written by our guest columnist Geoff Gronlund of geoffgronlund.com

The Solar Eclipse New Moon from last month at the final degree of Aries may have revealed to you a recognition of the importance of a spiritual practice or some means of connecting to the divine. The Aries sign corresponds to your sector of dream imagination and inner work, and the stellium of five planets in Aries including the eclipse Sun and Moon in this potent eclipse lunation indicates that you are fascinated throughout the May month with what is operating within your psyche, beneath the covers, so to speak. Hidden aspects of yourself could have surfaced in some way, perhaps encouraging you to embrace those quirks and overcome the fears that have kept you from revealing them. These effects of the eclipse can be experienced most particularly through the first three weeks of May, and then as background to the entire six month span leading up to the eclipses of the fall.

Pluto stations retrograde on May 1st in your sector of career, achievement, and professional life, highlighting the transformational effects of the Lord of Death and Rebirth, which was also featured in the recent solar eclipse. Mercury, still in retrograde motion, conjoins the Sun on the same day in your sector of independence, ambition, and advocacy. This combination of events might infuse you with a desire to succeed and thrive autonomously. You are perhaps redefining what matters most to you, and part of that may include the importance of pursuing your goals more on your own instead of with the help of others. Without negating the value of relationships, it is a good time to honor and define your own soul’s purpose.

On May 5th, the Scorpio Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse falls in your opposite sign which is your relationship sector, bringing your emotional focus to important partners in your life, and juxtaposing your passions and your autonomy. You might feel the need to reflect upon the values of the relationships you are in, or are contemplating, to gain deeper appreciation for their presence in your life. Though you may wish to do many things by yourself, a helping hand from a partner can reveal a sense of connection and love that simply cannot be found alone. This can be a transformational revelation even while you are in the midst of embracing your independence.

Venus ingresses into Cancer on May 7th corresponding to your sector of communication and curiosity, and this might inspire you to share your feelings more and learn how to listen to and nurture loved ones better through consoling words of encouragement. People might gravitate to you for comfort and affection due to a growing magnetism you may be exuding. This could also be a wonderful time to pursue learning something you have always wanted to learn, maybe something that inspires greater compassion and empathy toward others.

On May 12th, the Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius, or your tenth sector of vocation and professional life, with the Sun in your sign, is colored by an active and somewhat difficult, and yet workable, aspectual connection between Mercury, Venus, and Saturn. A conflict between your working and your personal life is quite possible. Your ambitions and ideals may still on the other hand dovetail well right now, with the proper preparation. What you are doing at this juncture might potentially result in better recognition and authority in your field of study, or vocational endeavor, so that public prestige becomes attainable over time. It is a good phase of the Moon to honor your inner alignment for a commitment to upholding truth in whatever you do.

Mercury stations direct on May 14th in your sign, the identity sector of your solar chart. With Mercury standing dead still in the sky, this is one important highlight of the Mercury Retrograde period, which last two more weeks or so counting the post-period called Mercury’s retrograde shadow. You could have given a lot of thought over the past three weeks or more, while Mercury was retrograde, to how much you value your independence and sense of freedom, or to how you would like to make a living more independently. These goals might seem more attainable by the end of the month, after refining your plan of action. While in this two-week post-retrograde period of the retrograde shadow, Mercury exhibits a lingering influence of disconnection that bides its time while you work to integrate all the recalibrating that may have taken place during its retrograde motion.

Jupiter ingresses into your sign on May 16th in your first sector of identity. new beginnings, and independence, and there enters into a partile or same-degree square with transformative Pluto. This marks a time when you might feel an enormous burst of motivation to start something entirely new in your life. Perhaps something that expands your consciousness and teaches you more about another culture, belief system, or field of study you have always wanted to understand. While this can herald a window of opportunity for you, the powerful Pluto presence might insist that you sacrifice something that does not align with your ideals anymore.

On Friday, May 19th, the New Moon lands in the late degrees of Taurus, corresponding to your first sector of drive and initiative. This can motivate you to pursue something new that speaks to your values of freedom and independence, although that process should be carefully devised before moving forward. While the New Moon is generally a good time to set new intentions and start new endeavors, it might be a good idea to wait until after the 21st to act upon those intentions, once Mars ingresses into Leo (May 20th) and the Sun ingresses into Gemini (May 21st). All of these planets in your sign in your first sector of new beginnings are likely generating significant eagerness to strike another match and start anew something that sings to your soul.

On May 20th, Mars moves into Leo, corresponding to your fourth sector of home and family This brings partners more directly into the picture of your personal life and can inspire your appreciation for taking care of others. In this ingress, Pluto’s strong same-degree opposition to Mars and square to Jupiter plays a powerful role, indicating difficulties and potential triggering in your work life or in your personal relationships. You might choose to find an outlet to reactivity including your potential to nurture others who are in need of comfort and encouragement. While Pluto’s opposition to Mars can create tension or stress upon your nervous or digestive system, it can also bring a powerful rebirth to how you feel about caring for others.

The Sun’s ingress into Gemini on May 21st might be something of a difficult time, bringing further transformation to your career life or changes in income. This transit could also arouse you to study or research how to better conserve your resources, or it can encourage you to establish more reliable means to secure financial independence. The combined celestial events of the past three days stimulate enormous energy which you can steer toward enthusiasm for what lies ahead, although the Sun’s trine to Pluto and opposition to Mars may partially inhibit this excitement due to unresolved family matters. Over the coming final days of the month you will be taking all this in, and more fully resolving your feelings around your ongoing transformation. Keeping your eyes to the future and your heart centered will be a help as you take important lessons forward into your next evolutionary stage.