Aries Horoscope for September 2023

Posted on August 31, 2023 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is another month of surprises, Aries, and of things needing to be worked out over and over again, which takes patience. This monthly cycle tests not only your patience, but the prospect of seeing, and weighing, other perspectives than the ones you are used to. Mercury Retrograde in your sector of day-to-day concerns and health regimens lasts all month, when you include its post-retrograde shadow; the unexpected can pop up, and things are not always what they seem. Mercury Retrograde is famous for mechanical breakdowns and missed connections, and yet as well, for fruitful meditation on what is truly going on beneath the more obvious surface. Then too, with prominent Uranus at an extreme in both the recent Leo New Moon, and also in the mid-month Virgo New Moon of September 14th, no life factor is very stable, not even the ones that you would like to be able to count on, such as your resources, finances, and your very values. With a different viewpoint through another lens, however, and with faith in your process, this can be an exciting and productive time, it being all in the way that you look at things.

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The Leo New Moon from the middle of the previous month featured a strong factor of Trickster Uranus, and retrograde Venus as well. Your creativity is stimulated and could take on new facets of artistry. The potent influence of Uranus this month stemming from this earlier lunation might throw you a few curve balls over the first half of September, so that there could be surprises to contend with. Uranus brings as well a revolutionary quality to the proceedings that may help you connect to a revived sense of potentiality, along with freedom to prioritize what makes you feel inspired, joyful, and alive. While the unpredictable quality of this awakening might upend carefully made plans or budgets, it could also introduce new opportunities related to your skills, assets, and cash flow. The Trickster Planet could thrust you out of your comfort zone to your ultimate benefit.

September also begins under the energy of the Pisces Full Moon from the last two days of August, which could have illuminated an internal process of intuition, or of dream-inspired information, that could aid your more consciously deliberate efforts to create or to express yourself.

This topic of unconscious process will continue to evolve this month as Venus stations direct in Leo on September 3rd. Although Venus won’t finally escape its retrograde shadow until October 6th, her shift to direct motion on the 3rd could be noticeable, perhaps especially with regard to the key relationships in your life. What you have been reflecting on with regard to partnership could seek its resolution during the rest of September. Another interesting aspect of Venus’ cycle is that her square to Jupiter has remained active since August 22nd and will continue for an unusually long period, until September 22nd. Jupiter in Taurus offers a sense of stability and faith that might help you move beyond more traditional beliefs about work and income or your duty to support yourself and others that may hold you back from pursuing what you love. You may also be considering how your system of values is evolving, which might affect who and what you want to spend your time, energy, attention, and money on.

On September 6th, Mercury moves through the heart of the Sun in Virgo, announcing the mid-way point of its retrograde cycle. The analytical quality of this transit is emphasized by the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini, connecting your sectors of the mind and that of your daily rhythms and health. Mercury’s rebirth might align with receiving or sharing an important piece of information or a sense of proficiency related to something you are learning. You could be figuring out all the details and readjusting certain aspects of your regular responsibilities and routines to support what is emerging in your Leo-ruled sector, including topics related to your sense of fun, creativity, and children. This process might also require further skill acquisition or changes related to your communication patterns, mental health, and the influence of your daily environment.

The New Moon in Virgo on September 14th places further emphasis on your sector of daily routine, service, and health. A trine from the luminaries to Uranus in your resource sector again colors this lunation with an original quality that may have you considering novel ways to use your assets or skills, an emphasis on supporting your health or cleaning up an aspect of your life, or the need for more freedom in your daily routines. Mercury’s station direct the following day, combined with Venus’ ongoing square to Jupiter in Taurus, also instills this lunation with the depth gained from these two planets who have conducted a significant review in the Leo and Virgo-ruled sectors of your chart. This might help you connect to an inspiring big-picture vision and the work process, time, and structure requires to manifest it.

From September 17th to the 20th, the Sun in Virgo forms an opposition to Neptune in Pisces indicating a potentially polarizing energy between your active daily striving and that of rest and surrendering to what is. Heed the call for retreat if you feel a lack of vitality in the days surrounding this transit. Topics around energetic give and take and mental and physical health may come up at this time, possibly revealing a need for boundaries around certain undermining influences, caregiving patterns, or work-related burnout. Supportive aspects between the Sun and Neptune to Pluto in Capricorn indicate that any tensions you are navigating may be attenuated by or in service of significant changes in your professional ambitions or how you show up in the world. Venus’ applying trine to Chiron in your sign suggests that healing or integration related to your personal aspirations, identity, and autonomy may be on offer through creative, pleasurable, and leisurely avenues or topics related to children.

On September 22nd, the Sun enters Libra, where Mars your ruling planet, already resides, placing an emphasis on your axis of self and other that may have become more prominent following the shift of the Lunar Nodes into Aries and Libra in July. For the next month, close partnerships of all kinds will be on the agenda.

From the 22nd to the 25th, the influence of Mars’ opposition to Chiron in your sign might bring up more complicated aspects of relationship in the first four days of Libra season, possibly related to balancing your own needs with shared ambitions. Mercury’s applying trine to Jupiter might aid in communications over the next four days, particularly conflicts about resources, money, and the division of labor.

On September 29th, at nearly the very end of September, the Full Moon in your sign takes place the same day that Venus makes her final square with Uranus and Mercury leaves its retrograde shadow. The illuminating quality of this lunation, combined with a constructive Mercury in its rulership and exaltation making a trine to Uranus, suggests an innovative or unexpected path of action may now be emerging that connects your daily rituals, responsibilities, and health to your personal passions or an aspect of your identity or appearance.

The Venus-Uranus square across your financial and creative sectors that closes the September month implies this may be related to an exciting or unpredictable story that has been unfolding since the beginning of July. Overall, September has a quality of creative problem-solving with the aim of developing a structure that will support your creative efforts, sense of fun and life enjoyment, and financial realities, possibly with more action from the second week of October once Mercury and Venus have both escaped their retrograde shadows.