Scorpio Horoscope for September 2023

Posted on August 31, 2023 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is another month of thoughtful introspection, Scorpio, regarding who you are and where heading in your current stage. Mercury is moving backward through your social sector for the first two weeks, and after its station to direct motion on the 15th, will be recovering right up through the Aries Full Moon of the 29th. This is therefore a monthly cycle of thorough-going reassessment of your friendships, group connections, and societal impact, plus your goals and plans moving forward. Because Venus has also been retrograde, in your vocational sector, where also the recent Leo New Moon took place, your career status and outward facing persona is also somewhat up in the air. You might be reconsidering the ways in which what you do in the outer world makes a match with your deepest principles and values. Your creativity is your personal signature, and the way that it gets out into the world as your contribution to the surrounding collective is very much on your mind and in your heart. The Virgo New Moon of September 14th signals a fresh start in how you think and feel about all this, and yet your ideas will probably need more fleshing out over September’s final two weeks.

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The lunation cycle originating in the previous month’s Leo New Moon in your vocational sector continues to unfold over these first two weeks of September. Topics related to your career, professional aspirations, and reputation therefore remain in focus for you. This represents a fresh start in this important area, with however a distinct subtext of partnership support or its lack provided by the presence of Venus' ongoing retrograde journey through this same sector of your chart. The highlighted presence in this recent New Moon as well of Trickster Uranus in your opposite sign of Taurus imparts the current cycle with an unpredictable and future-oriented quality in relation to your close partnerships, which connects also to sudden or unexpected changes in the landscape of your Leo-oriented career sector.

This lunation is further characterized by the retrograde of Mercury, with the aim of restoring health and heart to the sectors of your chart related to your life ambitions, societal contribution, and social connections, along with your career or professional life. Mercury will be involved in its retrograde motion until September 15th, and in its two-week recovery period after that, right up until the 29th when a dynamic Full Moon in Aries takes place on the same day as Mercury’s escape from its post-retrograde shadow period.

Venus stations direct in Leo on September 3rd, signaling the end of its six-week retrograde through the most visible sphere of your solar chart, and emphasizing renewal related to your vocation. The energy shifts, although Venus' slow recovery and the ongoing Mercury Retrograde extend the theme of introspective reassessment and analysis, where significant decisions and action might align with October once Mercury has escaped its retrograde shadow. You may be considering how you feel valued or shine within your professional roles or reorienting your career goals to prioritize creative fulfillment or enjoyment. Another interesting aspect of Venus' cycle is a month-long square to Jupiter, active since August 22nd, which remains in orb until September 22nd. Fertile growth or changes within your one-on-one relationships are during this period tied to your vocation. This could also relate to business partners.

On Wednesday, September 6th, Mercury's inferior conjunction with the Sun signals the halfway point in its retrograde cycle through the sector of your chart related to community participation, friendship, and life ambitions. The early morning hours of Wednesday, when Mercury traverses the very heart of the Sun, known as its Cazimi, lasting up to 7 am PT, might be rather more clarifying than confusing. You might be announcing something within your friend group at this time, receive unexpected news, or arrive at a solution – possibly connected to relationship concerns, as symbolized a trine from the Sun and Mercury to Jupiter. This could also indicate catching up with old friends or reconsidering social connections or roles within collective organizations.

The Last Quarter Moon in Gemini, also on the 6th, may point to a readjustment linked to intimate or business partnerships, merged resources, or contracts, and extends the mutable Mercurial emphasis of the Leo lunation cycle.

The Virgo New Moon takes place on September 14th, and places further emphasis on the Virgo sign and your social sector, opening a new cycle related to your societal contribution, identity, and goals. This may involve seeking alliances that support emerging dreams, which feed into your professional life. A trine from the New Moon to Uranus in Taurus connects this cycle to rapid evolution in your relationship sector. It could also imply that in articulating your ambitions, you find unexpected support through a partnership. Uranus seeds this lunation with an inventive quality that supports innovative planning or problem-solving – you may be rewarded for stepping out of your comfort zone, voluntarily or otherwise. Mercury's station direct the following day, and Venus' ongoing square to Jupiter in Taurus also offers the depth gained from these two backward-moving planets that have conducted a significant review in the vocational and community-oriented sectors of your chart. This may aid in the reorganizing of your social priorities to give yourself more freedom to cultivate shared relational goals and pursue professional ones as well.

From the 17th to the 20th, the Sun's opposition to Neptune in Pisces may raise topics related to artistic collaborations, leisure, and children While not the best time for clarity and decision-making, it does suit creativity, romance, and rest. You may feel exhausted around this time, possibly due to a busy social calendar or recreational habits affecting your health. Supportive aspects between both the Sun and Neptune to Pluto in Capricorn offer that issues arising now may be positively connected to changes in your mental landscape and daily environment, perhaps related to learning or communication habits, including internet and phone use.

The Sun enters Libra on the 22nd, lighting up your sector of the unconscious process and inner work for the next month.

From the 22nd to the 25th, an opposition from your ruling planet Mars to Chiron in Aries calls for a balance between your active daily striving and taking some rest and surrendering to what is. This transit might activate wounding related to mental or physical health, coping mechanisms, or work burnout. Positive aspects from Venus to Mars and Chiron indicate that changes in your professional roles or responsibilities could support healing and integration, possibly by reducing workload and stress.

The Aries Full Moon culminates on the 29th and these topics might be extended, and might even take on an inward turning. The end-of-month lunation could illuminate hidden hurts or beliefs you carry inside which could be related to the projections and perceptions of others. You could find yourself reflecting on how certain subconscious patterns shape your interpersonal relationships or dreams for the future. This might also point to projects you are working on behind the scenes. Venus squares Uranus in this Full Moon, which could advance a story that has been unfolding since the first Venus-Uranus square at the beginning of July, or connect career developments with a shake-up in your partnership sector. The trine from Mercury to Uranus as it leaves its retrograde shadow indicates a reorientation in your social landscape or life plans.

The last ten days of September could have emphasized the importance of your inner world, where you might find that solitude and contemplation will fortify your outer ambitions and the social and professional roles that you take on in the world.