Aquarius Horoscope for June 2023

Posted on May 31, 2023 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

Another month of transformation is in the works for you, Aquarius, with Pluto sitting relatively stationary on the first degree of your sign. The recent late Taurus New Moon was all over your chart, affecting ideas of identity, your dwelling space, family connections and psychological roots, plus partnership and career considerations. You are entering into a new phase this month, taking the fruit of what has been brewing inside you for the past five or more weeks and forging from this new destinies to inhabit. The June 3rd Sagittarius Full Moon in particular brings your creative self-expression more poignantly into play along with serious consideration to your goals and planning for the future. Your communication channels run deep, and you will want to take both surface logic and profound intuitional information into account as you do. It is possible as well that you might benefit from internal studies regarding the role of inner wounding based on a residue of undigested early trauma. With the final two weeks of the month, kicked off by the Gemini New Moon in your creativity sector, you are coming into yourself in a new way as your enhanced productivity shows.

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Last month's Taurus New Moon took place in your fourth sector of home, family, and your psychological roots, the effects of which continue to play out throughout the first half of June as you explore what feels foundational amid ongoing shifts in your identity and close partnerships. Transformational Pluto was extremely highlighted at the very beginning of your sign, indicating the intensity of metamorphosis regarding how you feel about who you are and the way that you show up in the world. Mercury escaping its retrograde shadow by the beginning of the current month indicates you can now shift your focus forward with action around family issues, real estate or home renovations, cohabiting dynamics, or your living situation.

Jupiter joins the Lunar North Node in Taurus on June 1st, infusing a redemptive sense of optimism into your vision for life. This may be welcome after a challenging phase of upheaval or confusion, where immediate circumstances regarding home, family, or security have likely consumed much of your energy.

The June 3rd Sagittarius Full Moon in your sector of friends, community, and visionary goals amplifies this buoyancy, urging you to connect with your big-picture vision and collaborate with others in building it. Mercury's conjunction in this Full Moon with Uranus in Taurus tones the message of the lunation, encouraging an attitude of domestic experimentation and paying close attention to intuitional understandings. It's likely the familial kinship of your community nourishes you in many ways, including with regard to your family of origin. You may feel the abundance of bustling energy or collective activity in your home; or perhaps you have dreams of reconnecting with your heritage by living overseas. You benefit by welcoming innovation. The stable growth of Jupiter is blessing your home and family sector to ground and is there to grow your wild ideas into form.

On June 5th, Venus enters Leo, joining Mars already there, Leo corresponding your partnership sector. This ingress might be encouraging you to delve into your desires within relationships – and it might interest you to know that you might be highly magnetic right now. This transit will likely infuse your current relationships with vitality and excitement, so embrace the fun and allow it to deepen your connections. The plot gets deeper due to Venus's immediate opposition to Pluto in your identity sector. This transit asks you to be courageous in your honesty within relationships, including your one with yourself, as your needs evolve. Though perhaps only a feeling of emerging potential, the past three months marked the start of a very long process of personal metamorphosis. You may have to release attachment to what you thought you were going to be or feel as you start to live into new aspects of yourself that you value. While it might feel threatening to the stability you have created, your relationships must allow you the freedom to explore what is emerging.

The square between Venus and Jupiter from June 10th to the 11th may highlight potential tensions between your relational and domestic roles, possibly due to changes in your living situation or family expansion. However, these transformations are generative of positive outcomes that can ultimately support your individual needs.

On June 11th, Pluto leaves your sign, returning to Capricorn and your sector of unseen realms of dreams, spirituality, and the subconscious, and perhaps offering respite following the recent period when you may have felt intense pressure to get things done or experienced significant upheaval or change. Mercury simultaneously enters Gemini where it feels more at home, making a supportive trine to transformational Pluto. This transit suggests you spend regular time in solitude to locate yourself outside the relationships, responsibilities, and roles you assume in the world. Engaging in creative or spiritual pursuits, taking time to rest and reflect deeply, or even taking daily walks free from distractions may help deepen a connection with your inner self and psychological roots. Mercury's trine to Pluto brings your creative self-expression into this picture, which might be humming right now.

A cerebral Gemini New Moon on June 17th shifts focus to your sphere of creativity, children, and self-expression, offering both the thrill of an inspired vision that may have prompted excitement around the Full Moon and a reality check. This lunation asks you to get down to the details of what you want to create, with Mercury's sextile to Venus in Leo indicating a spark of energized collaboration within close partnerships. With Saturn's station retrograde in Pisces and the Sun and Moon making a square aspect to Neptune in Pisces, your enthusiasm may be dampened by a reality check from your resources sector. While their combined influence indicates a current of anxiety around material realities, you are also able to harness the pragmatism of your ruling planet Saturn to assess the resources you do have at your disposal.

The Sun moves into Cancer on June 21st, shining its light on your sixth sector of health, service, and daily schedule. This may prompt significant focus on the day-to-day running of things, including responsibilities regarding family and service or care work. This transit asks you to consider how you nurture yourself by exploring new routines that support your emotional and physical health and perhaps reflecting on habituated comfort-seeking patterns.

Mars and Uranus square off on June 24th to June 26th across your sectors of partnership and home. The charged tension in the air could manifest as an explosive battle of egos, electric erotic energy, or an energetic home transformation spree. The Libra First Quarter Moon the same day in your sector of the higher mind suggests that diplomatic exchanges, focusing on shared beliefs and philosophies, can resolve relational conflicts. When united with a willing partner, you are likely highly dynamic in this end of the month period of time, and can accomplish much.

Neptune's retrograde station on June 30th in your personal resources sector supports a focus and a conscientious approach to managing your assets and their security, and could also indicate fantasies or perhaps worries about money. Mercury's conjunction with the Sun in Cancer, combined with supportive aspects to Jupiter in Taurus and Saturn in Pisces in the days surrounding it, indicate that novel solutions to old issues may arise. Heading into July, things are perhaps shifting into a new gear following he transformational import of the last couple of months. Perhaps you will find work from home, monetize your domestic assets by taking in a renter or housemate, receive support from family, or simply create a more realistic budget.