A June Month of Continued Transformation and Relationship Exploration

Posted on June 1, 2023 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

June continues many of the transformational themes that were brought in by the previous month’s strong Pluto flavor, as it stationed in the first degree of Aquarius. This is especially so for the first two and a half weeks of June, as we remain in the completion of the lunation cycle stemming from the May 19th grand cross New Moon that heavily featured Pluto. This was an extremely potent juncture, and we are still under its spell as June begins, including the rather intense lunation that is represented by the June 3rd Sagittarius Full Moon, which features Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune, along with Pluto, for an amazing stew of astrological influences. Then, the second half of June is initiated by another quite interesting lunation on June 17th, the late Gemini New Moon which features, again, Neptune and Pluto. We can see some of the uncertainty and tension reflected in recent headlines where the fundamental question has arisen of whether the political divisions in this country, intractable as they are, might be in such disarray as to sabotage the world economy by allowing a default on the servicing of the U.S. debt. This is, of course, an unthinkable disaster that has never before been allowed to happen. In our individual lives as well we might feel the pressure of transformational change taking place within us. In many cases, if not all, this is a necessary evolution, accompanied by the uncertainty of how this metamorphosis will eventually unfold.

One thing to mention as June gets underway is that the lunation cycle of the May 19th New Moon that is still playing out until the weekend of the 17th is quite an powerful one, with an extremely close grand cross in the initiating configuration from last mid-month that featured Jupiter, Pluto, Mars and the new Nature planet Haumea, with additionally Mars trine Neptune supported by the Sun and Moon. With Jupiter newly in Taurus, and conjunct the Lunar North Node on June 1st, there is a fated sense to the transformational happenings during this rather intense monthly cycle. The pleasures and the appreciation of the physical earth are very present to us now, along with the sense of connection to Nature’s bounty and the acts that feel down deep inside us like the right thing to do, including truth-telling. This sense of right action derives from concepts of natural law that are furthered by strong Haumea. We have seen a focus lately in the political headlines, from this and also other countries, on trying to tell the truth about things, and the unfortunate consequences that may derive from failing to do so. Mars opposite Pluto in the prior mid-May New Moon also has the tendency to bring forth extreme emotions, so that, as the June month begins to unfold, there is that tendency to counter as well.

This month, on the weekend of June 3rd, the Sagittarius Full Moon finds Venus in the final degrees of Cancer opposite the Pluto energy for dynamic metamorphosis – just where Mars was in the May 19th New Moon that began the cycle. Pluto with Venus indicates the possibility for relationship transformation to come front and center in our lives, and the fact that Venus is also closely trine Neptune implies a spiritual mandate that accompanies this change, which might also be altered by flights of fancy or idealizations. Self-deception is a possibility that can be avoided by discernment and by probing the depths of our intuitional understanding for the true true.

Then, the following weekend, on the afternoon or evening of the 10th, the Last Quarter Moon at 19 degrees of Gemini and Pisces, with Mercury also ingressing into Gemini the next day, features deep introspection and also confronting inner wounding, perhaps by means of intellectual analysis. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is located at precisely 19 degrees of Aries, and is therefore triggered by this lunar phase, which Rudhyar called a “crisis of consciousness.”

The Gemini New Moon of June 17th squares Neptune in Pisces, just as Neptune is getting ready to station to retrograde motion, making this a Neptunian month as much as it is a Plutonian one. Haumea and Pluto are again featured so that the themes of transformation and adherence to natural law that were a large part of the previous cycle are continued into this one, with fresh start for those areas of life represented by mental Gemini, and also for wherever Gemini happens to land in the chart of each individual.

As the June month draws to its close, the First Quarter Moon of early Monday morning, the 26th, features also a Mars-Uranus square that is worth mentioning on two distinct and separate grounds, innovation and the potential for accidents to occur. Both are classic interpretations for Mars-Uranus signatures and both will likely be present in some form or other in particular situations. For the first of these, it is vitally important to stay open to possibility , and for the second, discernment is required.

As we navigate the ups and downs of this difficult and yet rewarding month, we do well to remember that everything that happens to us has a reason in terms of our future growth. Dylan has the line: “helpless as a rich man’s child,” and, indeed, the times of easy living do not have lessons for us or build character the way that the hard times actually do. When we think about the direction that the culture is heading we must also recognize that what is needed, and badly, is not less consciousness but rather more. So with this background in mind, let us keep striving and hold out our vision for, if not the best possible world, at least the best world that is humanly possible.