Taurus Horoscope for November 2023

Posted on October 31, 2023 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is a month when your deep unconscious process seems to be calling you, Taurus. And you have no choice but to pick up the metaphorical phone and answer. Painful places inside you are also demanding your attention; or it may be the pain of the world itself that you simultaneously feel. You do yourself no favor by attempting to ignore the situation, tempting as that might be, and yet you must also somehow strive not to let it overwhelm you. With Uranus featured now, you might feel as though you have unlimited new possibilities that lie in wait for you, along with unexpected revelations. Not all of these will pan out, so that judgment comes into this; fortunately, a strong presence of Saturn is also present in the month’s alignments. Saturn is located in your social sector, which might feel isolating, and yet will also aid you in your reality-seeking and in concretizing your projects and your contributions to the world around you. The Scorpio New Moon of the 13th brings key partnerships more directly into the picture, with the caveat that you have the task of prioritizing your own growth and evolution along with the needs of important others.

The following was written by our guest columnist Alea Balzer. You can write her at alea.balzer@gmail.com

November begins in the wake of a Full Moon in your sign from October 28th, pointing to the role of your evolving identity, ambitions, and independence within what was seeded in the timing of the Libra New Moon and solar eclipse mid-way through the previous month. That powerful lunation cycle, initiated in your sphere of health, daily habits, and sense of mission, continues to develop throughout the first two weeks of November. Trickster Uranus having been featured in the solar eclipse, you are likely filled with scattershot ideas and impressions that you must sort out into the ones that, for you, are truly viable. As eclipses intensified both of the lunations from last month, these effects will also continue to evolve over the next six months.

The resonance of a significant culmination process instigated by the Taurus Lunar Eclipse may feel palpable, both emotionally and physically, in the early days of the current month of November. An opposition from the Sun in Scorpio to Jupiter in your sign from the very beginning of the month, along with Mercury's opposition to Uranus there from the 3rd to the 4th, signify ongoing pressure across your axis of self and other. You are in some ways starting over. These transits suggest an emerging path of purpose and self-belief that may require or inspire radical honesty within your relationships. Issues arising at this time could involve ongoing adjustment and discourse as you figure out how to attend to your needs in concert with those of others, particularly as this also relates to your daily work and health.

A concurrent opposition from Venus in Virgo to Neptune in Pisces at the beginning of the month until the 4th brings in the importance of your allies, friendships, and long-term goals, as well as themes related to self-expression, children, and happiness. This encounter with Neptune, your ruling planet, as he moves through your creativity and pleasure sector might align with an emerging new vision for your life that has an unearthly or a spiritual feel to it, plus a sense of creative rejuvenation and social connection.

With Saturn stationing direct in Pisces on the 4th, if loneliness or a lack of clarity within friendships or community comes up from the beginning of the month through its first week, try hard to honor your inner growth over these concerns and the ways your values and self-understanding have evolved. While it may take time, trust that a process of reestablishing bonds or making meaningful new connections of mutual alignment is underway. Saturn's forward motion may also help to ground inspiration in reality, suggesting an emerging feeling of mastery or progress gained through sustained efforts or struggle, particularly since the beginning of its retrograde last June.

On the 8th, Venus also enters Libra, corresponding to your sphere of service, daily responsibilities, and health. Considering Venus' rollercoaster ride since its retrograde in mid-July, including its position at the helm of both eclipses last month, this planet's ingress into its other home sign (along with yours) may arrive with an accompanying sense of peace or enjoyment for your daily life. While Venus in the sixth house may prefer to luxuriate or to eat exquisitely over a strict exercise routine, this transit also supports a sense of holistic wellbeing and emerging health. Perhaps you will receive good news about a work-related matter around this date or are able to prioritize regular time for creative health practices.

On the 9th, Mercury moves into Sagittarius or your house of personal metamorphosis, intimacy, and shared resources, signaling a build-up of activity there over the coming month. Mercury's ingress offers the transformative potential of an expansive and visionary frame of mind, which may help you access unexplored solutions and ideas, including how others could help you achieve them. A square from Mercury to Saturn in Pisces between the 9th and 10th may convey deep thinking about manifesting a goal or serious conversations related to shared financial realities.

The New Moon in your opposing sign of Scorpio arrives on November 13th, activating new beginnings and renewal in relationships. Consider giving your nervous system extra support around this lunation as it is highly charged by the presence of Mars conjunct the luminaries, which oppose Uranus in your sphere of embodiment. Endings and culminations outside of your conscious control set off at the Taurus Lunar Eclipse last month may be thrust suddenly into view, bringing up topics related to your identity, physical body and presentation, and independence. This lunation could feel destabilizing or else freeing, offering the courage to acknowledge and articulate a difficult truth or let go of something you have been holding onto very tightly, even though it may compromise your sense of security or safety. Try releasing attempts to control a situation – which can unleash fresh energy and potency into an existing relationship or open space for a new partnership to enter your life.

The Sun enters Sagittarius on the 22nd, closely followed by Mars on the 24th. Both planets encounter Saturn by square as they cross the threshold into your sphere of intimacy and shared resources, again pointing to the significance of groups and allies. These transits may help you address fears that prevent you from going after what you want. They may manifest as an encounter with an authority figure or connection who can help you achieve an ambition, commitment to new collaborative partnerships, or a practical process of working towards updated life goals that reflect your growth and maturation.

The Full Moon in Gemini on the 27th takes place in your sector of personal resources, including your finances, self-esteem, and gifts, illuminating their role within the current lunar cycle initiated in your partnership sphere. A tension between your financial and inner autonomy and the ways you are materially, energetically, and karmically enmeshed with others may emerge. This polarity is emphasized by Mercury, ruling the lunation from Sagittarius, your sector of intimacy and personal evolution, where it is co-present with the Sun and Mars. Squares from Mercury and Mars to Neptune and Saturn in Pisces, respectively, point to the utility of friction or obstacles, which can energize your will and mental power. Perhaps you are emboldened to share your creative ideas or creations with a wider audience or harness the momentum of Sagittarius to free yourself from dynamics and situations where you have felt stuck. This lunation also supports addressing limiting beliefs around your intrinsic value, including the kinds of friendships and connections you deserve and your ability to create abundance and earn money from your gifts and skills.