Capricorn Horoscope for June 2023

Posted on May 31, 2023 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is another transformational month for you, Capricorn, like so many others over recent years. One element of this is that, as of June 11th, Pluto – having turned to retrograde motion on March 23rd – makes his way back into the last degree of your sign. The Lord of Death and Rebirth will not re-enter the next sign of Aquarius until January. So that is one factor of the current transformational stew, a return to issues such as identity and life intention that you may have felt you had in some sense settled with. You also are experiencing a metamorphosis in the area of values and resources, including finances. Your inner principles are shifting and coming more out into the open; your attitude to the material world in general might be massively changing as well. With the Full Moon of June 3rd, mystical realities intrude upon the practical, mostly for good purpose, while your communicative outreach may spark unexpected creativity, and vice-versa. Depth researches within you might affect family issues at home, as well as of your psychological roots, perhaps involving inner wounding, or your family of origin. Over the month’s final two weeks new patterns may begin to emerge.

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Last month's powerful Taurus New Moon, from May 19th, took place in your sector of self-expression, children, and joy, also placing significant focus on your financial and partnership sectors. A powerful Pluto placement implies transformation in all three of these areas. Aided by Mercury escaping its retrograde shadow, June also offers emerging clarity as you realign your relationship with creative fulfillment and pleasure, with a focus on projects you are birthing into the material world, including topics related to any children you may have. Your communicative outreach, curiosity, and learning are also powerfully affected.

On June 1st, expansive Jupiter aligns with the Lunar North Node in this same sector of your creativity, lighting the way there for increased focus on your projects.

The June 3rd Sagittarius Full Moon falls in your sector of dreams, shadows, and the subconscious, indicating that for the remaining two weeks of this lunation cycle your creative path will be even more greatly nourished by establishing a deeper connection with your spiritual nature and intuitive process. It may point to the value of hermetic spaces of retreat, be that a studio or a quiet place of reflection. Prioritizing time within your daily schedule for creativity without aim, introspection, or any activity that makes you happy may help you cultivate joy and connect with your deep self. Mercury's conjunction with Uranus in Taurus, in your self-expression sector, influences this lunation, possibly sparking solutions to creative blocks or offering unexpected news regarding children or projects. Consider taking an experimental approach with your creative work around this time, including harnessing technology to better create, share, or sell your work.

On June 5th, Venus enters Leo, joining Mars already there, in your sector of intimacy and shared resources. The cosmic lovers encourage the exploration of sexuality and desire, individually and within existing relationships. Venus' opposition to Pluto in your personal values and resources sector may raise issues around power dynamics, financial autonomy, and attitudes toward money. This transit supports the continued exploration of intimacy, trust, and scarcity within your own psychology as well as the long chain of intergenerational cause and effect that you exist within, which may help transform how you bond with others. It may also indicate you are contemplating changes in your appearance or gender presentation or navigating significant financial shifts.

June 11th sees Pluto return to your sign, corresponding to your sector of identity, appearance, and independence, for the first of two final revisitations in a long season of personal metamorphosis. While it's likely you now inhabit a very different reality to that of 2008, when Pluto first entered your sign, Pluto's circuitous path toward growth and healing seems to require in this 2023-2024 timeframe that some long-running issues be finally put to rest. Mercury's trine to Pluto, occurring in the culminating degrees of Taurus and Capricorn, suggests the path to the future is through that most ambitious artistic project of all – creating the life you want to inhabit. This transit offers potency through focus, which you may want to channel into creative work or psychological integration – a process that may include casting off outdated personal standards about success or your physical appearance and realigning your relationship to value and abundance. This personal renewal could also involve exploring embodied pleasure, as indicated by a square aspect between Venus and Jupiter across your intimacy and self-expression sectors. This transit supports sexual co-creative frisson or a bold aesthetic revolution. It also suggests that nocturnal dream realms and intuition may be powerful resources that you can benefit from harnessing creatively.

Mercury makes a square from your sector of health, service, and daily schedule to your ruling planet Saturn in Pisces on June 15th, which begins a dialogue between your spheres of local environment and mind, or communication, that continues for the rest of the month. This sector of your solar chart has been a significant focus since March, possibly indicating a new cycle of learning or a need to address fears or issues of confidence related to cognition or communication.

The Gemini New Moon on June 17th brings increased focus to your sector of health, service, and daily schedule, along with your social and your communications sector. This lunation welcomes new routines that promote well-being and a review of outdated habits and thought patterns. You may find that your deeper principles guide your way to a renewed assessment of your plans and goals moving forward. Mercury's sextile to Venus in Leo supports communication with intimate partners about shared responsibilities and resources. It also suggests you might find value in regular deep conversations with a trusted confidant.

This New Moon is modulated by action in your resources and personal values sector, with Saturn's station retrograde and the Sun and Moon making a square aspect to Neptune in Pisces. Their combined influence could bring up concerns of mental and emotional stability and health. You may be reassessing your approach to communication, including your own internal narrative, as well as habits of disassociation, such as scrolling on your phone or substance use. These patterns can illuminate a need to connect to fantasy within the symbolic layers of your psyche. Prayer, divination, music, ritual, or simply placing your bare feet on the earth may help you feel both grounded and connected in a more powerful way to the numinous.

The fixed sign square between Mars and Uranus on June 24th to the 26th takes place across your intimacy and self-expression sectors, in the context of the Moon’s first quarter, a tension that could manifest as a sudden accident, an explosive rupture around collaborative creative work, or electric sensual passion. This transit may raise charged topics related to autonomy or value clashes that you feel compelled to fight for, possibly associated with continued shifts in your identity that may be causing tension within established relationships. The Libra First Quarter Moon takes place on June 26th in your sector of professional ambitions also suggests this conflict could involve your public profile or career. You may want to try to approach conflict with curiosity and harness its self-liberating qualities, which could release you from unhelpful relationship patterns and help you move through creative blocks by unseating self-judgment.

Mercury's conjunction with the Sun on June 30th offers a jolt of optimism, clarity, or unexpected news regarding your partnerships. Supportive aspects from Mercury and the Sun in Cancer to Saturn and Jupiter in your communication and creativity sectors support the cultivation of sensual enjoyment, leisure, and empathetic dialogue. Such conversations could facilitate inspired solutions to conflict and a more profound sense of commitment regarding shared projects.

Neptune's retrograde station in your mind and local environment sector this same day reminds you of the value of emotional, intuitive, and spiritual intelligence. Both of this month’s powerful lunations have emphasized that embracing a connection with the divine will not only enrich your creative work but also nurture your mental and emotional well-being as you head into your next evolutionary stage.