Pisces Horoscope for May 2023

Posted on April 30, 2023 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is another amazing month for you, Pisces, when you are taking responsibility for yourself, with indications that you will learn the most about your process by close examination of all that you hold inside. As a Pisces, you are somewhat inner directed, living in part from your very own private point of view. Now, this month, you are exploiting that vein within you, mining the genuine gold of your inner world. Mercury is in any case retrograde, or recovering, sponsoring introspective searching, and Pluto is highlighted in your sector of dream imagination and inner work, indicating a process of transformation in this area. As this month continues to unfold, you might be more ready than in the past to fully yield yourself up to intuition, the notion that what comes to you from your own inner reaches can be more significant for your path forward than you had previously given credit. In a way this is a private journey that you are undertaking, with your own Higher Self for a copilot, and yet in another way, by month’s end you might find that everything that you are engaged in is altered, your relationships, your communicative outreach, your family setting.

The following was written by our guest columnist Geoff Gronlund of geoffgronlund.com

The Solar Eclipse New Moon from last month at the final degree of Aries represents a potent indication for the first three weeks of May, and beyond. There is an additionally a powerfully highlighted factor of transformational Pluto influencing this eclipse from your twelfth sector of spirituality, dream imagination, and inner work. You might find that this month is a time when you will delve into your unconscious process far more deeply that you ever have before. This process has little to do with getting and spending, although much to do with your eventual integration and well-being. With Saturn now in your sign, there is a focus as well that whatever you are pursuing must hinge upon whether or not it is grounded in pragmatic and strategic planning and foresight, and the main message of this recent eclipse runs counter to that idea. These effects of that eclipse can be experienced most directly through the first three weeks of the current month, but will generally last much longer, being an eclipse, up to six months or more.

Pluto stations retrograde on May 1st – and is thereby greatly intensified – in your sector of spirituality, illusions, and the hidden parts of your psyche. This can imbue your inquisitive nature with a desire to lose yourself in spiritual teachings, and yet there is a fundamental reward to be gained from these depth investigations. Mercury, still in retrograde, conjoins the Sun on the same day in your sector of communication, education, and curiosity. You are likely questioning and reviewing everything about your financial situation and your resources in general, perhaps with an eye to learning better ways to manage your affairs.

On Friday, May 5th, the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse lands in Scorpio, corresponding to your ninth sector of higher mind, education, and travel. This significant lunation could inspire you to deeply penetrate the philosophical or religious teachings of other cultures, or your own, to help you gain more insight into life’s mysteries. The unknown layers of your psyche seem to be seducing you with a desire to establish a belief system that resonates. Seeking answers to questions, reliving and unlocking secrets, or finding exhilaration in intuitive revelations from within you, all are all brewing.

Venus ingresses into Cancer on May 7th in your self-expression and creativity sector, and this can foster a healthier appreciation for yourself and help develop more confidence to share your creative talents with the world. You may also enjoy expressing your love and affection to others more than you used to, and their receptivity to it in turn helps you feel appreciated, garnering a sense of pride for your kindness. This give and take can teach you the value of mutual love and gratitude.

On May 12th, the Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius takes place representing yet more and different takes on your own inner world. This lunation is colored by an active, somewhat difficult, and yet workable aspectual connection between Mercury, Venus, and Saturn. This can encourage you to recognize the value of higher consciousness and how it can provide an elevated sense of security and comfort to those you love. Your personal values and appreciation for beauty may also be infused at this time with an enlightened perspective that attracts you to the more poetic and ethereal aspects of the natural world.

Mercury stations direct on May 14th in your communication, education, and curiosity sector. This turning point is a time to assess all that you likely have been reconsidering and learning about your financial situation over the past three weeks or more, while Mercury was retrograde, and put it to good use. The purpose of gathering information is so that you can apply it to your life in ways that enhance and improve it. Knowledge helps you cultivate a deeper understanding of how and why things work the way they do. Now through to the end of May you will likely start implementing whatever knowledge you gained to provide greater security and sustainability. While in this two-week post-retrograde period that Mercury is indeed direct, there is a lingering influence that bides its time while you work to integrate all the recalibrating that took place while it was retrograde.

Jupiter ingresses into Taurus on May 16th, in your third sector of communication, education, and curiosity, making a partile or same-degree square to Pluto as he does so. This transit can inspire you to expand your knowledge through an exciting new field of study. You might be inclined to learn more about real estate, the economy, the physical body, sensuality, or even an artistic field such as painting or writing. Because Pluto is also stimulated for these few days while Jupiter is in close square, the transformational process that has long been underway deep within you, in terms of unconscious process that might only be revealed to you in fits and starts, gets a new impetus in this mid-May timing.

On Friday, May 19th, the New Moon lands in the late degrees of Taurus, again corresponding to your communication, curiosity, and education sector. The lies in trine with the Pluto placement in your twelfth or secrets sector, so that your ongoing depth diving beneath the covers of your more conscious layers is renewed. Your dreams might be especially informative in this New Moon timing, so that it might be good to leave a journal by your bed, ready for use. Jupiter continues to provide enthusiasm for curiosity, communicating, and learning. This is a wonderful time to commit to learning something you have always wanted to know more about, because there is a staying power in this New Moon. While the New Moon is generally a good time to set new intentions and start new endeavors, it would be a good idea to wait at least until after the 21st to act upon those intentions, and perhaps closer to the end of the month.

Mars moves into Leo, occupying your sixth sector of health, service, and life management the next day, on May 20th, and this reinforces the Pluto and Jupiter themes of the late Taurus New Moon. Mars comes into a partile or same-degree opposition with Pluto, and T-square to Jupiter. This event might also embolden you to break unhealthy habits and start new regimens to restore your health. The gusto of this ingress can ignite an ambition for more physical activity and to work towards a more functional and invigorating lifestyle. Pluto and Jupiter’s influence here can bring spiritual and physical inspiration to transform how well you manage your life and take matters into your own hands.

The Sun’s ingress into Gemini on May 21st representing your home and family sector, as you continue to explore your inner workings, allows some of your attention to shift to your psychological home base. This could encourage you to improve how you communicate with others and provide a safe space for them to share their insecurities, thus nurturing them and helping them feel safe and heard, especially if you also learn how to listen to them completely. The combined celestial events of the past three days can generate hope and faith for the remaining days of the month, although the powerful influence of Pluto, Mars, and Jupiter in dynamic tension cautions you to restrain from too great an immediate assurance of peaceful journeying. Keeping your eyes on the future and your heart centered on developing a healthier lifestyle while providing a safe space for others can inspire you to stay curious about the possibilities for eventual breakthrough.