Taurus Horoscope for June 2023

Posted on May 31, 2023 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is an entirely transformationally intense month for you, Taurus, especially with the recent New Moon in your sign adding to the forward momentum. This involves your career and vocational life to a large degree, where you might be discovering new initiatives amidst your ongoing challenges or even an entirely new professional direction awaiting your leap of faith. You are fundamentally optimistic in this timing, very nearly to a fault, so that some energy might need to be spent in reigning in your over-arching enthusiasm. After the lengthy introspective period of the last five weeks or more, you are ready to let your arrow fly! The Sagittarius Full Moon of the 3rd is a time of great fecundity and change, so that to resist what is being thrust upon you would be futile. Go with the flow – or the torrent – would be the best advice that you can get. If you sense that it is an inner mandate that is driving you, you are correct in that assumption, so that you do well to trust in and yield to your intuition. As pioneer sage Davey Crockett was reputed to have advised, “be sure you’re right, then go ahead.”

The following was written by our guest columnist Alea Balzer. You can write her at alea.balzer@gmail.com

Last month's New Moon in your sign took place in your first sector of identity, vitality, and personal ambitions, the effects of which reverberated across core aspects of your life concerning your roots and family, relationships, and vocation. In the New Moon as well, beneficial Jupiter had just entered your sign of Taurus, and was in aspect with transformational Pluto, and with Mars, and also with Haumea, the new 21st century Nature planet that was only recently discovered. This mightily affects you in the areas of career – as alluded to above – and as well the unconscious part of yourself that exists below the surface layers. Transits since April have centered both your body and personal ambition as the site of revolution, and you may be undergoing considerable growth and creative reorganization. June offers emerging coherence, aided by Mercury escaping its retrograde shadow, indicating you may now have more clarity about your needs and a strategy for moving forward.

On June 1st, Jupiter joins the Lunar North Node in Taurus offering redemptive optimism or reformation, after the potentially quite significant upheaval or even confusion represented by the month just past. You may feel that you can now embody the shift that is occurring. This transit's insatiable quality may illuminate how you choose to nourish yourself, from food to what you bring into your consciousness. Consider the seeds you are planting to harness Jupiter's expansion as a way toward your most authentic growth.

The June 3rd Sagittarius Full Moon takes place in your sector of intimacy and shared resources and may illuminate the material and relational reality you are operating within. This lunation encourages listening to your body — you may receive a clear yes or no, which can help you make intuitive choices when you feel unsure. Mercury joining Uranus in Taurus could help you identify more resources available to you than you had previously recognized. This could include how the structures you feel bound by, including the limits of your own body, can lead to an innovative path unique to you. As Uranus and Mercury are connected to the nervous system, consider grounding your body with nourishing foods and reducing caffeine around this date.

Your ruling planet, Venus, enters Leo on June 5, joining Mars in this sign, already there. Venus is perhaps helpful in soothing discord caused by the presence of warrior god Mars lodged in your home and family sector. Upon entry into Leo, Venus also opposes Pluto in your sector of career and aspiration, and may clarify something you desire or reveal that you feel pulled in two directions by your role in your family vs. professional tasks and ambitions. The dark riches of Pluto often manifest as the gifts of endings. Something essential about how you show up in the world is transforming —This transit may leave you feeling vulnerable because it feels so visible, and yet there is also power in surrendering to change and accepting the reality you now occupy. This configuration also indicates that you may be working on something creative within your home that will have a powerful effect on your public standing or career.

June 11th sees retrograde Pluto return to Capricorn, your sector of higher education and distant travels, reminding you that the path to the future might have to take you back through the past. It may be a time to consider what you need closure on – perhaps an old belief, an unfinished project, or skills you need to develop further. Mercury's trine to Pluto additionally suggests you may reconsider travel plans, return to school, or deepen a spiritual path with renewed personal commitment. Although the square aspect between Venus and Jupiter the same day indicates that emerging values or personal priorities may disrupt peace in your family, honoring your needs will likely also nourish your home life.

The Gemini New Moon on June 17th shifts the focus to your sphere of personal assets and values, asking what you need to provide for yourself now and in the future. The lunation welcomes thinking, talking, and planning about what you want to grow. Mercury's sextile from Gemini to Venus in Leo supports playful curiosity within the home, including lively conversation and fun. You may be reflecting on how you have been nurtured in your own life and recognizing your creative capacity to cultivate more love and joy within your home or to reimagine what stability, home, and family mean to you.

This New Moon is modulated by action in your sector of community and higher aspirations, goals, and plans, with Saturn's station retrograde in Pisces and the Sun and Moon making a square aspect to Neptune there as well. Their combined influence may evoke a longing for community or perhaps also uncertainty about long-term goals. This transit can perhaps bring up social anxiety that may not be grounded in reality or is related to past experiences of ostracization. You will want to pay attention to feelings that arise, as they will help you clarify your values around friendship, collaboration, and collective goals.

The Sun moves into Cancer on June 21st, shining its light on your sector of communication, learning, and local environment. Supportive aspects between Cancer and Pisces the following week indicate that you may be building new friendships in your local environment or through new learning pursuits.

The volatile fixed sign square between Mars and Uranus that occurs on June 24th to the 26th takes place across your home and identity sectors, and in the context of the potentially tension-producing First Quarter Moon. This can perhaps manifest as an urgent need to emancipate yourself from your domestic responsibilities or an explosive battle of egos. If you are feeling the pressure, consider taking time out before this date to tune in to your body and needs, which may help avoid physical manifestations through illness or accident. This transit offers breakthroughs via a tremendous surge of energy and courage—channel it into creative work or to perhaps free yourself from patterns of avoidance regarding truths that may threaten the stability you have created.

Mercury's conjunction with the Sun in Cancer on June 30th brings vitality to your local environment sector of communication and learning, perhaps presaging the announcement of good news or a lively day full of curiosity and correspondence. The month winds up with some things resolved, and with many things likely left unanswered, so that time will tell. Supportive aspects from Mercury and the Sun in Cancer to your sectors of community and personal ambition indicate that in expressing yourself or following your curiosity, you might find authentic connection and a broader community to support you in your emerging evolution.