Libra Horoscope for September 2023

Posted on August 31, 2023 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is another month of introspective meditation, Libra, when not only your ruling planet, Venus, is retrograde as it begins, but also Mercury, now moving backward through your sector of dream imagination and unconscious process. The recent Leo New Moon from mid-August highlighted changing perspectives on future plans, existing friendships, and group commitments, while equally emphasizing new ways for you to re-imagine intimacy with others and your own personal transformation. All these factor being in play in the first two weeks of September implies a shifting landscape deep within you of what, for you, truly counts. In this, inner work is greatly featured. This is an excellent time to journal about your changes. The September 14th Virgo New Moon – taking place in this same sector of interior focus – continues this emphasis. This monthly cycle can perhaps be daunting, becoming less so with forewarning, and with placing trust in your fundamental process of growth. It is vital for you to recognize that what goes on at depth within your psyche represents a powerful life factor and can be transformative for your future growth and outer world achievement. In one way, you win when you can hold your head high and just keep on keeping on, taking whatever happens as somehow natural to the moment, being a significant part of your evolution to your next stage.

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As September begins, topics related to community, friendship, and your evolving life ambitions remain a significant focus due to the retrograde of Venus, your ruler, in your social sector and the ongoing effects of the lunation cycle seeded at the recent mid-August Leo New Moon, which continues to unfold throughout the first two weeks of the current month. Uranus in Taurus as a strong feature of this lunation could impart a sense of freedom to go your own way and could relate to unsettling experiences in intimate relationships or in delving down into your own internal workings, leading to intimacy with yourself. With prominent Uranus there, it may be a little wild in that department. This important Leo cycle could also help you let go of certain connections that no longer align with your values in order to seek those that do. This could also relate to changes in your close partnerships and may reverberate into your social sphere.

Mercury is now retrograde as well, in Virgo, corresponding to your sector of dream imagination and unconscious process. This has the effect of conditioning September as an introspective time, all the way through to the end of the month.

Your ruling planet Venus stations direct on September 3rd, signaling the end of its six-week retrograde through Leo, representing the social sector of your chart. This period has emphasized renewal related to life goals, social life, or the way you participate and are seen in a wider community. This could involve connecting to new networks that support emerging ambitions or groups that align with your passions or social conscience.

Venus will remain at the same degree as it slows and turns direct, up to September 11th, possibly taking you back to themes arising in the latter half of June. This energy, combined with the analytical nature of retrograde Mercury in Virgo, may have you ruminating on an issue with frustration or wanting to resolve it quickly. You may be better served to simply observe whatever is coming up and recognize that there are some important things to work through in the coming weeks. In the upcoming month, October 7th could align with more externalized action once Mercury and Venus have both escaped their retrograde shadows. The ongoing square between Venus and Jupiter, which turns retrograde in Taurus on September 4th, could point to beneficial new alliances, benefactors, or collaborative endeavors backed by other people's money or resource-sharing.

On September 6th, Mercury's inferior conjunction with the Sun in Virgo signals the halfway point in its retrograde cycle through your sphere of the subconscious and inner work. This period offers restoration through aligning with the self-balancing rhythms of life, where the inner process, rest, and reflection are just as important as outward productivity. The Last Quarter Moon in Gemini this same day emphasizes the flexible and analytical nature of the final week of the Leo lunation cycle, which might require readjustment related to education, spirituality, travel, or your wider framework of beliefs. This time may align with information coming to light, self-understanding, or clarity related to your social sector due to the Quarter Moon's trine with Venus. The trine from the Sun in this Quarter Moon configuration to Jupiter indicates news may be positively linked to shared resources, inheritances, or contractual matters.

The Virgo New Moon on September 14th begins another introspective cycle related to your internal health and wellbeing. A process of personal evolution is also characterized by the continued square between Venus, your ruling planet, and Jupiter, which lasts until the 22nd. This lunation also features a constructive Mercury, standing still in the sky and in its home sign and exaltation, which stations direct the following day. Still introspective until the end of the month, and moving through your sector of the subconscious, it has the quality of being on the therapist's couch, which supports dialoguing with complicated or hidden parts of yourself that for the moment seem to upend more conscious goals and might require understanding and compassion. This lunation is again colored by the awakening energy of Trickster Uranus, through a trine from the New Moon, which may help you in releasing well-trodden mental loops or emotional baggage that you are ready to shed. You could be grieving an ending, or sudden change within a close connection, and processing its energetic, material, and karmic ramifications. While the Uranian influence could be destabilizing, the cohesive nature of Jupiter in connection with Venus in your social sector suggests that certain endings may provide fertile ground for new growth, be that through intimate or business connections or material resources.

From the 17th to the 20th, the Sun in Virgo forms an opposition to Neptune in Pisces, which could see matters related to physical and mental health come to the forefront. This transit can affect vitality and may bring up anxiety, uncertainty, or dissociative coping patterns, possibly pointing to the importance of cultivating small daily habits that support well-being. Rest and retreat will likely fortify you, as well as communing with nature, meditation, music, or any practice that connects you to the numinous. Supportive aspects between the Sun and Neptune to Pluto in Capricorn indicate that changes around foundational topics, including your home, family, and sense of rootedness, could help or relate to issues arising at this time.

Your solar season begins on the 22nd when the Sun enters your sign, or your first solar sector of personal evolution, identity, body, and self-presentation. This is your time to shine, albeit somewhat internally with Mercury and Venus still recovering from their retrograde motion.

From the 22nd to the 25th, Mars' applying opposition to Chiron in Aries might bring up relational wounding. While you might be reluctant to disrupt the equilibrium, adopting a policy of diplomatic honesty over reactivity or passivity may be healing, with the understanding that you can express complicated feelings like anger, fear, or grief while still holding love. Supportive aspects from Venus to both Mars and Chiron indicate that connecting to a wider sphere of support and friendship may aid healing and integration within one-on-one partnerships. This might encourage more independence within relatedness, with the understanding that one person cannot fulfill all aspects and needs of another.

The Full Moon culminates in your opposite sign of Aries on the 29th, and these relational topics might be expanded upon. There could potentially be a tension needing to be resolved between individual and shared goals. In this Full Moon as well, Venus makes her final square with Uranus, which might advance a story that has been unfolding since the preceding Venus-Uranus square from the beginning of July. This may involve expanding your interpersonal landscape or life ambitions to take you into a different future, which could require a radical reorientation or the release of certain modes of relating and dreams from the past. A productive Mercury could provide insight and aid this process as it finally escapes its retrograde shadow and connects to Uranus through a supportive trine. Surprises and surprise revelations could be part of the realizations of this end-of-month timing.

September has supported an inner recalibration that may have given rise to an emerging coherence or excitement about life after a period of uncertainty, stagnation, or letting go. The transits this month could help you lean into wholehearted self-expression around communicating your inner insights or aspirations with less concern for what others think. This is ultimately in service to your ongoing search for authentic connection, kinship, and community.