Gemini Horoscope for September 2023

Posted on August 31, 2023 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is another potentially wild month for you, Gemini, especially with Mercury, your sign’s ruler, in retrograde motion, or else recovering, for its entire span. The situation is not in doubt, at least among astrologers, and so the question is what to do about it. Your sense of intuition is very strong in this current monthly cycle, so that one relief from the potential confusion or mixed purpose comes from your deep inner knowing of what is right and what is not, and of what you need. Your dreams might be especially active now, and can tell you true about your situation, provided you can stay open to the information. Your introspection and deep reflection will ably serve you now, and you are poised to make great progress on solidifying your ideas of what truly matters. You will want to beware that not everything that comes to you will be correct, so that you will want to test your assumptions as you go. With the climactic Virgo New Moon of the 14th, in your home and family sector, you will want to stay as centered as you can in your own process to the exclusion of other voices and pressures.

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The first half of September is infused with the unpredictable and innovative Uranian quality of the Leo New Moon from the previous month featuring the Trickster planet, that took place in your sector of communication, curiosity and learning. Uranus himself being located in your sector of unconscious process, it is likely that during this September month, intuitive and hidden knowledge wins out over more overt logic. You could be exploring themes related to thought and communication processes or education, which might also include unconscious mental patterns and non-rational forms of imaginative intelligence. While Uranus in his Taurus placement, or your sector of the subconscious, might infuse your interior world with a restless quality that could affect outer world focus, this astrological factor might aid in widening your lens or breaking you out of mental stagnation by forcing you to abandon your usual scripts in favor of unusual insights.

Mercury, your ruler, is also retrograde as September begins, and while Mercury stations to direct motion on the 15th, it takes two weeks further to completely escape the post-retrograde shadow period, which continues the usual symptoms of missed connections and mechanical breakdown right through to the Aries Full Moon of the 29th.

The other famously retrograde inner planet in these end-of-summer skies, Venus, completes her backward motion on September 3rd, stationing direct and signaling the end of its six weeks of retrograde through Leo. This Venus direct motion and subsequent weeks might see you called to act on certain insights arising during Venus’ rebirthing process as the Morning Star, and these could particularly coalesce regarding your cognitive and communicative processes, creative expression, or sense of joy within your local environment. This type of constructive analysis is supported by retrograde Mercury in rulership and exaltation as it travels through your Virgo-ruled sector of home and family, forming a trine to Jupiter in Taurus as he moves very slowly in the sky.

You might be considering how to prioritize more fun or create a sense of order within your environment or mental space to support learning endeavors or creative projects related to sharing your voice or ideas. This could involve a revision of some kind in your home space or mental processes, possibly around focus and productivity or communication patterns related to phone and social media use.

Another interesting aspect of Venus’ cycle is that her square to Jupiter has remained active since August 22nd and will continue till the 22nd of this month. Jupiter in Taurus being thus highlighted offers a sense of stability and regeneration through solitude and practices that support contemplation and a connection to something larger than yourself, be it going for regular solo walks without your phone, a meditation practice, or working in your garden. This might be particularly welcome if you are feeling overwhelmed by all the different moving parts of modern life. Creative inspiration and self-mastery are thus on offer through the intuitive and imaginal realms, self-exploration, and getting plenty of rest.

The Mercury Cazimi when in the heart of the Sun, in Virgo, takes place in the early morning hours of September 6th, Pacific Time, in your sector of home, family, and your psychological roots. This reset of your ruling planet does not last long, evaporating by 7 am PT, and yet may provide unexpected clarity as it moves through the heart of the Sun which might align with receiving or sharing an important piece of information or a feeling of proficiency related to something you have been trying to wrap your head around.

The Sun’s simultaneous applying trine to Jupiter indicates that news could be positive or an emerging coherence of a big-picture vision within all the details and deconstruction you may have been involved with. The square from the Last Quarter Moon this same day in your sign may help you determine what strategies are working and what aren’t, emphasizing the role of your identity, personal ambitions, and foundational topics, including your living space and family. The Moon’s sextile to a recently direct Venus in Leo suggests this might also reveal something about how you are called to shine in your life and how you communicate that to others.

The Virgo New Moon culminates on September 14th, beginning a new cycle in home and family concerns. This might combine the practical with the experimental; There is definitely once again a powerful Uranian presence in this subsequent New Moon, rather like the previous one, so that our lives are again seeded with an inventive Uranian quality, this time through a supportive trine from the New Moon, calling for creative responses to those situations and challenges that may feel all too familiar. Taking place at the same degree where Mercury stationed retrograde on August 23rd, this dynamic New Moon could present an opportunity to act on any adjustments recognized, or insights that have since emerged, particularly as Mercury is very slow now as well, stationing direct the following day. This lunation connects your interior and spiritual sphere with topics related to your living situation, family, and sense of rootedness, which help you to extend outward from a strong foundation. You might be exploring ways to reorganize your home or roles you take on within your family to support exciting future-oriented visions that may have emerged during the recent Venus retrograde lunation cycle.

From the 17th to the 20th, the Sun in Virgo forms an opposition to Neptune in Pisces, which could see you torn between topics related to your career, reputation, or outer world ambitions and that of your domestic situation While this transit may arrive with a sense of overwhelm related to your vocation or perhaps an urge to abandon difficult commitments altogether, there is much support for healing across the Virgo-Pisces axis corresponding to your public responsibilities in combination with private responses. This is also strengthened by Venus’ applying trine to Chiron in Aries, suggesting you may have recourse to a form of healing in terms of your communications. It may also be a good time to observe where you might need firmer boundaries around the professional responsibilities you are taking on or how inspired you might be feeling regarding your work in the world.

The Sun enters Venus-ruled Libra on the 22nd, placing emphasis on topics related to fun, self-expression, children, and romance for the next month that may relate to Venusian insights around values, relationships, and pleasure emerging over her retrograde.

From the 22nd to the 25th, Mars in Libra makes an opposition to Chiron in Aries might bring up wounding connected to friendship, collaborators, or belonging. While you might fear the ramifications of disrupting social equilibrium, adopting a policy of diplomatic honesty over reactivity or passivity could ultimately be healing if it is clear where your values are aligned (or not) with others.

The Full Moon culminates in Aries on the 29th, placing further emphasis on your eleventh sector of friends, community, and higher aspirations. This might extend topics related to inner wounding or illuminate how your sense of rootedness or goals related to outer responsibility and inner process are related to your wider social networks, evolving aspirations, and enjoyment of life.

Overall, September offers emerging cohesion through a process of reviewing and optimizing the details, including those influences that might be buried deep in your psyche. The buoyant quality of Jupiter, combined with the disruptive and wholly ground-breaking nature of Uranus, supports innovative problem-solving. The aim is to develop a structure that will aid your creative efforts and ambitions, which may see more direct action in October once Mercury has escaped its retrograde shadow.