Taurus Horoscope for July 2023

Posted on June 30, 2023 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

Your values are being tested, Taurus, and you have to give up some part of them in order to reach for a more cosmically useful set of principles to guide you. This month constitutes a difficult passageway into greater internal connection. What is inside you is not at all easy to reach and yet becomes your saving grace. To reap the benefit you must be willing to stay open to whatever is happening to you and through you. A great deal of intuition and learning is now available to you, especially in the moment of revelation provided by the July 3rd Capricorn Full Moon. Partners spur you on at this time, encouraging inspired action on your own behalf. What surrounds you is not merely surface although it might so appear, but rather takes you down to your essential process. You are indwelling, now and for the remainder of the summer, to deal with deep-seated psychological contents that might ultimately stem from your family of origin and undigested early trauma that needs to find its resolution. This is punctuated by another transformationally oriented New Moon, on the 17th, that satisfies your curiosity at a profound level of your psyche and represents a call to inner action.

The following was written by our guest columnist Alea Balzer. You can write her at alea.balzer@gmail.com

Last month's Gemini New Moon planted a seed in your resources sector, related to money-making endeavors, skill development, or your possessions. This was additionally a cerebral lunation, yet Neptune's influence on it, also extreme, could have left you unsure about your larger vision and how your emerging plans relating to this might actually come about. You could perhaps feel somewhat anxious that you do not have the support of your wider community. As the Gemini lunation cycle continues to unfold, the first half of the current month could illuminate a more practical course of action by expanding the story to include the realms of information, education, and meaning. The plot will likely thicken as destiny and desire take the driver's seat during July, which might help you realign with a meaningful sense of life purpose from a place of rootedness.

The month begins under the influence of a square from your ruling planet Venus in Leo to Uranus in your sign, across your spheres of home and identity. This transit may call attention to a longer cycle of disruption in your solar chart since 2018, suggesting you may be reorienting to distinct shifts in your identity. These might have come through becoming a parent, relating differently to your family of origin in new ways, or moving home. This transit also reflects a need to separate from restrictive domestic dynamics and assert your independence. It may also prompt an unexpected return of passions or creative frisson within domestic partnerships, further supported by Venus' conjunction to Mars in the same sign of Leo. You could also feel a sense of mental revitalization around this time due to Mercury's solar rebirth in your communication and local environment sector, perhaps hearing from siblings or relatives out of the blue.

The Capricorn Full Moon on July 3rd indicates a turning point around learning, travel, immigration, spiritual pursuits, or new teaching or communicative opportunities that may shift your financial situation. The Moon's trine to Jupiter suggests plans to broaden your horizons may provide significant meaning or support personal expansion, possibly related to emerging coherence around who or how you are now. This lunation may also illuminate how your beliefs about the world affect your attitudes toward money or your sense of value and earning capacity. Connecting to spiritual teachers or wisdom traditions may provide an anchor to support continued reorganization within your identity, body, and life path over the next two years, which may feel disruptive and confusing.

Mars enters Virgo on July 10th, signaling a revitalizing thrust of energy into your sector of self-expression, children, and pleasure. Leisure activities, romance, and creative projects are the order of the day, which may aid in Venus' subsequent retrograde function by connecting you to what feels joyful. Mercury's opposition to Pluto in Capricorn before entering Leo indicates your learning and expansive pursuits or deep conversations with relatives or teachers may deliver profound insight around this time. It may also be that an emerging artistic focus or pregnancy is influencing your domestic landscape. Mercury's entrance into Leo, your home and family sector, indicates an increased mental focus on matters related to how you feel secure with domestic realities.

The New Moon in Cancer on July 17th returns focus to your sector of the mind and local environment as the North and South Lunar Nodes of destiny shift into Aries and Libra, forming a T-square aspect to Pluto. This lunation suggests you have arrived at an important life juncture and that opportunities and inspiration entering or exiting your life right now may feel fated. You may be embarking on new endeavors related to learning or sharing your voice or be considering a shift in your local environment. Mercury's square from Leo to Jupiter in your sign suggests you can manifest and grow emerging goals, which likely also connect to your home sphere, and that recent insights may infuse new meaning into what family or kinship means to you.

The shift of the Lunar North Node into the Aries-ruled sector of your solar chart calls you to mount a courageous journey into your center, with topics related to inner-depth work, spiritual practice, and behind-the-scenes pursuits providing new avenues for expansion over the next year and a half. The retrograde of the nodal axis out of your sign, the sphere of your identity, might provide a sense of relief, with significant beginnings and endings now in your Aries and Libra-ruled sectors of unconscious process and day-to-day events or workplace concerns. You might find yourself shedding habituated behaviors and beliefs that affect your physical and mental health or familiar work routines and coping strategies you once held dear. The influence of this nodal shift, combined with Chiron's station the following week on July 23rd, offers healing through deepening your relationship to yourself, where practices of contemplation and solitude may help you acknowledge and integrate your more vulnerable and wounded parts.

Mars in Virgo forms an opposition to Saturn in Pisces from July 19th to July 21st, indicating you may be somewhat stymied in a collaborative project, requiring an extra dose of patience, or perhaps feel gate-kept or restricted within your communities or friendships. While delays or disagreements could actually rouse impatience or anger, this transit also offers sustained energy to work toward your long-term creative goals, provided you have the stamina to commit to them.

Leo season begins on July 22nd as the Sun moves into your home, family, and ancestry sector, the same day your ruling planet Venus stations to begin her retrograde. In his dramatic exit from Cancer, the Sun makes a grand cross aspect with Pluto and the Lunar Nodes. This combination of events has the quality of rebirth, suggesting an ongoing interrogation of how your beliefs about the world and your place in it are connected to your choices in the outer world of events and results. You might be considering how you have internalized early foundational experiences, and how you might be able to transcend this conditioning. Venus' retrograde lasting over the next six weeks may be a meaningful time of reflection and reorientation around foundational needs and desires that inform how you feel supported in the world.

From the 22nd to the 24th, Mercury forming a square to Uranus in your sign supports a process of releasing pain from the past through clarification of what you need now.

On July 27th, Mercury conjuncts retrograde Venus in Leo before ingressing into Virgo or your creativity sector, joining Mars already there. This connection with Venus as the month ends indicates continued reflection and insight regarding needs and desires. This transit supports heartfelt conversations and emotional honesty within family or domestic partnerships that may help you cultivate forgiveness and love.

If you are considering significant renovations, moves, or changes on the home front, be mindful that you may change your mind as your insight expands and circumstances change over this extended retrograde period. Your artistic, leisure, and romantic activities will be a sphere of significant focus and inspiration over the next two months; leaning into what is joyful will help you connect to what you want and with pleasure.