A May Month of Transformation, Contemplation, and Course Correction

Posted on April 30, 2023 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

The May month opens with a bang, in the midst of the Aries-Taurus-Scorpio spring eclipses and with transformationally oriented Pluto, featured in the recent solar eclipse from April and as well in the current month’s late Taurus New Moon, active and becoming even more powerfully highlighted as he stations to retrograde motion on the morning of May 1st. This is therefore another month of ongoing metamorphosis and almost revolutionary ardor with Pluto and also Uranus hugely featured in the lunations that preceded and punctuate this spring timing. The late Aries solar eclipse New Moon of April 19th and 20th made a T-square to Pluto by its opposition to Haumea, the new nature planet beyond Pluto, residing at 0 Scorpio. This implies not only vivid transformative impulses but also internal connection with a deep-seated moral compass, truth-telling, intuiting what is right and what is not, as well as love of Nature and natural settings. Meanwhile the retrograde of Mercury remains in effect right up through the weekend of the 12th to the 14th , and beyond.

Mercury stations to direct motion on the 14th, and then takes two weeks to fully escape its subsequent retrograde shadow. We will therefore remain in an introspective mode of questioning, reviewing and potentially revising our outlook on things, and on what we value as we evolve. With Pluto so thoroughly invoked, we are sure to be leaving something behind, hopefully those outworn patterns of behavior that we are ready to outgrow. And with Uranus so deeply into the mix as well, especially in the timing of the Scorpio eclipse Full Moon, we are seeking new and revelatory places to put our trust in, moving forward.

Another factor in the recent solar eclipse in the anoretic degree of Aries is worth mention, in connect with the Pluto configuration of that powerful lunation, and that is the presence of the new nature planet, Haumea, located at 0 degrees of Scorpio, in retrograde, therefore closely opposed to the eclipse Sun and Moon, making a T-square to transformational Pluto. This square aspect continues into the present month, since Pluto and Haumea are quite slow-moving, and because Pluto is also stationary in the first degree of Aquarius. The presence of Haumea in square and opposition greatly enhances the transformational pressures upon us now, and brings consideration of internal moral compass and truth-telling into the picture. Haumea in astrology seems to symbolize profound connection to Nature, and to natural law, to right action and right relationship, a factor of human psychology that is always available to us, and is not however, always acted upon. We might feel a closer connection to this innate sense of the right thing, including telling the truth, during this month and over the following half year since the effects of an eclipse are said to last that long.

On Friday, May 5th, the Full Moon and lunar eclipse takes place in mid-Scorpio, with the Sun widely conjunct Uranus in Taurus and with Uranus in exact contra-parallel to the eclipse Moon. This brings innovation to our sense of values, and of grounding, and our earthly environment. There is an element of intuition with strong Uranus that is also likely to be in evidence.

From the 12th to the 14th, when Mercury stations to direct motion, we also experience the effects of the Last Quarter Moon, which Dane Rudhyar, the dean of 20th century astrology, termed a “Crisis in Consciousness.” This can be a difficult time of rearranging our understanding, especially considering that Jupiter is occupying the last degree of Aries, the eclipse degree, in partile opposition to Haumea, now residing in the last degree of Libra, thus making another T-square to Pluto at 0 Aquarius. This indicates a shift in the energy, as we continue to contemplate our life in general, and where we are going with it.

Then, a week later, the late Taurus New Moon of May 19th makes an aspect to Haumea and trines and sextiles Pluto opposite Mars in the last degree of Cancer. With Jupiter still at 0 Aries this creates an extremely close grand cross, Jupiter opposed to Haumea, and Mars opposed to Pluto, all at either 29 degrees or at 0 degrees of the next sign. The Sun and Moon at 28 + Taurus trigger this grand cross, indicating a mid-May lunation that might be as powerful as the recent eclipses featuring the same outer planet alignment of Pluto and Haumea. Once more we are reminded that we are in the midst of evolutionary change, attempting to discern where we need to be letting go of old and dysfunctional patterns, along with forging new ones. And this is happening in the context of Haumea’s call for greater adherence to right action and internal moral compass that we can find within ourselves. In this we are embracing the mantras of natural law; that is, treating others as you would like to be treated, and speaking the truth, factors long missing from our public discourse.

This May month is thus an entirely transformative one and a huge aid, if we can open to it, of our finding our way forward along our unfolding path in alignment with our deepest principles. This while burning away all that prevents us from inhabiting our most authentic sense of self.