An Extended Venus-Jupiter Square

Posted on September 8, 2023 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

We are in the midst of an unusual astrological window of time, as we experience an extended month-long Venus-Jupiter square! It’s been within a three-degree orb all the way from August 18th until September 20th.

Venus just stationed direct on September 3rd at 12º Leo, and Jupiter stationed retrograde the following day at 15º Taurus, which makes the square aspect between them even stronger. Because of their coincident stations, they’re both moving much more slowly than usual through the zodiac, giving this square a very long extension. Additionally – they are moving toward each other, so that the aspect is getting closer every day until the 16th! Venus is moving forward again, toward the 15-degree mark, while Jupiter is moving slowly backward, toward Venus. Whereas usually this aspect only lasts a week or so, the slow motion extends the timing. Their square aspect comes to exact on September 16th, so that’s a day to mark in your calendar as the culmination of this time period!

The nature of the Venus-Jupiter square is one of mixed testimony, as both planets are seen as friendly forces, while the square brings tension and challenge that fosters growth. As Venus is still in the initial phase of recovering from her retrograde journey in Leo, we may remain very much in the sifting process associated with the retrograde. We are still discovering what we have learned and possibly revamped regarding our values, self-worth, relationships, money, and aesthetics. The upside is an expanded view of what is in our potentiality concerning these areas. And, as Jupiter is positioned in the challenging square alignment, we may also see a downside in terms of an over-expanded sense of self or of a partner, or perhaps all-out enjoyment that knows no limits. We might also be asked to expand our view and faith beyond what we have thought or believed even possible. This could in many ways be beautiful, uplifting, and inspiring, and it may also feel like we are being stretched like a balloon as we attempt to integrate the bigness of our feelings, experiences, and circumstances.

Because the Venus-Jupiter square is in fixed signs, the process of manifesting the changes you desire could require extra effort, yet the pearls of wisdom gleaned in this process are real and practical, and likely to withstand the test of time. It is only natural that our values, relationships, and priorities will evolve as we grow, and this recovering Venus Retrograde helps us get current with these life factors. This time can be an invitation and opportunity to hone in on what truly brings you embodied joy, and passion, and likewise sparks your innate flame of creativity and self-expression. How will you utilize it?